Friday, January 30, 2015

OK Crappie Night at Rock

10" fell to the Demon Crappie Minnow Combo
27 degrees, wind out of the South,  Partly Sunny.  Was definitely warmer than yesterday, but the wind kept it cooler than I would like.

I got out to a later start tonight. I drilled two sets of holes.  One where I got most of the sunnies yesterday and then one by the holes I've used the last couple of nights.  All I could get in the sunfish holes seemingly were perch.  I don't really know because the fish weren't really in a biting mood.  The minnow rods bobber got pulled down several times resulting in the one of the two perch I caught.  I moved out to the crappie holes and they weren't stacked down there tonight, but they came in fairly regularly.  Most of them fell to the Demon/Minnow combo tonight.  I dropped several of them tonight on the way up.  I should have had over 15 easy.  I left my rods sitting on the ice when I left.  I figured that out when I unpacked the truck when I got home.  Kaylee got a trip to the lake out of it.


11 Crappies
2 Perch

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rock Again Tonight

Hmmm I found some sunfish
Cold and Windy 23-16 degrees, mostly sunny, wind out of the WNW

Today I started in the holes I got the bass out of yesterday.  All I could get today were some perch.  I moved to some holes I didn't fish much yesterday in a little deeper water.  I got some small sunfish and a crappie in these.  The fish were frustrating me again tonight.  Rushing to the bait but not hitting it.  It was also much tougher fishing in the colder weather between my line and guides freezing up.  I caught a couple crappies out of the holes I ended in last night.
Biggest sunfish I got

9" Crappie
5 Crappies
5 Sunfish
3 Perch

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1st Bass of the Year

17" on T.H.E. Jig and a waxie
32 degrees, light wind, cloudy, a bit of fog when I left.  Luckily I had put a waypoint down on my holes last week because I went the wrong direction when I left.  I went back to the waypoint, got my bearings and got off the lake.

I got back to Rock Lake thanks to getting the Expedition back.  Need the 4 wheel drive to get up the hill at the access.  I went and drilled holes slightly farther to the North of where I had been fishing.  I also drilled holes up closer to the reeds by where I got the perch and sunfish the last time I was out on Rock.  Sure enough that paid off with me getting two bass.

12.5"er took Go-Devil w/maggies
  I also got a bunch of perch on THE Jig, Demon and minnow, and the Go-Devil
I was not aware until this winter that perch were a significant baitfish in rock lake
As it approached the prime time crappie bit I hole hopped out to a deeper spot and pulled up a 9.5"er immediately.  I went and got the trap.  The fish were aggressive coming up but then would stop and look at THE Jig and waxie.  This resulted in dozens of missed hooksets.  I'm not sure if these fish were small crappies or sunfish; most probably a combination.
I went to a bobber and pulled a sunfish

Small crappie on the Demon and minnow
The fish continued to bite, so I continued to fish until 8pm

2 Largies
18 Perch
8 Crappies
1 Sunfish

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Platte Lake Piking

Where did my spoon go? And how did I land it on 3lb test.
32 degrees, cloudy, light South wind

I decided to go to Platte Lake and fish the South side of the Small Island.  I ended up with 3 small pike.  Two of them came on THE Jig w/waxie and one came on the Go-Devil Spoon.  I also missed what was probably another pike on THE Jig.  I also got one small crappie on THE Jig.  Had a hit on the Tip Up with the shiner I caught yesterday, but I didn't get to it on time.  Could have been a bullhead for all I know.
1st Pike came on the Go-Devil in about 6ft
Next Pike came out of around 10ft on THE Jig
Crappie came out of about 12'
Last Pike came out of 12' as well

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sullivan Sucked Again

Not a tullibee
23 degrees, mostly sunny, wind out of the North

When I got out the ice was cracking pretty good.  I pretty much staid in my "Tullibee Hole" holes do to the cold.  Had a couple of takes on  the bobber with the wax worm that I missed.  Also think I had a hit on on the Go-Devil Spoon when I put the rod down.  Had a few fish come in suspended but it was mostly dead.  Managed to get 3 small perch and the spot tailed shiner all of which were off the bottom.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sullivan Sucked

My massive morning catch
38 degrees, pretty calm, partly cloudy

I woke up late.  I fished the same holes as yesterday and a set of 4 somebody drilled yesterday.  Had what were probably some small tullibee in one of those holes for a while.  I couldn't get them to bite.  My glasses came apart sans picture.  Dad came with Kaylee and brought me an old pair.  I managed to lose the screw right before dad arrived. Dad had an extra screw that fit.  I had to take off to get mom the Expedition.

