Monday, July 31, 2017

Morning With Mal & Todd/Evening Slow With Just Me

6:00-9:00AM East of Jenny's, Across from the public access
Conditions: 58-76℉, Mostly Sunny, Calm to light SW Wind
Water Temp: 78℉
18"/3.57lbs Mad Maxx (Bluegrass)
Todd's alarm didn't go off.  I got my stuff in the boat then went and woke them up.  We headed to the rice patch I heard that blow up in yesterday.  Somewhat unbelievably we didn't have a single blow up in the area.  I worked us out toward the pad point.
15.6"/2.46lbs Mad Maxx
I got this fish, a 15 incher, and a 16.75" there.  Todd missed a bite or two and I had a similar sized good bass get off.  We didn't get anything as we worked to the rice on the tip of Jenny's reeds.  I then took us to the area across from the public access.  I caught the below chow monkey along the cane.
16.75"/2.93lbs Mad Maxx (Bluegrass)
I think Todd missed a fish out in the pads as I fished down the cane.  I got a 15.75" in the reeds and pads.  Todd switched to a different color Terminator Frog.  I was amazed there was nothing on the isolated rice patch.  I did drill the 18 incher off of the rice point with cabbage that is just to the west of the isolated patch.
18" Mad Maxx
I then got a 17.75" that didn't quite make 3lbs.  I had a bass miss Maxx.  I cast to the area to show Todd where to cast.  I then started reeling as fast as I could so the bass wouldn't come after my frog except it did and the darn thing got the lure.  It got off.  Todd then had a big fish blow up on his frog, but his line broke when he set the hook. Probably a pike.  We were unable to locate the frog.  I had a small pike go after Maxx and miss.  On Todd's last cast he had a fish blow up his frog, but it got off.  We ended up fishing 10 more minutes.  We stopped at the pad point on the way in and Todd again missed a blow up, so he didn't catch a fish.  I should of had Mallory net my fish, oh well.
16.93 Best 6 Fish for the morning
Not a bad morning for me.  I went and got more gas while Todd and Mal had breakfast.  I took Mal out tubing for a couple of hours and caught a small perch off the dock.
7 Bass
1 Pike
1 Perch
Evening Trip
17.5"/3.26lbs Mad Maxx(Big Sexy)
7:15-9:15PM Inlet Bay
Conditions: 78-74℉, Sunny, Light SW Wind
16.25" Mad Maxx (Big Sexy)
 So I decided to hit the area along North Platte Lake Road that I don't think I fished once in the month of July.  I got one 12" bass on the Bluegrass Maxx and then I lost it to some reeds when I tried to pull it free.  I couldn't find the thing, bummer.  I tied on a Big Sexy.  I got the 16.25" just as I was about to bounce. The wind was coming into the rice perfectly and the stuff looked phenomenal.
3.26lbs Mad Maxx

Got her where the open water meets the rice wall and scrub weeds 
 I kept fishing this stuff getting one more bass bite and also had a pike hit.
16.5" Mad Maxx
Unbelievably I didn't get a hit in the final 45 minutes I fished.  I expected a monster to blast me at any moment, but it didn't happen.
18.25lbs Best 6 for the Day
4 Bass
1 Pike

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Evening Trip With Todd and Mal

6.75" Puddle Jumper (Pink)
8:15-9:15PM Double Ditch or LSB
Conditions: 76℉, Partly Cloudy, Calm, as ideal fishing conditions as I'll ever see.  Man it was nice out.
Water Temp: 80℉

I took little miss sweet thing out for a couple of trips around the big island after dinner.  She decided to stand up on the tube after telling us a dinner that she would never do that, "too scary" she said.  Glad I had the camera in the boat to capture it even if the pics aren't ideal.
7" Puddle Jumper/worm
I took them to Loon Sex Bay.  I lost something small on my first cast.  Todd also missed a hit on his first cast into the slop.  Next cast I got the bluegill in the first pic.  Then Mallory got one (2nd Pic).  I got another small sunny and then this crappie.
7" Puddle Jumper (Pink)
Todd missed another hit in the slop.  I asked Mallory if I should start throwing the frog and she said yes because she wanted to see a big fish get caught.  I had a pike bite on Maxx on about my third cast.  I didn't set the hook and it let go.
17.25"/2.91lbs Mad Maxx Frog (Bluegrass)
I managed to grant Mallory's request. I thought the fish was a a half inch shorter than it turned out to be because there was no body to it.  Todd lost a good one.  I then caught a 12.5".
Mal wanted a picture of it, so we took a selfie.  I think that was the last bass hit of the evening.  Mallory caught one more small sunny.
Mal and Todd ready to head in

