Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Skunked On Halloween

I did a little fishing today.  At the GOMH, nothing. Rock Lake, nothing and Rock Dock out.  Lake Place Dock, nothing. Water Temp 38℉.  I ran the motor for a while to get Sea Foam in the system.  Taking the boat and dock out tomorrow in the snow.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Low Winds = Fishing

14.5" Bubble Walker (White)
2:45-6:45PM Across from PA, Chuck's Pt, Double Cane Pt., F Flat
Conditions: 55-48℉, Partly Cloudy, NW N NE Light Wind/Calm,
Water Temp: 50-48℉
Finally a nice night for me to go fishing.  If the long term forecast is correct this weekend may be it for me in the Trophy.  I started out at West Point and didn't get a hit.  I then went into the hay field across from the Platte Public Access.  Nothing was going on there.  I finally got a hit on the Horny Toad around the cattails in the reeds, but missed it. 
22" Craw Tube (b/b)
I had a pike boil on the Horny Toad, but not hook up. I got it on a Blue Bruiser Craw Tube.  I got one more small pike on the Horny Toad.  I then headed to Chuck's Point.  Had one small pike after the Horny Toad there and that was it.  I then headed to Double Cane Point.  A fish gave it's position away sending me North into the bay.
25.5" Bubble Walker
   I got my biggest pike of the night on the Bubble Walker and a couple of small one's as well.  I got a couple more small pike as I went in the hay along the point on the Horny Toad.  I wasn't getting any bass and wind had switched out of the East so I headed to F Flat.  There I got a couple of 14" bass on consecutive casts and a couple of pike as well on the Bubble Walker.

2 Bass
9 Pike

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Trip Out To F Flat

16.75" Fleet Farm Spinnerbait
5:30-7:00PM F Flat
Conditions: 60-58℉, Partly Cloudy, SWSSE Wind
Water Temp: 52℉
15.25" Fleet Spin
The Vikes beat the Ravens today. Defense is looking good.  Steve needed to take the Soul in to the cities to pick up Mack.  So I transferred my stuff into the Aerostar and helped Steve pick up a little bit.  Had about 2/3rds of an inch of rain in the boat from last night.  I didn't get anything at West Point.  I then headed to the West side of F Flat.  Unfortunately I can't make out where the reeds are as they are all cut off.  I drifted in over the top of them. Up towards shore I got my first bass of the night (15.25).  I didn't get anything else until I got out front of the flags.  I picked up two dinks and a 13 incher.  I got the biggest one of the night over by the white thing.  I missed one that knocked slack in the line over there as well.  No luck on topwater.
5 Bass

Friday, October 20, 2017

Off the Dock/GOMH

8" BPS Spinnerbait/Gifted Grub

Got the dock pulled in a bit today.  I took the nieces out for a short boat ride.  Dang wind.  I got one bass off the dock and lost a pike.  On the way home I stopped at the GOMH.  I got the one toothy and missed a decent jumper.  I had to get my tackle organized for tomorrows tournament with Chuck Steinbauer at Mission Lakes, so I didn't take the Trophy out.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Found Some On F Flat

15.75" Mils Fleet Farm Spinnerbait/Swim Fluke/Gifted Grub (B/W/R)
3:35-3:50PM GOMH
4:30-7:00PM Out Front, F Flat
7:40-8:00PM GOMH
Conditions: 72-67℉, Partly Cloudy, S Wind
Water Temp: 53-51℉
I didn't get a hit at the GOMH.

I started at West POint and worked my way East.  I got two small pike in front of Jim's.  I had a Sprinker Tail and Hack Jig get bit off in the reeds.  At about 6PM I headed to F Flat.  I should have gone there sooner.  I missed the first bite I had.  I then got into a school of bass out front of the white thing catching 5 of them (15.75x2, 15, 13, 9.66) on the Fleet Farm Spinnerbait.  I also got a small pike.  MY last bass (13.25) of the night came on the Piranha.

