Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fishin' With Todd & The Girls

7" Puddle Jumper/Worm
8:15-9:25PM Out Front In the Trophy
Conditions: 80℉, Partly Cloudy, Light SE wind
Water Temp: Mid 70's
We got the pontoon boat launched today, but it wasn't ready for prime time.  It only started at full speed in forward and steering directions are reverse from normal were a couple of the major issues.  Dad worked on it while I took the girls out tubing behind the Trophy.  Boat traffic crashed at about 4:30 as people ended there holiday weekend.  At about 6PM I was ready for a break and needed to get more gas, so I went and did that.   We had dinner after I got back.  Todd had put a hole in the tube, so there was no more tubing tonight.  Instead I took Todd and the nieces out fishing.
8" Puddle Jumper/Worm
I took us out to the inside turn on our side of Jenny's reeds. Mallory was the first to catch a fish.  She hooked and landed it all by herself.
Terminator Frog
 Todd had a blow up that missed his frog.  A few casts later he got the pike from a different area.
Isabelle Grace
9" Beetle Spin/Puddle Jumper/Worm
Isabelle didn't want to be left out and wasn't when she landed this crappie.  My memory card was full after I took the picute of her holding the fish.  I had to erase a few pictures to get the final one's of the night.
8" Puddle Jumper/Worm

6.5" Puddle Jumper/Worm

At around 9:10PM I took the boat out from West Point to get a look at the sunset, but there was a thick cloud bank on the horizon so we couldn't see it.  I took the bobber off of 'the snoopy pole" and we got a few gills vertical jigging. A fun time was had by all.

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