2 Bass
1 Pike
1 Crappie
5 or 6 Sunfish

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Slow Morning/ Got Into Some In the Evening

17" Mad Maxx (Big Sexy)
6:00-11:00AM East of Jenny's, Across From Platte Access
Conditions: 58-78℉, Sunny, Calm to Light SW Wind
Was a little slow on getting out of the house this gorgeous morning. I headed over East of Jenny's and got smacked on that pad point by this bass.
16.1"/2.62lbs Mad Maxx(Bluegrass)
I then had a pike steal the frog on quite the blow up and it didn't resurface.  While I was looking for the frog a fish revealed itself itself big time in the rice to the East.  But I was an idiot and didn't go and see if I could catch it.  Instead when I got back to fishing I went West.   I lost a fish over by Jenny's when I didn't get a great hookset on the Ish's.  I got a pike on the custom painted Shower Blows knock off.  I then went to West Point. Nothing on Top and had something pick up the jig, but when I set nothing was there.  I was now an hour plus into the morning with just two fish to show for it.  I tied a "Big Sexy" Maxx on the Tatula frog rod and headed to the area across from the Platte public access.
17"/2.88lbs Mad Maxx
A fish mauled something on the end of maidencane point at the end of the big bunch .  I made a mental note and fished the sparse cane and pads.  I got over by where the mauling was, through a cast in and the 17 incher was all over it.  How much of an idiot was I for not going after that other blow up I saw this morning.  I worked my way down the cane then into the reeds.  Not much was happening until I fished this.
A lone rice patch with a cabbage patch as well.
     A big bass smashed me, but got off. Bummer.  I put a few more casts through the area and got a 16.75.
16.75"/2.84lbs Mad Maxx (Big Sexy)
Surprisingly I didn't get any hits on that rice point up farther on the right which also has a bunch of cabbage on it.  This is some fine looking slop. I eventually caught a 12 incher by the cattails.  Then I worked my way back to the isolated rice patch and got another 16 incher off of it.  I also worked the rice point again with no takers.  I drifted back over the isolated rice patch and got 14" bass on a 1oz Hack Attack Jig with Craw Fatty trailer.  I had a 25/27" class pike follow Big Sexy in the reeds.  I caught a small pike on the Hack Jig as a follow up to a miss on Big Sexy.  I worked my way out on the maidencane and caught a 15" bass and a couple of pike on the Hack Jig.  I quit fishing at 11.
Best 6 in the morning
7 Bass
6 Pike
16.33" Mad Maxx (Big Sexy
7:45-9:15PM Double Cane Point
Conditions: 80-76℉, Mostly Sunny, Light SSW Wind

So I decided to head to double cane point.  I caught 1 small pike in the cane, sad.  I worked my way towards the point and got the 16.33  in a small rice patch just out of the reeds.  I then got two 13 inchers in the sparse rice off the east side of the point in shallow.  I was heading to Big Bass Point when I decided to fish the east side of double cane instead.  Turns out it was a good decision as I landed six 16 inchers in pretty short order.  I think I had a bigger fish miss the frog and not come back for it as well.  Wish I would have taken a picture of the spot I was catching them from, a patch of rice in the reeds.  So basically I caught more bass in 45 minutes in the evening than I caught in 5 hours in the morning. Sad!
Best 6 for the day
9 Bass
1 Pike
16 Bass
7 Pike 
For the Day

Friday, July 28, 2017

Quick Trip On A Beautiful Night

Sun Setting at West Point
8:15-9:15PM West Point & F Flat
Conditions: 77-74℉, Sunny, Calm
Water Temp: 79℉
11.25" SBKO
I really should have gotten out on the lake sooner than 8:15PM tonight.  Having to wait for the Schwan's Man and Mom's bad back/leg, so I had to take her to the Chiropractor combined with me not taking the gas tank out of the boat yesterday which led to a late dinner when I took a trip to the lake just to get the gas tank filled.  Then I had to help Dad with the mower deck and take the dogs out.  On my way to the lake J & D's beagle was out wandering around on 8 again.  So I picked the little guy up and brought him to the station for the second time this month.  Finally I got my stuff loaded and headed toward West Point.  I lost a 15-16" bass at the boat on the bone 130 Plopper that bit by the base of the 3rd dock down from our place.  I missed a couple of hits in the juice at west point on Mad Maxx.  I got the 11.25" there on the Shower Blows knock off.  That might explain me missing the hits.  I also lost something that swam toward the boat on a craw tube.
  From there I raced over to F Flat and got this fish on the bone Plopper.
13" Whopper Plopper 130 
I caught another dink on the SBKO.  A couple small pike were my last bites of the night