I tried the GOMH again and didn't get a hit.
9.30lbs Best 6 Bass
6 Bass
3 Pike

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Plans Change, Dang Wind

3.54lbs/17.75" Piranha/Craw Fatty (June/B/B)
8:30-9:00AM GOM
9:00-9:30AM Rock Dock
10:00-11:30AM West Point. East of Jenny's,  SPSI
4:00-7:00PM Loon Flat
Conditions: 48-64℉, Partly Cloudy, Light to Heavy Wind SW W
Water Temp: 52℉
16" Piranha/Grub (Chart)
I got one jumper at the GOMH on the Piranha. I also missed a hit on the Real Deal Craw.
21" Piranha/Grub (Chart)
I got one pike at the Rock Dock. I took my sweet time getting out in the Trophy.  I got two bass at West Point.  A 11.5 incher on the white Bubble Walker and a 13.66 incher on a chart Rippin' Rap.
Juvenile Loon Checking Me Out 
I then went and fish the inside turn and point over by Jenny's.  Didn't get a bit.  Then I headed to South Point of the Small Island.  Nothing going on there.  I got a phone call, but the phone was out of juice.  I headed in just in case Dad needed to use the car.  Turns out it was Snatcher Chuck asking me to fish a tournament with him on Mission Lakes this Saturday.
17.1" Fleet Farm Spinnerbait/Swim Fluke/Gifted Grub
The plan was to head across to the West side of the lake, but the waves at the North narrows made me turn back.  I got soaked too.  I pulled up on Loon Flat and spent the whole evening there.
I got the melanistic bass as soon as I switched the the spinnerbait.  I quickly got a 8.5" dink and pike. I then had probably 5 fish hit the spinnerbait and not hook up.  I got one more pike on the spinnerbait and a small one on a 3/4oz Red Eye Shad.
17.75" Piranha/Craw Fatty
And the big bass of the day was my last bite of the night.
11.15lbs Best 6 Bass for the Day
7 Bass
4 Pike

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I Tried The River, It Came Up Pike (Mostly)

16.25" Piranha/Craw Fatty (June/O Craw)
4:40-8:00PM West Point, River, Intersection NE, GOMHIT NE
Conditions: 70-66℉. Partly Cloudy, SW Wind, Water level falling
Water Temp: 54-51℉

I started at West Point and I think I missed a hit on the Real Deal Craw.  Couldn't get it to hit again, so maybe it wasn't a bite. Who knows.  I then went straight to the River.  Didn't have a bite at the mouth.  Not a good sign.  I was maybe about 50 feet into the river when the bass bit on the Piranha.  That was the only bass I caught tonight.  I got 5 pike in the river and missed a couple hits as well.  The wind died down some and I headed out of the river to the NE of the intersection.  Didn't get a hit outside and just one inside the reeds that I missed.  I then went and parked at the GOMH.  I had what I think was a small pike get off when I went to life it in the boat.  It was to dark for me to see and I didn't have my headlamp on at the time.  It bit on the Grass Pig.  It might have been golden, who knows.  Was fairly disappointed I didn't get at least one golden.  It looks like no rain this week until Sat, when we might get a thunder storm.  I would really like to see the water level drop by about a foot from where it is at presently.

Monday, October 16, 2017

No Much Ventured and Nothing Was Gained

6:30-6:50 GOMH
7:00-7:15 Rock Dock
7:30-8:00PM GOMH

I should have gone to Rock first as the wind was enough out of the West that it was pretty calm.  By the time I got there it was really too dark.

Didn't get a hit at the GOMH and almost lost the Big Wig Jig in the rocks while vertical jigging off the bridge.

I was too lazy to go out in the Trophy tonight as I only would have had about an hour and a half to fish.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Post Vikings Victory Fishing

3.88lbs/18.75" Piranha/Craw Fatty (June/O-Craw)
4:10-4:30PM GOMH
5:00-7:00PM Loon Sex Point, Loon Flat
7:40-8:10PM GOMH
Conditions: 48-46℉, Partly Cloudy, W Wind
Water Temp: 51℉

Barr knocked Rodgers out of the game and the Vikes went on to win 23-10.  Looks like #12 is out for the season.  I listened to Vent Line for a little while before heading out.  I quickly fished the GOMH and didn't get a hit.

I had to drain maybe 3/4 of an inch out of the boat.  I started at West Point and had one hit that I missed.  I then went to Loon Sex Point and got a couple pike there on the black Mills Fleet Farm Spinnerbait.  With the wind not backing off I headed to Loon Flat.  I got 4 pike and the 1 bass (3.88) there on the Piranha/Craw Fatty.  It was semi-protected on Loon Flat.  There was no surface activity at all.  Might be because of the cool temps.
19.5" Grass Pig (Swamp Gas)
I got the one golden bullhead at the GOMH on the Grass Pig.

