Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mille Lacs Skunk

Well I finally got the boat hooked up and headed to Mille Lacs. I arrived at the access around 5:30PM and barely had enough daylight to accomplish my mission. My mission was to head out to Indian Point and log the same waypoints in the new GPS that were in the old GPS. Normally you would not have to go on the lake to do this, but my old GPS has lines in the Liquid Crystal Display missing and so you can't see what the coordinates of a given way point are; So for me to have the same waypoints I would have to physically run over the same spots and mark them in the new GPS. There was no wind and so it was easy to just use the electric trolling motor. There were 8-10 bobber fisherman on Indian Point but they were all far enough to the south that I was able to log in all my points. By the time I was done it was dark. Since there was no wind and still quite a few of the bobber brigade around I decided not to fish Indian Point.

I headed into Casino Bay (Sha bosh Kung) and made a full pass out to Sherman's point and back. I didn't even have a strike. Finding my way back in to the access was a little hairy, but I got it done without to much trouble. I got in around 9PM.

I talked to two boats at the access. One had gotten a couple and the other was skunked.

So that's it for my first Fall 07 walleye trip, Skunked.