34 degrees, cloudy, a bit of wind out of the NW
I got my gear switched into Jenny's van.  I decided to hit Sullivan again.  I was kind of thrown off as a couple people were sitting where I wanted to try.  I went on a wild goose chase trying to find the big weed flat.  Eventually I found it.  I got some small perch.  The walleyes I was hoping to get never showed.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sullivan & Rock

8.5" Glow Demon
 8:00am-2:00pm at Sullivan
Warming up to the mid 30's, mostly sunny, light winds
I got 3 sets of holes drilled and started fishing just as the sun came out from the clouds.  I got two nice sunfish in the first hour or so.  I think I had a school of tullibee under me for a while, and I got them to chase my lure up and down but not high enough for me to see them.   I didn't get a bit from whatever they were.  I really wasn't rigged as well as I could have been.  In the afternoon I put the camera down to see what was down there and it stopped working.  I decided to quit at that point and bring the camera home and get something to eat.
8.5"er from another vantage point
36 degrees mostly sunny, light winds very pleasant to fish
I started by drilling about 6 sets of holes.  Then I started in the set farthest North by the reeds.   I got a couple of sunfish, perch and had a pike break a Demon off.  I think I also had the pike hit the Grass Pig.  These fish wanted wax worms, not maggots.  Eventually I moved out to the deeper holes and the crappies showed up.  I forgot to take a picture of any of them.  My second to last fish was a pike on the Demon with a Minnow.  I got 1 last crappie on a Demon and Minnow.  I actually went and checked my holes on Sullivan but nothing showed up so I didn't fish.

14 Crappies
4 Sunfish
4 Perch
1 Pike
A true Rock "jumbo".

7.5" Sunny on T.H.E. Jig

They wanted waxies not maggots

He wanted a minnow

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rock Again Fishing Slower

 9.5" Glow Demon w/minnow
27 degrees, cloudy and windy out of the South

I got out much later than the last couple of days.  Due to blowing snow I couldn't figure out where yesterday's holes were.  I drilled one set of 3 new holes.  I missed the first couple of probably not crappie bites.  Eventually the crappies moved in.  I got the first one, an 8"er, on the Demon with maggots.  I then got caught up on fish hitting the Demon with a minnow.  I missed several more than I caught.  I also got one on the Scenic Tackle Go-Devil.  The action cut off around 6PM.  When I flipped up the Trap when I left there where no lights to the East.  I thought that was weird.  By the time I got packed up and off the lake I finally saw some lights in the East.

6 Crappies

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fishing the Rock with Mike Carlson

Same as the past two days, slightly winder, slightly colder

Today I took out Mike Carlson, a former small group leader from my high school days at Hope Presbyterian Church, fishing.  Mike had never ice fished using a flasher before.  Turns out he really didn't care for "video game" fishing.  It started out kind of slow with Mike getting a couple of small perch and a sunfish.
Glow Demon w/spikes
I didn't get a picture of the sunfish because I was out hole hopping at the time looking for sunfish.  He caught a perch and a sunfish blind.  After I found out he got a sunfish I went in the house with him.  I caught 1 perch. Sometime close to 5PM I got the first crappie.
9" Rock Lake Special on the Demon w/spikes
Pretty quickly after that Mike was bringing up his first on his rod with a minnow on a plain hook.
We caught fish pretty steadily over the next hour or so until we packed up around 6:00PM.  We fished out of three holes. Two with bobbers and minnows for Mike and me with the Vex with a Demon and maggies.  We had one double.