1 Bass
1 Gold
6 Pike

Saturday, October 14, 2017

OK Day On the Water

3.50lb/18" Herbs Dilly (Silver/White)
7:30-8:30 GOMH SW
9:00-4:00 West Point, F Flat, Reeds Across the Way, Docks Across the Bay
Conditions: 35-55℉, Mostly Cloudy, Light to Breezy out of the  NNE
Water Temp: 53℉
3.02/17.75" Big Bite Baits Real Deal Craw
I didn't get a bite on the NE side.  I got one toothy and one nice jumper on the SW side on the Big Bite Baits Real Deal Craw.  That was it at the GOMH.
12.75" Jenko Big Wig Jig (Gizzard Shad)
I started out at West Point.  I got one bass (12.75) there on the Jenko Fishing Big Wig Magnum Jig and two (10.25, 15.5) on the Real Deal Craw.  I then headed to F Flat.
15.25" R2S Bubble Walker
I got this bass right away on the Bubble Popper up by shore.  I then got a small pike casting out.  While I was letting the fish tire itself out next to the boat I noticed the line was frayed a little bit about 6" up the line.  It didn't look serious so I lifted the fish up to me.  While I was waiting for my chance to grab the fish without getting hooked the line snapped and the fish fell back into the lake.  I was not a happy camper at my stupidity for letting that happen.  I looked for the lure for about 15 minutes, but the bait never resurfaced.  Easy come easy go.
3.02lb/17.25" Pop Max KO
So I put on the bubblegum Pop Max knock off and pretty quickly got a good one on that.  I also got a 12.75.  The wind came up and the topwater bite died.  I got one small pike on the Big Wig.

I then headed to reeds across the way which was in more protected water working North to South.   Not a whole lot was happening in the reeds.  When I was coming to the division between the two beds I got a 16.66" on the Herb's Dilly Buzzbait.
16.5" Hack Jig/Craw Fatty (GP/Chart/GP)
I got this 16.5 on the South side of the divide.  Pretty much in the middle of the bed I got two 13 inchers on consecutive casts.  I thought I might have found 'em, but it wasn't to be.  I worked my way around the point and got the big one of the day on the Herb's Dilly off of a dock that was still in the water.
18" Herb's Dilly
I got a couple more bass (13.5'x2,11) off of docks on the Real Deal Craw.  I also missed so hits.  Then it was back to flogging the water.  I didn't realize how windy it had gotten until I headed in.  The Wind was really humming out of the North.
16.79lbs for my Best 6 Bass
15 Bass
5 Pike

Friday, October 13, 2017

OK Night, GOMH Good After Dark

17.5" Grass Pig (Swamp Gas)
3:35-7:00PM GOMH, West Point, Across from PA, Chuck's Point, Double Cain Pt.
8:30-9:15PM  GOMH
Conditions: 55-36℉, Mostly Sunny, Light NW Wind turning calm, Water High
Water Temp: 53℉

I started out at the Inlet on Sullivan, nothing.  Nothing at the Culvert.  Got a small toothy on the SW side of the GOMH on a craw tube.  I then headed to the Trophy.  At West Point I got 13' bass and missed 3 or 4 hits.  Then I headed across from the Public Access.  There was fish activity scattered about in the hay field.  I got a pike and 15.25" bass on the Horny Toad out of the hay.  I could't get the camera to take a picture of the bass due to low batteries.

I then moved to Chuck's Point.  A couple of fish boiled out over the weed flat.  I got a small pike out there on the bone Shower Blows 105.  It just wasn't happening so I then headed to Double Cain Point.  I got a 14" casting towards the reeds with the Shower Blows.  It got dark and on my very last cast I caught a 18.75"/4.29lb bass on the Shower Blows.  To bad I couldn't get the camera to work.

I went in and talked to Steve for a while.  Then I headed to the GOMH.  Had something small get off on the SW side when I was vertical jigging off the bridge.  I went down on the NE side and got three golden bullheads on the Grass Pig.  I also missed a bite as well.  Didn't have a bucket with.  So no fish for Jan.
MY Bass tonight
4 Bass
3 Pike
3 Golden Bullheads

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Challenge Cup South Long Lake

