Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fishing Was Only So So Tonight

17" Hack Jig/Craw Fatty
4:00-8:00PM Reeds and Docks Across the way, Inlet Bay
Conditions: 77-72℉, Partly to Cloudy, Windy SE diminishing around 7PM
Water Temp: 66℉
13.5" Hack Jig 1oz/CF (Ok Craw/GP)
The plan tonight was to work on my reed fishing game as that looks like a likely scenario for the Little Boy/Wabedo Tournament in a couple of days.  I started out throwing a 1.5oz Strike King Slither Rig with a Rage Space Monkey trailer for my first two drifts through the reeds.  I set the hook a few times, but on got 2 pike.  I changed to 1oz Hack Jig on the LTB rod and went to the inside reed line that was protected from the wind.  I got the one small bass doing that and missed another bite or two.  I got 4 bass (17,13.75, 11x2) and a pike on the sunfish Hack Jig fishing docks.   I also got one dock bass (12.75) on the Magnum Super Fluke.  It got dark and looked like it was going to rain, but didn't.  I had pretty good size pike rip up the bottom of the green frog Spro Sprinker pretty good.  I then had a pike steal the yellow Terminator Frog, so I tied on a brown frog Terminator Popping Frog.  A bass knocked it out of the water over by the cane, but didn't get it.  I pitched 1oz Hack and it nailed it, but I didn't hook it.  It calmed down.  When I got to the North end of the reeds, I decided to run around the point to Inlet Bay.
24" Terminator Popping Frog (Brown Frog)
I caught the one pike there and had a couple other slash at it.  Kind of a disappointing trip seeing as how conditions got to be ideal for the last hour I fished.
9.17lbs Best 6 Bass
7 Bass
8 Pike

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Frustrating Clown Showing In the Morning And Evening

7:30AM-12:20PM GOMH, West Point, North Point Channel Inn Bay, 3 Loon Docks
Conditions: 58-67℉, Cloudy to Sunny, Windy out of the West, Water level about the same after an inch plus last night.
Water Temp: 63℉
On way way to the GOMH I had to go on the shoulder of the road just beyond Richardson Corner because a big tree got knocked over in last nights storm. They were pretty quick about getting it cleared as my picture shows.  I was only at the GOMH for about a half hour.
10.5" Craw Tube (Brown/GP)
I got the one dink on the SW side and got a toothy on the SW side on a white Pure Poison.  Then it was off to the Trophy.  It took maybe 15 minutes to get most of the water out of the boat.  I then fished my way to West Point.  I got a couple small pike and one bass on the Mag. Fluke
14.25" Mag Fluke (Disco Violet)
I also missed some hits on the craw tube.  I switched the blue/black after missing a fish that jacked the brown/gp one. I missed a hit on the blue one as well.  I then headed across the lake to the docks on Chanel Inn Bay's North Point.  I got a couple small pike on the Fluke and a 12.75" bass off the docks on the Hack Jig/Craw Fatty.
15.75" Hack Jig/CF (Sunfish/GP)
I then fished the reeds getting my biggest bass of the morning.  I then turned things into a clown show as I tried to fish Channel Inn Bay in that wind.   The combo of wind, weeds, and weak trolling motor made sure I couldn't fish effectively.  I got totally frustrated.  It didn't help that I went for about an hour and a half without getting a single bite.  Finally I pulled the plug on CIB and headed to the docks on 3 Loon Flat.  I missed my first couple of hits there. I got a couple of pike and a 15 inch bass on the Fluke.  I gave up around 12:15 or so.
Evening Trip
16.3" Terminator Frog (Yellow)
4:45-7:45PM West Point, Big West Bay, Across from PA, Double Cane Point
Conditions: 71-60℉, Mostly Sunny, Lighter SW Wind diminishing
Water Temp: 64℉

I didn't get a hit on West Point, so I was off to the Big West Bay and went right into the slop/reeds/dollar pads.  Once again I was frustrated by the weak trolling motor and weeds.  It was fairly protected so the wind wasn't much of a factor.  There was fish in slop, but I missed the only hit I got.  I think it was a pike.  I then fished the docks and weed flat, nothing.  I then headed across from the public access into what now is a pretty sparse rice field.  I picked up the Horny Toad and got hit by a small pike immediately;  I then had a big fish wake on it and crush it, but the dude buried me in the rice and got off. Don't know if it was a bass or doggy.  I had one decent bass knock the Horny Toad in the air as it jumped out of the water after it.

