Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tackle Warehouse Opener And I Got Skunked Again

Goal Achieved: #7 Under Technique And Tackle
I never got around to official opening the Tackle Warehouse last year.  I don't store much of my tackle in it anymore.  It's mostly full of old junk and extra plastics.  Sometimes I use my little man cave to work on securing my jig and spinnerbait skirts so they don't fall apart.

Today I was after some dogfish candy.
I haven't used a pork frog in several years.  I won both my first and second Minnesota Bowfin Club Grand Championship's with pork frog.  I thought it's about high time I get back to using them to chase another title.

It was such a nice day today.  In addition to playing around in the tackle warehouse for most of the afternoon, I also got the Muse Gold/Daiwa Emblem combo spooled up with 10lb Fireline. I headed out to check the lakes around 6:40PM.  I fished quite a while at Bulldog, but didn't get a anything there.

I would say Bulldog is 1/8th open. I little more progress on Rock Lake.

There is an open spot at the sunken island
As for Platte/Sullivan ice hasn't pulled away from the Eastern side of the lake for the most part yet.  From the access it looked like a different story on the NW side.
It looked like the SPRO was now totally open (no picture).  Channel Inn Bay was open.
View toward the Small Island
I think Platte is about 1/8th open as well.
Looking to the SW GOMH 

Single C-130 Flying to Ft. Ripley.  Normally there is two of them
I really thought I might catch something at the GOMH tonight.  There was some baitfish activity and a muskrat scarred something out of the bulrushes that made a fast moving V wake and no muskrat ever came up that I could tell.  I had a lively minnow on too.  I stayed until it was dark and I could no longer see the bobber.  I think the total lack of current moving under the bridge is why I didn't get anything tonight.  The anticipation of getting that first open water fish of the year and the warm weather made for a fun trip even if I did get skunked.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Trophy Out, Skunked at the GOMH

7:00-7:30PM The GOMH
Conditions: 51℉, Sunny, Calm

Dad and I got the Trophy pulled out today and I put the Fish Trap in it's place.  Expedition is now down at J.D.'s.  Hopefully I'll have it back by the time Mom and Dad leave for Florida.  I have to get the boat cleaned up.  I'll do that after they leave.  I won't take out the boat until the dock is in at Rock Lake.

It was such a nice night I just had to go fishing.  I'm pretty sure I will be catching fish by the end of the week.  I am opening the tackle warehouse tomorrow. Got to find them pork frogs.

Here is the view at Bulldog and Rock tonight.  Weather is good as far as the eye can see.

And I've changed the look of this blog.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Pleasantly Skunked On Classic Day 1

GOMH SW & Sullivan Platte River Outlet
I watched The Classic down at Lake Conroe all day.  It stayed cloudy with a North wind.  It got up to about 41℉.  I was kind of bored by the weigh in so I headed to the GOMH.  There is still some ice in the SPRO and open water hasn't progressed much toward the small island in Platte.  There was more open water to the North in Channel Inn Bay.
I wasn't really expecting to catch anything in 30 degree water, but you never know.

I  fished for about 5 minutes in the wind on the NE side, then I switched to the SW where it was actually kind of pleasant.  I got better acquainted with the Daiwa SS SV and the 6'10"Med Tatula and I tuned the Vision 110 Knock Offs I put hooks on.  Maybe they will catch me some fish some day.  I like the colors, but the quality of the lure blank isn't the greatest.  I didn't realize I had to put hooks on them, so I overpaid a little bit.  Oh Well.

I ended up fishing for about an hour.  Not a hint of a fish.  It was just nice to be out.  

Monday, March 20, 2017

Skunked On a Nice Day at the GOMH

2:30PM GOMH South Side
5:30PM GOMH South Side
2:30-3:30PM GOMH & Sullivan Inlet
5:30-5:45PM GOMH NE
Conditions: 54-52℉, Mostly Sunny, Calm then Gusty Wind

Dad had to run up to Fleet Farm today to get stuff for the Expedition, so we were unable to get the Trophy out today.  After a Dr. appointment I headed to the GOMH.  It was really nice almost no wind.  The open water area expanded nicely with the two warm days in a row we had.  Out of nowhere it got gusty from the West while I was fishing on the NE side.  No dogfish to report.  I did successfully fish with a Fuego reel that I fixed with some super glue to reattach an inductor that had come loose.👍👍  I've got at least two more of those reels with the same issue.  I fished for a bit on the SW side as well. Nothing.

     I then drove to the Platte River Culvert.  Water is pretty low.  Then I went to the Inlet.  Was surprised the South side of the culvert there was iced up, but with dark ice.  Nothing there either.

I had to pick something up in Onamia.  Lake Onamia had more open water than the GOMH at the outlet.  The gas station formerly known as Meleen's has reopened with a Taco John's in it where the tackle used to be.  I don't think I've ever eaten at Taco John's.  I'll have to give it a try sometime.  There were a couple of people fishing out on Mille Lacs.  One just north of Rocky Reef and a couple of people up by the Rum River Outlet. There wasn't a whole lot of open water there or at the Whitefish Inlet.  I circled back to the GOMH.  It was kind of breezy out of the SW.  I fish the NE side for 15 minutes then left.