The View from the Public Access this morning
The Challenge Cup is a tournament that pits the three Brainerd lakes area bass clubs against one another.  Each team gets 3 Boaters and 3 Non-Boaters
8:00-4:00PM Lower South Long Lake
Conditions: 50-62℉, Partly Cloudy to Mostly Sunny,  Pretty calm in the morning turning breezy out of the NNW by 11AM.  Water Level High and rising
Water Temp: Low 60's I think
3.17lb/3lbs 7ozs Piranha/Craw Fatty
Before the Tournament:
When I was putting stuff in the car somehow my sunglasses fell off my head.  I didn't realize it until I was half way to South Long.  I had an extra pair in the car, so there was no need to go back.  I found out when I got home that I had backed over the pair that fell off my head; My favorite pair of Fitovers.
Daggum it!
I was kind of surprised that most boats were in the water when I arrived.  Range Bassmasters Bill Bongs, who was my boater, boat was parked just to the left of the ramp (first boat in the picture).  Bill Bongs is really good fisherman and even better guy.

The Day:
I think we were the 8th boat of 9 to launch.  We headed to weedline just off of the reeds/cane in the North middle section of the lake.  About 5 minutes into the day Bill put the first keeper in the boat on a spinnerbait.  We both had several fish bump our lures and not hook up.  I think we had just started to work our way back over the water we had just fished when I got my big bass of the day (3.17lb) on the junebug colored D & M Baits Piranha with blue/black Craw Fatty trailer. I think we both then caught a pike.  Bill got himself another keeper just after I had a bass flash at the Piranha and not get it.  I threw back to the area with a junebug Lake Fork Craw Tube and had 2.04lber get it.  I think Bill got one more pike and we got out of there.

We headed up to the NE end of the lake.  I'm pretty sure we were fishing the same spot Chuck and I fished on Tuesday where I caught one on the Piranha.  I elected to start out throwing the craw tube and that was a good call because almost immediately it was fish on for me (2.05).  I then lost a really good one on the way to the boat.  I was just thinking in my head it could be a 4lber when it came off.  I then got a 2.46lber, before Bill finally got in on the action.  He had himself a little flurry and I got my limit fish (2.49lb).  Bill noticed a guy fishing in a white Nitro, not one of tournament guys, down the way a hundred yards or so pull in several bass including a really nice one.  I caught a couple more bass that didn't help me and I think Bill filled out his limit and maybe culled a time or two before we left.  But  I could be wrong on that.  The wind came up before we left.

We next headed to the South side of the large reed island in the middle South of the lake.  Bill got the first fish and I got one that didn't help on the Piranha.  I got one that didn't help on the Craw Tube.  Bill started whacking them on a jig.  I couldn't get bit for the longest time.  When I finally did it didn't help.  We finally got out of that wind and Bill headed us to the SW end right to the area where Chuck and I got into them on Tuesday.  Nothing was home.  We moved in closer to the reeds and Bill caught one on a spinnerbait.  I had us go in and try the pads.  We spooked a pretty good size fish that didn't seem to be relating to anything.  Maybe it was a fish that followed one of our baits into the open, who knows.

We then headed back towards our starting spot, but there were boats in the area so we just headed up to our second spot.  We put down off to the South of the point.  We had just started fishing when Snatcher Chuck showed up and started fishing right on the point.  But nobody was home.  We worked our way North along the weedline toward the spot where the Nitro was.  Chuck left.  I don't remember who got the first fish, but we found a pod of them.  I culled twice with a 1.86lber then a 2.66lber on the Craw Tube.  Bill got himself a really good cull or two as well.  I think I caught a dink for my final fish of the day.

Snatcher Keith Tuma 1st Place & The Challenge Cup Trophy
1st Place Bass Snatchers & Keith Tuma
2nd Place Range Bassmasters & Bill Bongs
3rd Brainerd Lakes & Snatcher Chuck
I heard that the Range Team was given to much weight and the Brainerd Lakes Bassmasters not enough.  I don't know of that is the case or not.  What I do know is that the Snatchers Won and Snatcher Keith Tuma caught a heck of a bag for that lake (20/10) and Big Bass (4/7).  I came in 5th Place out of 18 anglers.  

My Thoughts:
I reached my goal of being the top non-boater in the field with 15/12.  That is in no small part due to the unselfish nature of Bill Bongs who seemed perfectly delighted I was catching good fish.  Who knows if that one  I lost was a big as I thought it might be, I had shot at big bass and placing in the Top 3.  A great way to end my tournament season. 