It was now after 7PM and I had yet to land anything.  I made a move to Double Cane Point.  At about 7:20 I finally caught a bass (15.6) right next to the point on the blue/black craw tube.  I got the last fish of the night and my biggest one of the day about 10 minutes later on the Terminator frog.  I think my best 6 for the day went a little over 14lbs.  I either forgot to take a picture of the scale or erased it.

8 Bass
7 Pike

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Caught A Couple Tonight

6:30-7:45PM Inlet Bay
Conditions: 73-70℉, Partly Cloudy, Very Windy ESE
Water Temp: 66℉
16" Mag Fluke (Disco Violet)
I got a late start tonight due in part to spooling up the Tatula SV 8:1 I just got in the mail today.  I put it on a Legend Tournament Bass Carolina Rig Rod.  I got both of my bass tonight on this set up.  I started out on West Point and didn't get a hit.  I started on North Platte Lake Drive Point docks and worked my way into the inlet bay.  I missed one hit in between docks out on the point.  And missed one hit off of a dock I caught one on the other night.  I got both bass (15,16) in the slop close in to the shore rushes. I had a couple fish show themselves out by where I got the fish the other night.  One just gave it's location away, but didn't hit the Fluke.  The other one I think was a pike that went for the Sprinker KO and I had it on briefly.

2 Bass

Monday, September 18, 2017

OK Morning at the GOMH and in the Trophy

3.61lbs/17.5" Hack Jig/Craw Fatty
7:30AM-12:30PM GOMH, West Point, Across the Bay Dock, Across the Way Docks and Reeds, F Flat Docks
Conditions: 50-57℉, Mostly Cloudy, ESE Wind, water level falling
Water Temp: 63℉
2.75lb/17.75" Mag Fluke (Disco Violet)
I started at the GOMH and got that anorexic jumper on the SW side on the Magnum Super Fluke.  I think I also got a 16.25" on the craw tube (brown/gp) and a 19.5" toothy on the Pure Poison/Swim Fluke Jr.  The it was time to get in the Trophy.

I think I caught a fish or two at West Point, but don't remember.  I am doing this blog without my notes from the trip, which I misplaced and cannot find.  I then went across the Bay to "the dock".  Unfortunately, it has been mostly taken in at this point.   I caught a 12" bass  on the Whopper Plopper and lost what felt like a very good fish get off that hit the Mag Fluke.  I then went to the point across the way and got a small pike off of a pontoon lift on the Hack Attack Jig/Craw Fatty.
25" Hack/CF

2.64lb/16.75 Mag Fluke

15.5" Mag Fluke

3.15lb/17.25" Mag Fluke
I caught all those fish and a few more in the reeds and off the docks across the way.  I decided to fish on Fall Flat rather than go to Inlet Bay like I planned.  I didn't get any hits in the wind on topwater, but I did get this dink on the Mag Fluke.
9" bass on a 7" Mag Fluke
 I also got the heaviest fish of the trip there on the Hack Attack Jig.  I missed a couple of fish as I was fighting the wind.
16.71lbs for my Best 6
14 Bass
9 Pike

Sunday, September 17, 2017

3 Bass Then Turned Into Pike Night

17" Magnum Super Fluke
5:45-7:45PM West Point, NW Bay
Conditions: 64-60℉, Partly Cloudy, W Wind
Water Temp: 64℉

The Vikes lost to the Steelers. Then I watched the Twins beat up on the Blue Jays.  I wasn't feeling quite right, so I got a little later start than I wanted to.  Also I went up to the cabin and talked with Steve for a little while and saw the work he and Todd got done this weekend.

I started at West Point throwing the Magnum Super Fluke on a single 5/0 hook.  I caught 16.25" and the 17" bass there.  I also had one hit that I didn't get. Probably a pike.