4 Bass
2 Pike

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Frog Fishing With Todd Morning & Evening

4.05lbs Terminator Frog
5:40-9:00AM East Of GOMH & Loon Sex Bay
Conditions: 59-74℉ and Humid, Sunny, Calm
Water Temp: 76℉
15.25" Ish's Frog
So I headed out for SPSI first thing.  Todd missed a hit in the pads at the base of the point. That was the only bite we got there this morning.  We moved off the point and started throwing Ploppers, nothing.  I got close enough to the slop East of GOMH that started throwing the Terminator Frog into it.   He missed the first two or 3 bites.  I got a 12" dink which I weighed on the Ish's Frog.  The toad missed Todd's frog the first time.  He caught the fish about 3 minutes later when it absolutely choked it.  Todd then got a 15.25.  I took us to the pads across from SPSI and Todd missed a bite and I had a pike miss me.  We then went to Loon Sex Point where I got the 15.25.  I think Todd missed one.  I might have missed one as well.  I caught a dink across from the point in some light rice.  Belle caught two nice sunfish and took them off herself when we were out.  The key this morning was being in pads.

We quit fishing at 9.  When we got back to the lake place I elected to go home instead of go back out fishing.  It had warmed up to the point that it was to warm to be wearing jeans.

23.75" Ish's Phat Frog (Brown)

7" Some Jig w/Pink Plastic
I came back at 11:30AM and took Belle out tubing for a while.  We came back in and Belle had lunch.  I caught a 8 inch bass I didn't take a picture of on the Puddle Jumper and the pumpkinseed off the dock.  I got the pike from shore at the neighbors to the West.  At about 2PM I took Belle back out tubing as Sherman our neighbor to the East was taking his grand kids out tubing and swimming on their pontoon.  Two of his grand daughters are about the same age as Belle.  When Belle noticed they had stopped tubing she directed me to go over by them and see if she could go swimming with them.  Not only were they fine with that, but they said they would bring Belle back in with them.  That was OK with me because I needed to get some rest.  So I went and told Todd what was up and went back in and went home.  I didn't think to look and see how much gas was left.  That little error ended up costing me fishing time and one wasted trip the next day.
Todd out fishing in the Trophy when I got back to the cabin
 There was enough gas left that I took the 3 girls out tubing and swimming for about 25 minutes.
3.21lbs Mad Max (Bluegrass)
8:45-9:15PM East Of Jenny's
Conditions: 78℉, Sunny, Calm
Water Temp: 80℉
Belle decided not to go out with us.  I headed us over towards the spot East of Jenny's where I got the two bass the other night.  I think I had a pike miss my frog at that spot.  However at a spot a little ways down there was a small school.  I got a 15/16 bass all the way to the boat before it jumped off.  I then got a 17.75" bass and Todd got this 16.5"
2.73" Terminator Frog
I then didn't get much of a hook set into another good fish, I'm thinking 17+, that got off and that was it for the school.  Darn that pontoon boat that distracted me and had me thinking about getting the nav lights on when the fish hit.  Had a couple more bites from pike.  The skeeters came out and we were done.  I left the gas tank in the boat, so Todd could use it in the morning if he wanted.  I should have just went and got more gas right then.
Best 6 Bass for the Day
Those two fish I dropped in the evening really hurt our best 6 weight for the day.

9 Bass
4 Pike
3 Sunfish

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

One Jumper at the GOMH & Fishin' With Belle

7:35-7:50 GOMH SW
8:45-9:10 Out Front With Belle
Conditions: 80-74℉, Partly Cloudy, Light NW Wind
Water Temp: 77℉
2.29lbs Terminator Poppin' Frog
There were people on the NE side so I almost didn't stop.  The jumper hit right against the wall.

I then went to the lake place and backed down to far and got stuck.  I went up and got the renters and there pushing was enough.  I fished off the dock for a bit.  Then the renters brought their boat down and I helped them get it in the water.  It was now about 8:30PM.  I started putting topwater baits on my rods and then Todd and Isabelle showed up.  I put my topwaters back and went out fishing with Belle.
Darn flash didn't go off for some reason
We didn't get anything and the line got caught up in Belle's spincast reel.  She did really well casting my spinning reel.  To bad there weren't any fish around.
1 Jump