It's not supposed to get above freezing tomorrow, then it warms up a bit and turns wet and windy.  I am rooting for rain at this point as we could use a good 10" in the lakes.  I believe lakes to the South and West of us will begin opening up again after that cold front stopped things dead in it's tracks.  It's supposed to be warmer down in the cities.  I suspect Tonka will be declared open in the next day or two.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I Went Ice Fishing Again

8.5" VMC Fly w/Jamei & spike
6:00-8:30PM Sullivan Lake (Sunfish Spot)
Conditions: 34-28℉, Mostly Sunny, Light N Wind, 26' of water
I went to Bear Trax and picked up some minnows and then headed to Rock Lake.  I was putting on my ice cleats when one of the broke, Doh.  I decided to drill some holes in the access area and look with the camera.  Ice was about 12" thick and honeycombed.  I didn't see any fish.  I wasn't going to walk out to my spot with only one ice cleat on.  I gave Bear Trax a call and they were open to 6PM, so I packed up and went and got a new pair of cleats.

I then headed to Sullivan.  I was the only person at the East access.  There were a couple of people fishing out toward the middle between the two accesses.  I went out to the spot I caught the sunfish last time I was out.  Fish were there, but I couldn't get them to bite, at least not bite so I could detect it.  I put the camera down and spotted some crappies, sunnies, and perch.  I watched crappies come up to the Fly look at for a few seconds than swim away a couple of times when I was down viewing.  I pulled the camera up because visibility just wasn't that good.  I had the bobber get pulled down a couple of times, but missed both fish.  I did get a couple of 8.5" crappies.  It was a nice sunset, but a little colder out than I wanted it to be.

     When I pulled away from the access the check engine light came on, Ruh Roh!.  Was this my last fishing trip of the year?

2 Crappies

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Forgettable Debut For the SS SV

Daiwa SS SV Reel on Daiwa Tatula 6'10"M Rod
So my scratch and dent Daiwa SS SV that I got for a steal on eBay arrived from Japan today.  I knew it was coming today thanks to tracking, so I staid up for it instead of going to bed.  I spooled it up with a full 125yrd spool of Fireline and headed to GOMH to test my new to me combo out.  That was a mistake.  I should have watched the SV Concept Demonstration Manuel on You Tube first.  I only discovered there was such a video after coming home in defeat.  I had seen several video's about Daiwa SV reels, but hadn't seen that one.  The video's I had seen led me to the mistaken belief that the SV spool was practically backlash proof;  Had I watched the video first I would have discovered that was not the case.  I also learned I over filled the reel from the video.

So I get to the GOMH and the wind is blowing like a sun of a gun out of the SE.  No problem, I would just go to the NE side.  So instead of going right to trying to skip a Fluke I go to see what the reels got as far as casting distance from up on the concrete.  After a couple of solid casts with the breaks set at 4 or 5.  I backed them down to 2 or 3 and was really impressed with how far I was throwing the Fluke.  Distance that I'm pretty sure I've never matched with a Fluke on a TD-Z and 6'8"M Avid.  To be fair I don't think I've ever tested that combo for distance and certainly not with such a strong wind at my back.  I never thumbed the spool as there was no need to do it.

Then I went down on the rocks to try skipping the Fluke.  I didn't readjust the brakes.  I was so excited the see what the reel could do I didn't pay attention to my casting mechanics.  I threw the Fluke with a lousy trajectory and backlashed the reel something awful.  So awful in fact that after 25 minutes and little progress or hope for getting it out I started cutting it out.  I was frustrated and ended up screwing that up resulting in losing all but maybe 40 yards of line.

With all the line taken off the reel wasn't casting nearly as far.  I was able to get it skip the Fluke ok with only minor over run with breaks set at 5.  I did try casting into the wind with an X-Rap for a little bit.  I also had the TD-Z Avid 6'8" combo along for comparison.  I was having a hard time adjusting to the differences between throwing with the Avid/Z combo with which I am confident with and the Tatula/SV combo which I was not confident with.  I was getting chilled in that wind so I gave up my testing.
  At Tackle Tour I got some advice.  I am going to try putting some 15lb J-Braid 8 on the reel next and I definitely won't fill it so full.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

No Tullibee This Morning Either

8.9" VMC Fly w/Mak Jamei and spike
6:30AM-12:00PM Sullivan Lake (Tullibee Area)
Conditions: 32-48℉, Windy SSE, Cloudy to Sunny, 26' fish were 10' of the bottom
The rod bag fell of the Fish Trap when I first started walking out and I didn't realize it until after I was all the way out.  That wasted a good 15 minutes.  There was snow on the ice when I went out, by the time I left not so much.
About an hour before I left, a wet mess.
 There was pretty much almost nothing going on where I fished yesterday.  I caught maybe 2 sunny's and this one little crappie.