I then headed to the NW Bay to the rice patch.  I got a 16.75" bass pretty quickly on the Terminator Frog.  I lost a good hit on the Sprinker knock off.  I then had the tail get bit off 3 times in about 20 minutes; Twice on the same fish.  I then caught 6 pike on the Terminator Frog.  Here is the biggest one.
27" Terminator Frog (Yellow)
I didn't get but one hit at the juice and I missed it.  I should have fished much faster tonight.
8.13lbs for my Bass tonight
3 Bass
7 Pike

Saturday, September 16, 2017

GOMH & Channel Inn Bay

4.18lbs/19" Terminator Frog
7:00-12:00 GOMH, West Point, Channel Inn Bay
Conditions:  64℉, Cloudy, Windy WSW, water level about the same
Water Temp: 66℉
15/16??? Brovarney Jig
I didn't have my ruler or the scale with me at the GOMH this morning, because I left them in the boat house when I was there getting water out of the boat last night.  I got out a little later than planned thanks to Lilah walking right past me and peeing in the house when I was holding the leash to take her out.  When I arrived there was a truck at the Grumpy Old Man Hole and two guys fishing frogs on the NE side.  Must be guys who were up for the BASS AOY tourney.  I wish that thought would have clicked with me at the time, but it didn't.  I just thought it odd that there were guys there fishing frogs  Anyway, I caught the one jumper on the SW side.  That was the only bite I got.  I then went over to the other side and talked with one of the guys briefly.  He told me he had missed a fish.  It was kind of windy up on the bridge so I had a hard time hearing what he said.  I was anxious to get out in the Trophy, so I left.
10" Hack Jig/Craw Fatty
I stopped two docks short of West Point.  I missed a hit on the Sprinker knock off in the reeds and got the dink on that first dock.  I missed a couple of hits (SSKO, Hack Jig) at the juice dock and got a 16" on the brown/gp craw tube.  I then was off to the South point of the small island. It seemed to me that it was blowing about 10mph or so.  I didn't get a hit.  I decided to move into Channel Inn Bay where I would be more protected.

16.1" Double Magnum Fluke Rig
Today was the day I finally got around to throwing my brainstorm from last winter, two Magnum Zoom Super Flukes connected on a split ring.  On about the fourth cast I had a good fish nail my contraption, but it got off when it hung me in the pads, bummer.  A little while later as I was fishing in a boat lane I caught the 16 inch fish on the rig.  It was hooked by both hooks.  I think the rig is a success, but something I am not going to risk on Platte/Sullivan, too many hammer handles.  I did have one pike grab the rig a few times.  A little farther in the boat lane I caught a 16.5" on the SSKO.  I then got a 15.75, 16.75, and the 19 on the Terminator in the rice/slop.  I also missed a couple of good bites.  It was now Noon and an hour past when I intended being off the water to head over to the AOY Fest at Casino, so I called it quits.
16.62lbs for my Best 6 This morning
19, 16.75?? (got off as I was boat flipping it), 15.75 Terminator Frog
15.5 Brovarney
16.1 Craw Tube
16.1 Mag Fluke
16.5 SSKO

20 Fluke

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

GOMH Morning/Trophy In The Evening

3.65lbs/18.25" Hack Jig/Craw Fatty (Ok/GP)
9:00-10:00AM GOMH SW
Conditions: 65-70℉, Mostly Sunny, South Wind
17" Craw Tube (Brown/GP)
I missed a hit on the Poison on the NE side.  I got two 14 inch jumpers on the Poison on the SW side.  I got a 15" jumper and a 20" toothy on a Netbait Paca Slim and the 17 incher letting the craw tube just sit.  5 fish was enough to send me home rather than to the Trophy.
4.18lbs/19.25" Terminator Frog
4:30-8:00PM West Point, Don's Bay, Platte River Inlet Bay
Conditions: 80-72℉, Mostly Sunny, SE Wind turning calm by 6:30PM
Water Temp: 72℉

So I started the evening trip at the GOMH and didn't get a bite.  On the way to West Point I had a pike steal the tail on the SSKO.  I caught a 15.25" bass on the craw tube at "the dock" and then I pulled the 18" off of it on the Hack Attack Jig.  I retied the jig, but then got hung up on the dock to the
east.  I didn't retie and quickly lost the jig.  I tied on another Hack Jig (Sunfish) with a GP Craw Fatty.  I got a 20" pike off of the tree dock.  I got a 10" bass to the West of the tree.  I then ran a few docks getting some small bass (13,10) on the jig and Super Fluke (12.25"x2).