30 or so Crappies
3 or 4 Perch
1 Sunfish

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rock Slower Tonight

Big Fish of the Night 11.25" on the Demon w/spikes
Weather pretty much the same as yesterday.

I stared by drilling out old holes with the hand auger.  Put the tip up down in the hole I had the camera in on Sunday.  Then I drilled about 5 sets of new holes farther to the North but not really any shallower or deeper.  I started fishing right around 3PM in the farthest North Hole.  Didn't get anything there so I moved to the next hole and got this perch.
T.H.E. Jig w/waxie
That was it for that hole.  In the next hole I got my first Sunfish.
Glow Demon w/spikes
There were more of them down there so I put the camera down.  When I was trying to get the camera pointed I had something hit the Grass Pig but not hook up.  Eventually I got the camera in line.  I couldn't see that well as it was after 4PM by then.  I did manage to catch a couple more sunfish.  It got so I couldn't see the sunfish anymore so I shut the camera off and went hole hopping with a Scenic Tackle Go-Devil Spoon with maggies.  I finally got the first crappie around 4:50PM.
First Crappie of the Night  9" on Scenic Tackle Go-Devil
I managed to get 4 crappies on the Glow Devil.  I ended up setting up shop in the holes just to the south of where I fished last night.  That's were I got the 11 incher.  I got 14 crappies total on the evening;  All of them but the first four were caught on the Custom Jigs and Spins Glow Demon.  I got one 8"er and one 10"er in addition to the 11", the rest were 9"ers.

14 crappies
3 Sunfish
1 Perch

Monday, January 19, 2015

Rock On!

8" Sunfish Glow Demon w/spikes
30 degrees, cloudy,  mild but cold wind out of the NE

I got out to a little later start than I wanted to today do to my not being able to get to sleep last night.  I decided to hit up Rock again in hopes of getting a bass.   When I arrived I used the hand auger to open yesterday's holes.  Then I drilled 4 new sets in a little shallower water.  I was hoping to have them be in 8-10' of water but they ended up 13-15 pretty much the same depths as yesterday.  I put the tip up in first with a fathead.  Then went to the first shallow set of holes.  Nothing there, so I went to the spot I had the camera down yesterday.  I marked some stuff but didn't have any hits.  I pulled house to two more hole sets without any results but a few sniffers. I then set off hole hopping.  I got to the farthest North set of holes I drilled yesterday and I caught the 8" sunfish.  I released it in a hole the Trap was sitting at after measuring it and brought the Trap back with me.  I got a 7" sunfish.  I tried down viewing with camera but that wasn't really working so I went and put the camera down the other hole.  I got it pointed in the right direction with the help of the Grass Pig.  Unfortunately it was now to dark and I couldn't see my baits or the fish that were around.  I was surprised when the next fish I brought up was this crappie.
9" on the Demon w/spikes
I brought up one more sunfish then it was a crappie fest on the Demon and T.H.E. Jig.  A school moved in and they were aggressive.  Almost all of them were 9 inchers.  I lost one bigger crappie in the hole and got one right at 10".  By 5:30 the bite really slowed down.  I pulled up the tip up and put a minnow down in the hole that had the Aqua Vu in it.  When I brought up the Aqua View I busted the fin off.  Looks like no down viewing until I can get another one.  I had one fish mess with the minnow but not take it and I got a couple more crappies and I had a few sniffers.  I packed up around 7PM.  I have never caught crappies like that at Rock Lake ever.  I threw them all back.  Another year and those should be some quality keepers.

24 Crappies
3 Sunfish

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rock Lake Sunfish Fest

17" Pike on T.H.E. Jig w/waxie
34 degrees, light wind out of the NW, mostly cloudy

I wanted to get some sunfish and possibly a bass so I headed to Rock Lake today.

I fished over by where I fished the last time I was on the lake.  Just North of the reed bank.  I drilled 5 holes in about 15 feet of water.  I didn't mark anything in the 1st hole.  I then put a tip up in it and moved on to the next hole.  I started marking stuff right away at the next hole  The 1st fish was the pike.  I put the camera down the hole looking down, but not straight down.  I saw something, but couldn't tell what it was.  Next I got a sunfish.