All fish were caught on the Fly/Jamei Combo
I decided to move farther to the South and I got into a school of active sunfish and picked up 9 nice sized ones.
8" VMC Fly
3.5" VMC Fly
I got into a school of little perch that just lit up the Vex.  I put the AquaVu Micro 5c camera down and they were all over the place.

1 Crappie
11 Sunfish
3 Perch

Saturday, March 04, 2017

No Tullibee This Morning

10.75" VMC Fly w/Jamei and spike
6:00-10:00AM Sullivan Lake the Tullibee Hole
Conditions: 24-34℉, Mostly Sunny, Windy SE, 25'-26' of water most fish came 15' down

I was hoping to luck into some tullibee this morning.  I was up at 4:30AM and off to the lake by 5:30.  I was fishing by 6:00AM.  I caught a small crappie right away on the Demon/minnow combo.  I then missed a fish that took the bobber down.  About 20 minutes later I got a 9.5" crappie on the VMC Fly w/Jamei.  I got a nice crappie on the minnow, then one on the Fly.  I put a wax worm on the Demon for about 20 minutes. And jigged a rattle spoon with a wax worm dropper hoping to get a tullibee.  Didn't really seem like anything showed interest in that.  I got a 7" sunfish.  A little after sunrise I went to holes that were a little deeper.  I got a little more action there and some possible tullibee looks.  I put down the Aqua-Vu, but visibility wasn't any good so I brought it right back up.  I got a few more crappies and a good bluegill.

8.9" VMC Fly
Things slowed down by 9:30.  I switched holes a little shallower and didn't get anything there.  I packed up at 10AM

12 Crappies
3 Sunfish

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I Didn't Get Skunked On Sullivan This Time

10.25" Glow Demon w/Minnnow
5:30-8:00PM Sullivan Lake West Access
Conditions: 31-28℉, Mostly Cloudy, Occasional Flurries, Windy out of the WNW, 42' of water

I went to Bear Trax and bought my 2017 fishing license.  Found out that they don't have a replacement for Kuske ready yet.  My guess is that his wife will now be the main person overseeing the area in addition to her regular patrol area around the river at Little Falls.

I decided to head over to the West side of Sullivan.  Nobody was out there, but a wheeler had blazed a trail out to the area I wanted to fish;  I ended up marking fish in the area the wheeler had fished.  I drilled my own holes as they were frozen over.  Same as last time marking fish 10 to 15 feet off bottom in 42' of water.  I sent my minnow down first and had a fish take my bobber down while I was getting my other rods out.  I caught it.  I wasn't patient enough on the next bite on the Demon and missed it losing my minnow.  I got the heavy pink/glow Tubby Jig w/pink Jamei and wax worm down the hole.  I had several interested fish, but didn't get any.   I set the hook maybe 8 times.  The bobber went down, but I think I waited to long as the bobber was coming back up the hole when I set the hook.  Then the fish disappeared and I couldn't find them.

At least I didn't get skunked.

1 Crappie  

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When A Plan Doesn't Come Together

Out for a fishing trip on a grey snowy day.
4:30-7:30PM Rock Lake My Spot
Conditions: 33-30℉, Cloudy, Some Snow, Light N wind
Lugging the stuff out wasn't to bad in the fresh 1" to 2"
The plan was to set up on the waypoint holes then watch and catch fish.  Problem was the fish weren't there. I never put the camera down because I didn't mark anything.  After 20 minutes of that I left the minnow with the Fish Trap and went out and hole hopped making my way South.  I had 5 sets of holes drilled.  I didn't mark anything until I got to the 4 set.  I dropped the VMC Fly down on it and it showed interest for a few moments and then left.  I marked something in the 5th set and as soon as I dropped on it the fish swam off.

I drilled some single holes going back North hoping to hit the 12' to 9' foot range.  I ended up still being in 14' or 15' feet.  I did have one fish that was kind of hot, but I didn't detect a hit.  I then drilled  some holes in 9' to 10'.  I think I had some perch in them.  I went to one of the 14' holes and had a good bite that I didn't hook up on.  I drilled a couple of holes in 6' to 8' with weeds.  It was to dark to sight fish by then so that was a waist.  I ended up going back to my original sets of holes and missed one bite in them.  There was something causing interference in the area that has been the sweet zone.  No crappies came in on the Demon and minnow.  I gave up at 7:30PM.
Rock Lake Public Access as I was unloading

The ice heave that has been there all winter long.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Another Skunk at the GOMH

Swans and ducks

A little more open than last time
5:50-6:30PM GOMH
Conditions: 33℉, Mostly Cloudy, Light wind, water level was up slightly

The wind had calmed down.  It was above freezing and the sun was still up. I thought what the heck.  I'll give the GOMH a shot.  Nothing doing, but the swans, some ducks and two Canadians that flew in as I was packing up.  Totally worth it for the sunset and the birds.