I then headed to the Inlet Bay.  I got a 16.25, 13.5, and 15.75 off of docks on the Hack Jig.  I then moved into the slop throwing the Terminator Frog.  I got lucky on the first hit as I was adjusting the trolling motor and didn't realize a bass had sucked it down.  It was a 16.25" fish.  I had a good bass come off as I was bat flipping it.  I then got a 16.5"  It was now 7:15 and I was getting ready to move to Double Cane Point when I had a good fish nail the Terminator while I was moving.  The fish got off.  I decided to settle in the area and got a 15.25" and 19.25".  To bad the 19.25 didn't have shoulders.  That was my last bite of the night.
18.01lbs Best 6 Bass for the Day
20 Bass
4 Pike

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Morning GOMH/Evening In The Trophy

4.18lbs/18.5" Spro Sprinker K.O.
6:30-7:45AM GOMH NE, SW
Conditions: 54-64℉, Sunny, Light SE Wind, Water Level High
I caught 10 jumpin bullheads and had the bluegill Shower Blows 105 get bit off.  2 (15's) on the Pure Poison and 8 (17.5, 15x4, 14x3) jumpers on the brown/gp craw tube.
17.5" Craw Tube (Brown/GP)
6:00-8:00PM Green Cabin Bay,  2 Cane Point
Conditions: 79-70℉, Partly Cloudy, SSE Wind
Water Temp: 69℉

18.5" Spro Sprinker KO
I headed to Green Cabin Bay.  Got a couple pike and 15" bass there on the Spro Sprinker.  At 7:15 I headed to Double Cane Point and got 6 bass (18.5, 16.25, 15, 14x2, 13) there on the Sprinker, plus missed a couple.  The 18 incher was a total chub.
15.89lbs Best 6 Bass for the Day
18 Bass
2 Pike

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fishing With Pete

15?? Piranha/Craw Fatty
2:00-5:15PM GOMH, Dock, Our Bay
Conditions: High 70's, Mostly Sunny, Light NW Wind
Water Temp: 70℉
16.75" Whopper Plopper 130 (Bluegill)
Pete and I tried the Culvert and Inlet first.  Didn't get anything.  Pete missed a hit on the Sprinker KO at the NW Sullivan landing.  He then got two decent jumpers at the Grumpy Old Man Hole South side on the Piranha.  I got two small jumpers on a craw tube (brown/GP).  I also missed a few bites.

We then made it to the lake place.  Pete got a 12" bass casting the Piranha.  We then went to West Point.  Pete had a good bass jump off on the Piranha.  We then fished along Jenny's reeds. Pete got a decent sized pike just West of Jenny's.  I got a pike off of an East shoreline dock.  Pete got a few small bass and pike.  I got the 16.75", by the juice dock.

We quit fishing because the Vikings game started at 6:10PM.  They beat Peterson and the Saints pretty handily.

I didn't weigh any fish.
9 Bass
3 Pike

Saturday, September 09, 2017

At Jeff's Wedding

I caught the pike on Friday night from shore and I got a rock bass off the dock on Sat.evening after the wedding when I went down with Todd, Kristen and the girls.  Steve and Todd both a got a pike a piece.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Morning on Platte/Evening in the River

6.50lbs Whopper Plopper

31" Whopper Plopper 130 (Rat Ta Tat)
7:00-11:30AM Double Cane Point, NW Bay
Conditions: 48-61℉, Cloudy, Light SSW Wind
Water Temp: 60℉
16" Spro Sprinker KO
16.75" Mad Maxx (Bluegrass)
I started at Double Cane Point.  Got a couple of bass there but it mostly wasn't happening and the wind was annoying, so I went to the NW Juice.  I got the 16.75" on Maxx and missed a couple.  I threw the Salmo Bass Bug over the flat and got some hammer handles.  As I made my way back to the Juice I got the big pike on the Rat Ta Tat Whopper Plopper 130.  I would have liked to continue fishing as conditions were nice out, but I didn't know when Pete was coming up, so I went in.
15" Mad Max (Bluegrass)
3:30-6:30PM Platte River, NE Intersecton
Conditons: 73-41degrees, Partly to Mostly Cloudy, ESE Wind
Water Temp: 65 degrees
Mad Maxx 15.75x3, 14.5x3
Maxx 22, 18x3
SSKO 18x2

So I decided to check out the river.  There were some fish there and I dropped the biggest one at the mouth.

I luckily got Maxx back while fishing the SPRO when a pike bit it off.  I got one bass and 1 Pike at the intersection.  I had to get home to get my hair shaved for the wedding.  Pete was there when I got home.
20.32lbs Best 6 Bass with Pike
13.82lbs Best 6 Bass
10 Bass
13 Pike