7.5" T.H.E. Jig w/waxie
So I went and drilled a 2nd hole in 4 of the holes.  The one hole i didn't double up had a tip up.  I positioned the camera where I could see my bait.  I caught several sunnies.  The action died, so I went hole hopping.  I started getting sunfish in the 4th set of holes.  I went and got the house but left the camera.  I got several more sunnies in this hole.  Then they got finicky.  I didn't get the camera because the sunnies were biting all over in the water column.  I went to the last set of holes and got a perch.
Perch on the Glow Demon
I managed to get a couple of sunnies out of this whole as well.  I went back to the holes with the camera and I had a pike hit my glow Demon but it didn't hook up.  I got one last sunfish.  I tried going to the holes with the Grass Pig and came up empty.  I eventually packed up to go see the football game.  Three of the sunfish I got were 7.5", the rest of them were from 4" to 6".

17 Sunfish
1 Pike
1 Perch

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Peavy & Platte

7.5" Demon w/maggies at Peavy Lake
11:00AM-3:00PM Peavy
4:30-5:30PM Platte
32 degrees, really windy at times, cloudy with flurries giving way to some sun then overcast again.

I started by working the hump.  No luck.  I got checked by Kuske.  The on/off switch on the auger broke.  Fortunately for me it's in the "on" position.  At 1PM I bailed to my crappie spot.  There were a few of them out there.  They were smaller in size than what I had been getting.  I got 5 total with only one being over 9".  I decided to head out at 3PM.  I talked with a guy who was just heading out at the access who had been getting little sunfish at Shakopee.  I guess the lake has gotten pounded this winter.  The wind really started to blow.

I checked the NE access on Sullivan then drove onto Platte at the Public access.  I drove to the North of the big island on my way to "the hole".  I think I GPSed it from a boat  judging by where the permanent shacks were sitting to the West of my waypoint.  I drilled 6 holes and fished 3 of them.  I had two fish come through about 10 feet of bottom in 23'.  I had one hooked, it felt small.  I also had something on the bottom sniff my maggots.   It was really windy out.   I packed up at 5:30 and drove off at Jenny's.

5 Crappies


Saturday, January 03, 2015

Peavy Lake Served Me A Skunk for My Birthday

24 degrees with dropping temps, very windy out of the NW, some snow
5' to 60'

Today I tried fishing around the hump that is out from the access.  I found fish in some of the holes from 15' to 30' of water.  Don't know what they were because I didn't catch them and I didn't put the camera down (Doh!).  I had two bites that I felt.  One got off immediately and one that got off half way up.  The one that got off half way up felt like a good fish, could have been a bass.  Around 3:45PM I headed towards my hole.  But the wind and snow were to much so I turned back.  I drilled some new holes off the South side in the deep water.  I did mark something down about 35' deep in 60', but by the time I got there it was gone.  I also re-fished some holes, nothing.  I may or may not go back to Peavy.

Friday, January 02, 2015

1 Crappie at Peavy

10.5" T.H.E. Jig w/ Waxie
27 degrees, cloudy, breezy out of the SSE

Today I wasted the first couple of hours trying to find sunfish on the Western shore off of the sharp dropping point.  I drilled my first set of holes mostly too shallow.  I didn't see a single fish on the Aqua View.  At about 3 I went and drilled holes in the deep water off the point.  I got the one fish right away.  I had several other aggressive sniffers, especially on the jigging rap but they wouldn't hit it.  They didn't touch a minnow.

1 Crappie

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Peavy on New Years Day

11.5" T.H.E. Jig w/ Waxie
28 degrees, breezy out of the WNW, Sunny
35' feet down over around 50' of water

I went to the place I went the second time I was to this lake.  It was a lot slower between less fish marked and them being on the finicky side.
 The first fish of the New Year was the 11.5", followed immediately by it's partner that took a minnow.  I got 3 more out hole hoping with T.H.E. Jig.  Fortunately pulling the Trap wasn't nearly as difficult today.  It was much easier coming back when the wind was at my back.

5 Crappies.