Sunday, July 16, 2017

Got Out For A Bit Tonight

15.25" LiveTarget Frog
8:00-9:45PM Loon Sex Bay, SPSI
Conditions: 76-70℉, Mostly Sunny, Wind ESE
Water Temp: 76℉
The setting sun as it came visible off the South point of the big island while I was running to the South Point of the small island.

When I arrived at SPSI, then the camera stopped working
I was pretty worn out today from the beating I took on North Long yesterday.  I did manage to take the girls (Belle, Mallory, and Natalie) out to knee board for a little while in the afternoon. I went home after that and just kind of sat around.  The weather is supposed to get really warm tomorrow so I thought I should get out and fish.  I didn't get to the lake place until about 7:40 . Per usual I had to get all my gear in the boat and also get the battery in the boat for the trolling motor.

With the East wind I decided on Loon Sex Bay with the plan to hit SPSI to end the night.  I was quickly rewarded in LSB with the 15.25 in the picture. I then had a pike bite off the LiveTarget Frog: Thankfully I was able to find and retrieve it.  I didn't retie it on, but went with the brown Ish's.  That got a couple of boils, but nothing getting the lure.  I switched to the Bobby's perfect.  I had a couple of pike hit at that and I didn't hook up with a fish that just smashed it.

Then it was off to SPSI.  I started by throwing the Pompadour and was just about to quit throwing it when a fish hit it, but didn't hook up.  A couple casts later I got a 16" bass on it.  That was it for the Pompadour.  I got three quick small pike on the yellow head Whopper Plopper 90.  Then I got an 11", 15", 9.5" and 13.5" bass on the yellow head.

Last fish of the night was an 11.5" bass on the SBKO black herring bone.
8.70lbs Best 6 Bass of the NIght
 Not a great night by any means, but I was catching them on topwater.

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