Saturday, August 27, 2005

Team Bass Knife Lake

Report done 5/25/06

Pre-fish: I don't think I pre-fished this one due to having a GEM camp.

Tournament Day Conditions: Morning it was semi cloudy calm around 70. Afternoon the winds picked up out of the west and it was near 80 with sun then thickening cloud cover.

Started in the same spot as last year which is basically right across the lake on the western shore from the blast off point. I think I got one small one in the box right away and missed a good hit as I worked the shore south. I only went so far then headed back north eventually running along the Island as I was working that shore some old timer and his wife passed by me and parked up the shore line about 70 yards and out about a good casts distance. I kept working the shore line and when I got down by this guy he starts talking about how I have no manners even though it was he who parked right in my path but far enough out for there to be plenty of room for me to continue working the shore line. I was like "whatever!" I worked around the North Side of the Island and got nothing into the weeds.

Another tournament boat was just working it's way around a mini-point on to the run of docks just North of the Island. I decided I would hit the first dock and then I would blast out. I immediately got hit by a solid 17"er. I then caught two more small keepers out from that dock. I worked to the next dock and got another solid 16"keeper. The other boat and I passed each other. They were pitching jigs and I was throwing a topwater Zoom Horney Toad. They caught fish behind me and I caught fish behind them with me getting the better of it with a solid 18"er and I think my first cull out. I worked up and back on the run of docks getting one or two that didn't help me.

I then ran to the east shore farther North on the lake. There was a solid algea bloom in this area but it didn't matter because immediately I got another keeper from under a dock. I then proceeded to miss a good hit and then another. I went until the algea just got too thick and headed North a little farther than where I started before. I missed a good hit from a 3 to 4lb fish. That was several quality chances in a row gone. The wind started coming up and the eastern shore turned tough.

I then headed to the river inlet and got nothing. I went under the bridge and tried the far south end of the lake. I missed another solid blow up. The wind was coming in good now. I worked my way north with no luck. I then headed to the run of docks were I had done so well and got 1 more slight cull up. I then headed to the weigh in knowing I had blown a shot for a pretty good bag with missed fish. As it turns out I would probably have had a tough time breaking into the top 4 which all had 18lb bags.

I ended up in 7th place with a 13lb 6oz bag

TLA: 1.000
LCP: 1.000
FWA: 2.23lbs
BBP: .000
TDWA: 13.37lbs

Mistakes: I was worn out from the week of camp and I struggled to keep my focus. I outright missed fish because I didn't have my A or even B or C game. For the last few hours on this one I was a hurting unit.

After Thoughts: This tournament was very hard on me. I was just wiped out. At the end of the day I went back to the launch and took a nap on the deck of the boat before loading up the boat and going home. This one pretty much sealed my fate into not being able to break into the top 10 for the year but I kind of feel fortunate to have caught what I did. After all I got my best fish behind one of the clubs top boats and I did much better than last year.

Next Touranment: Platte/Sullivan

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Team Bass Horseshoe Chain 2

Report done 5/10/06

Pre-fish: I don't believe I pre-fished for this tournament.

Tournament Day Conditions: Clear to hazy sun, NW wind at 15 mph, Air temp 80, Water temp lower 70's

Tournament Day: It was one of those calm warm and humid tournament mornings. As I was running to "the starting point" I noticed panfish dimpling the surface and I decided to start on the wooded portion of "the starting point". There was a school sitting there on the wood and I think I must have boated 4 fish plus one solid miss and 1 or 2 more misses where I'm not sure of the quality of the fish. I broke my jig off at one point and went scrounging around and got it back. I headed around the point nothing, then I fished fast all the way down to Tracy's Channel getting nothing.

Tah Dah, there was fish in "Tracy's Channel" this time and I filled my limit with the Zoom Horny Toad. I had a blow up miss on the toad, so I pitched back in with the jig. WHACK! I set the hook into a 5lber, Dogfish! Ohh well. I think I caught a couple of other bass, maybe culling up a little.

I then headed over to the other cuts, nothing around to and past "Break off Point". Into the next point I got smacked on that one dock by the biggest bass of the day (Zoom Horny Toad). I think I got a couple of other fish in this cut that may or may not have slightly culled. I worked into the next cut without any success.

I am pretty sure it was getting to be late in the day at this point. I did try some docks on the way to "Kicker Break off Cut" where I think I may have gotten a small cull up. Then to the weigh in.

My bag was 13lbs14ozs, my biggest Horseshoe Bag yet, which was good enough for my best Horseshoe finish so far 6th Place.

After the tournament was over I stayed around and fished some stuff down the river with mixed success.

Horseshoe 2

TLA: 1.000
LCP: 1.000
FWA: 2.31lbs
BBP: .000
TDWA: 13.87lbs

Mistakes: I had a bad pitch or two that ended up costing me fish. I think one of those lost fish was a good one of at least 3lbs.

After Thoughts: I really enjoy fishing the chain and it's hard to complain with my best performance on the Shoe so far. I just can't seem to find or land the kicker fish that will vault me into the money.

Next Tournament: Knife Lake

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Team Bass Sauk Lake

Report Done: 5/8/2006

Pre-Fish: Went into this one lake unseen.

About Sauk Lake: This was an all new lake for me and the Team Bass Trail. Coming in Sauk Lake had a reputation for tough fishing, great looking water and big fish; would that hold true or would we find something else?

Sauk is basically a river/lake like the Horseshoe chain. The lake had a pretty good algae bloom and thus stained water.

Tournament Day: Sight unseen my goal was to get a limit and just hope it was big enough or that there was a kicker in there. My basic strategy was to put the trolling motor down and cover water until I figured something out.

Conditions: Warm, the morning with a slight overcast clearing in the afternoon. Wind out of the south 5 to 10mph.

I went under the bridge heading west put my self on the calm south shore and started fishing with a Bubble Gum Zoom Super Fluke. It didn't take long and I landed my first keeper, just under 2lbs. A little farther down I landed another then another and then I missed a solid 3-4lb fish on a poor hookset. These fish were all shallow related to wood. I went through I fairly long dry spell before I caught one and then missed a good fish on the fluke in a tangle of wood. I worked that piece of cover over pretty good and eventually caught that fish I missed on a jig. I then went through another long dry spell. I moved East of the bridge on the North side and started fishing slop with a frog and a jig.

The limit fish was proving elusive as I missed a few blow ups and bites on the jig. I didn't get frustrated, I got mad. With about 10 minutes left I nabbed a good 2lber on the Zoom Horny Toad. I felt really good at that point and headed in.

For Sauk Lake
TLA: 1.000
LCP: 1.000
FWA: 2.11lbs
BBP: .000
TDWA: 12.69

12lbs 11ozs for 7th Place

After Thoughts: It's a good thing I got that limit fish or I would have been highly frustrated. I must have lost at least 5 bass before I finally filled out. Overall I felt good about getting 7th place as it could have been far worse. I was a ways out of the money but plenty close to falling far had I not caught that last fish.

I don't know if pre-fishing would have helped or hurt me in this one as that I feel I had a fairly productive day. I don't think the fishery has an overwhelming abundance of fish to begin with. Having that attitude that it might be tough helped me to keep my head in the game. My early success was a big bonus.

Mistakes: Missed fish just killed me in this one.

Final Thought: The big fish and big stringers just didn't show up, the tournament was won by wood pitching jigs.

Next Tournament: Horseshoe 2