Thursday, July 06, 2017

Perching With Mal/Frogging By Myself

Mallory and I managed to catch 7 perch between us (5 Mal 2 Me), while Todd made breakfast.  Another storm this morning kept Todd and I from getting out.  Todd did get out for a little while without me.  I don't remember if he said he caught anything or not.  My trolling motor lift lever broke, but is still somewhat usable; Stupid plastic parts.  I took the girls out for one last tube trip, while Todd cleaned up.
16.75 Mad Maxx (Sweet Revenge)
8:00-9:45PM Loon Sex Bay
Conditions: 80℉, Partly Cloudy, Very Windy NW becoming manageable
Water Temp: 77℉

It was a hot and humid day.  I slept for most of it after the girls went home.  I almost didn't go out in the Trophy with the way the wind was blowing.  I wanted to fish over towards Jenny's, but the wind wasn't having that.  I took a chance that it was a NW wind and ran to Loon Sex Bay.  It was sort of protected there.  There was a deck boat fishing in the NW corner, but out from the slop. I pulled in just SE of them.  I had a nice pike come flying out of the water on my first cast.  I didn't set the hook and it came off.  I missed the first blow up quite a ways in the slop.  The deck boat left.  I put a cast over the open water and the 16.75 grabbed it.  The second bass of the night missed the frog the first time.  I positioned myself better to get a shot at it and caught it (14").  I caught a 14.66" as I started working my way West.  On the very next cast I set into a big blow up.  It was a pike and it stole Sweet Revenge.  Rather than retie I went to a back up rod with a Bobby's Perfect on it.  I got a 16.5" on that.  I had a couple few hits tonight from probably small fish.
4 Bass (16.75,16.5,14.66,14)
3 Pike

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