Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tough News Snatchers

The quality of the fish I was again catching tonight had me thinking to myself why on earth do I want to give up the juice prior to tournament day.  So from now on I'm not going to publish my blogs on where I am fishing on Platte/Sullivan until after the Tony's Tournament on the 10th and I've pulled the one's I already published to draft.

I will tell that my best 6 today went probably 16lbs or so in 4 hours of fishing.  All good quality fish, no kickers.  I might have found a starting spot tonight.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fishing 4 Dev & Mille Lacs Trip

Yes, once again it is time for Devin's Birthday Bullhead 

5:15-7:30AM GOMH NE SW SE, Bulldog
Conditions: Low 40's, Mostly Cloudy, Windy NE

Another beautiful sunrise that there is no way I would have seen had it not been for Devin's birthday.  I was dog tired and really was dragging this morning.  It took me a full hour from wake up to be out at the lake.  Normally it takes about 20-25 minutes tops.  I thought with the temps only getting down into the low 40's that maybe the bullheads would be stacked up and chewing on the North side.  Wasn't the case.  I was lucky to get the one.
16.5" Pure Poison/Swim Fluke Jr. (white)
She thumped it good on the third cast.  I had a dink jump and get off the Jerk Shad. I also got three toothy's in quick succession on the Jerk Shad on the North side before deciding I had enough of that.  I went to the SW side and got nothing.  I did have a fish hit at the Gunfish 117 a few times when I was on the SE side. I briefly went to the access at Bulldog.  What a lousy morning of fishing!
Nasty Conditions on the Pond
8:30-10:00P Mille Lacs North Jetty Corner
Conditions: Low 40's, Cloudy light rain and mist, Quite windy out of the East, 3 to 4 foot roller coming in.

I had originally planned to be at Mille Lacs tonight by 7:30PM.  But we had kind of a late supper and I had other distractions.  I didn't leave the house until 7:30 and then I had to stop at the lake place to pump water out of the boat.  I threw out a few casts off the dock while that was happening and didn't get anything.  That took until about 8:05 when I then headed to Mille Lacs.
15" Rippin' Rap
Due to the wind direction and rain the North Jetty corner was my only option.  I only took two rods out of the car, 6'8" St. Croix Avid and 7' Mojo.  I started out throwing the Grass Pig.  Didn't get a bite on that.  I then tried 3 different colors of Rippin Raps before getting my first fish of the night on the perch color.  That was the only hit I got on the Rippin Rap.  I then tried an X-Rap and didn't get a hit on that.

22.5" Jerk Shad (Chart Shad)
It was now after 9 and quickly getting dark.  I switched to a Jerk Shad.  I tried a slow retrieve with pauses and sure enough a nice walleye wanted it.  I also got a fish on the very next cast.

17" Jerk Shad
 About 5 minutes later I had a good one hit really close to the Jetty.  She was shaking her head and got off, bummer deal.  About 10 minutes later I got a cigar when I went to a slow retrieve, no pause.

12.5" Jerk Shad
It was about 5 minutes to 10 when I got my last one of the night and the biggest.

23" Jerk Shad
Darn rules shut me down and my night was done.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Nice Sunrise Slow Fishing & Evening Trip

5:15-7:30AM GOMH NE SE
Conditions: Low 40's, Mostly Cloudy, Light to moderate ENE wind, Water is still clearing up.

As you can see from the pictures it was a beautiful sunrise today. Action was slow.  The panfish guy was there and getting a few oranges.  I had a nice jumper jump me off on the white Piranha just as I was bringing it out from the tube.  I got a couple toothys on the Chart Shad Jerk Shad on the NE side.  And had a few hits on topwater not hook up.
9.5" SBKO

15" Paycheck Baits Transporter Frog 
I got the one dink and the 15" on the SE side with a few misses on topwater and I lost a good one on the craw tube.
Evening Trip
Got Cha
5:30-8:00PM GOMH SE NE, Lake Place Dock, Bulldog Access
Conditions: Low 50's, Partly Cloudy, Very Windy NE

16" Transporter Frog
Man was it windy.  I was lucky to get the one topwater fish on the Transporter on the SE side.  I also had something small hit at the Gunfish 117 a couple of times.  I switched to the NE side and picked up 3 quick toothys on the H2O LCR lipless crank.  The wind was such that I thought I should make sure my boat was ok.  It was.  I think some might have resecured it for me.  I had several pike hit at the Piranha.  Then on one cast my line broke.  Don't know what happened because I don't think it broke at the bait.  I eventually went to bulldog where the wind was howling in at the access.  I got three bass there.
14" Poison/Swim Fluke jr (white/red)
I was getting chilled so I left.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Another Dink Fest At The GOMH This Morning

7" Shower Blows Knock Off (Firetiger)
5:45-8:15AM GOMH NE SE
Conditions: 56-59℉, Cloudy some light sprinkles as I left, Wind out of the NNW switching to NNE.  I switched to the SE side shortly after that.
10.5" Jerk Shad (Tomato)
 I was putzing around to much so I didn't get out of the house until 5:30AM.  When I arrived there was a truck already there.  It was a guy that was fishing the SW side on Opener.  He was on the SW side again and had been there about an hour.  He'd gotten a couple of jumpers.  I took my stuff down to the NE side.  As I was headed there the panfish guy pulled up with a buddy.  Didn't get a hit on the Piranha or X-Rap Shallow Shad.  I got a couple of quick dinks on the Jerk Shad and then decided getting them on topwater would be funner if they would go.
7" Shower Blows KO
They did! And I got a couple of toads as well.
16.33" Shower Blows KO (Firetiger)
19" Shower Blows
I was getting my bites out.  But I saw something get hit in the tube, so I went and cast to the area.  It took it swiping at the lure three times, but the 19" eventually hooked up, but just barely by the rear hook.  Fortunately I got her in.  It looked like she wasn't totally done dropping eggs yet to me.  4lber maybe a touch under.
16" Shower Blows
I even got a couple of dink toothys on the NE side as well on the SBKO.  I also got a 20.5" toothy on the bluegill Poison.  The panfish guy came over on the NE side.

