Tuesday, July 11, 2017

OK Morning GOMH & In the Trophy

BAM! 4.38lber Chigger Craw/Strike King Swing Football Head
5:30AM-11:30AM GOMH NE SW, SPSI, Out From Jenny's Reeds and Out Front
Conditions: 58-68℉, Partly to Mostly Cloudy, Light ESE Wind
Water Temp: 76℉
There was activity in the tube and I got one to go on the Shower Blows knock off to start things off.
16.25" SBKO
I then got a 15" on the Armor Tube Worm and missed a couple of bites. I then went to the SW side.  No topwater hits there.  I had a good size ? jump and break off the Armor Tube Worm/Wacky Head Jig.  I then had a good jumper jump and get off on the Chigger Craw/Strike King Swing Football Head.  I also caught a 15".  All this took about an hour.
18.75" Chigger Craw/Swing Head
I then headed to the Trophy and SPSI. Nothing going on topwater.  I put on the Swing head and got a 14" and then the big one.  I got one last 14.75" on that and the Chigger Craw was toast.  I put on a Craw Fatty and lost a good one on that.  That shut the school down.  I got 2 dinks on the 90 size Whopper Plopper.  I went over and checked a few docks on the South shore getting one pike on the Outkast/Craw Fatty combo.  I went back to the point ad got a pike on the Craw Fatty.

I then went to the slop East of Jenny's and the fish just weren't going.  I then went out side the slop and started casting the LiveTarget Bluegill Wakebait just like last year and caught a bunch of pike and a couple of bass (15.5x2).
14.21lbs Best 6 Bass
12 Bass (18.75, 16.25, 15.5, 15.5, 15, 15)
13 Pike  

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