The wind switched and  the bite had slowed down, so I went to the SE side.  I had a fish absolutely crush the SBKO on my fourth cast.  All I caught a glimpse of was some white.  I thought maybe it was a huge bass, but it wasn't.
23.75" SBKO
I managed to land it even though the Fireline was in it's mouth.  I quickly landed one more toothy and put the SBKO away. I got one last dink on the Gunfish 117 and missed a bite or two.  My back was starting to ache and it started to rain, so I left.

5 Toothy
20 Jumpers
Biggest Six (19, 16.33, 12.25, 12, 11.75, 11.75)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mille Lacs & Dink Fest at the GOMH

Three Trips Today: Mille Lacs and the GOMH Twice
A little more wind and haze this morning

My arsenal for the night
2:00-4:30AM Eddy's Jetty North Corner
Conditions: Mid 50's, Hazy Moon with clouds moving in at about 4AM, Windy out of the ESE dialing it back a bit as the night wore on.

There was a thunderstorm to the North East that put on quite a lightening show for me for about an hour and a half.  It was up by Grand Rapids so I definitely couldn't hear any thunder.  I started out throwing various Rippin Raps and just couldn't buy a bite. Forty five minutes of that and I switched to the Grass Pig.
I might be on to something?
I had the tail bit off the Grass Pig.  I put another one on and moved to the North Corner where I had a good one smoke it.

25" Grass Pig (Swamp Gas)
 I think on my third cast back I was hooked up again with a nice one.

23.75" Grass Pig
 About 15 casts later it was fish on with my longest of the morning.

 About 15 minutes later I got this one.

23" Grass Pig
Then I ran into some issues.  My Fireline got dug into it's self really badly and it took me probably 15 minutes to get that straightened out.  Then I had 4 consecutive fish get off and then my tail got bit off again.

I did finally land one, but the size shrunk.
15.33" Grass Pig
 The clouds moved in and they stopped hitting the Grass Pig.  I got one last fish on the purple perch Husky Jerk.
14.5" Husky Jerk (Purple Perch)
My upper back was really starting to ache, so with that fish I packed up and headed to the GOMH after doing some stretching.

6 Walleyes
Morning GOMH Trip

5:30-8:00AM GOMH NE SE
Conditions: Mid 50's, Mostly Cloudy, Wind ENE, water clearing and falling a little

16.5" Piranha with Swim Fluke Jr.
This golden bullhead was all over the Piranha and into the pail.  I then got another one.
19" Piranha
With the two I got last night looks like walleye's on the menu this week.  That was it for bites I landed on the Piranha. The panfish guy showed up just after I landed the second golden. Baitfish were getting busted out, so I switched to a Grass Pig and landed a 15" and a couple of dink jumpers on the Grass Pig.  I missed several hits on the Grass Pig.  Maybe should sharpen that hook up.  I switched to the Tomato Jerk Shad and landed this fat pre-spawner from under the tube.
17" Jerk Shad (Tomato)
 I landed one more good one (15") from under the tube, then the Dink Fest began.

The sun was getting up soI switched to the SE side.  I started out getting more dinks with the Jerk Shad, but I got a couple of good one's as well.
16" Tomato Jerk Shad
 I started throwing topwater and could only get dinks.
10" Whopper Plopper (Bone/Red)
12" Knock Off Shower Blows
I was really impressed with the knock off Shower Blows.  It casts like a rocket and has great action.  The hooks are sharp, but a little bit brittle as I discovered taking the hook out off a bass during the afternoon trip.
10.5" Lucky Craft Gunfish 117
I made my goal of catching a fish on the Lucky Craft Gunfish 117.  I caught 1 dink on a green pumpkin craw tube.  I got a toothy on the Jerk Shad.  My back was starting to bug me again, so with that I left.

2 Gold
1 Toothy
24 Jumpers
Six Best Jumpers (17, 16, 15, 15, 14, 12)
Afternoon GOMH Trip
10.5" KO Shower Blows (Chart/Hrg Bone)
3:30-5:00PM GOMH SW SE
Conditions: 60℉, Mostly Cloudy with rain earlier, ENE Wind, Water is definitely clearing up

It stopped raining after my chiropractic appointment.  I was heading to the GOMH rain or shine.  Just as well I prefer to not get wet.  It was basically back to the dink fest with a couple good blow misses.  I got 15" and 14.75" on the Shower Blows Knock Off and a 14" on the Tomato Jerk Shad.  Mike B. was out in the Tuffy today and stopped by to catch up for a little while.  As I was packing up to leave the sun came up along with the wind and the dogfish lady showed up, so I talked with her for a little while.

13 Jumpers
2 Toothy

For the Day my totals were
6 Walleye
2 Golden
37 Jumpers
3 Toothy