Saturday, October 07, 2017

"Mini Bucks" @ North Long

Fish all caught by Chuck Steinbauer 
9:00AM-3:00PM Merrifield Bay North Long Lake
Conditions: 50-67℉, Foggy in the Morning turning Sunny, Calm to Light WSW wind, water level high
Water Temp: 59℉

In the "Mini-Bucks" tournament Merrifield Bay was divided in 5 Zones, one team to a zone at a time.  We got an hour and 10 minutes to fish each period, except for the last one which I think lasted and hour and 20 minutes so we could finish at 3PM.

The Day:
I wish I had a picture of the 5 Zones in Merrfield Bay that we used.  We started in Zone 5, which is the SE quadrant of the bay.  We didn't get hit where we started.  We next headed to the docks and Chuck got the 1.87lb fish on the first one we went too.  That was our only fish in that zone.  I think we didn't fish the dock thoroughly enough because he was in a rush to fish them all.  It was pretty much sunny during this period.

Zone 1 was next;  This zone was the South West quadrant of the bay.  We started fishing out from the reeds when the fog rolled in.  Fish started busting and Chuck got one, but it was just a small keeper.  I caught one that wasn't very big as well on the Yo-Zuri Pencil.  We came to a point and it had fish.  Chuck caught a keeper that I think we weighed and I caught one that we didn't on a Lake Fork Craw Tube.  I lost what felt like a better fish on the Craw Tube.  I had a fish hit and not get the Pencil, so quickly went to a Evergreen Shower Blows 105 which has three trebles and the back one feathered.  I caught a small keeper on a bone Shower Blows to fill our limit.  I think Chuck caught a pike next and then our big fish of the day.  I might have caught a small upgrade. I don't remember if Chuck caught any other fish.

Zone 2 was pie shaped that touched the south and western shore of the bay.  Out there I think I got a small bass and a pike on the Craw Tube.  Don't remember if Chuck caught a fish in this zone or not.

Zone 3 was the Northwest corner of the lake.  I caught a small keeper that didn't help.  Don't remember if Chuck caught anything.

Zone 4 was the Northeast quadrant of the bay.  We went up by shore where there was an inlet and I got my best bass of the day on a LiveTarget Bluegill Wakebait.  Before I could get it off the hook Chuck hooked up with a fish that was slightly bigger thus I didn't even contribute one fish to our bag.  Chuck caught one or two more fish that didn't help.

The Results:
I can't find the little notepad on which I recorded the results, it's a good thing I wrote them in my quick report.

The tournament was won by Tom "Swannie" Swanson and Keith Tuma with a 13.5lb bag.  Guy and Hammer got 2nd Place falling .09lb behind the leaders.  The Henkensiefken boys came in 3rd and got big bass with a 3.50lber.  We got 4th because Ruff and Ludenia elected not to weigh their fish. 

My Thoughts:  It was nice to catch some fish on North Long after the disaster I had out there this year.  Wish the fish would have bit a little better though.  Other than Zone 1, we never figured them out. 

Thursday, October 05, 2017

GOMH Then Out In the Trophy the Rest Of the Day

3.04/17.5" Pop Max Knock Off (Pink)
8:30-10:30AM GOMH
12:00-7:00PM West Point, F Flat, Chuck's Point, Across from PA, Double Cane Point
Conditions: 48-57℉, Mostly Cloudy, Light SE to WSW Wind.  Water Level Hugh and Rising
Water Temp: 56℉
Yes the water is high
16" Craw Tube (Green Pumpkin)
I got a swimbait bit off to start the morning on the SW side.  Then I had the Shower Blows knock off I had just won on eBay get bit off.  Didn't even catch a fish with it.  Basically it was toothy bullhead fest at the GOMH this morning.  I also had a Jerk Shad get bit off on the NE side.  I caught 10 of them total 7 on a Jerk Shad, 2 on the craw tube, 1 on the Hack Jig.  I did get that one good bass on the SW side.  When I was fishing the NE side Chuck Steinbauer called, but my phone was out of juice before he could tell me anything.

I went home to call Chuck and found out I was needed for the Challenge Cup.
How high's the water mamma?

We are nearing peak leaves

I got back on the water at noon.  I quickly caught two 12" bass on a black Shower Blows knock off and a 10" and 14" on the craw tube off of West Point.  The rest of the day it was struggle to catch fish.
Pop Max Knock Off
I moved over to F Flat and quickly got my big fish of the day on the above Pop Max knock off.  I thought maybe it was gonna be AWWWWWWWN, but it wasn't.  I caught one dink on the X-Rap Prop and that was it for F Flat.

I then went to Green Cabin Bay.  There was only pike there until I got to the reeds at Chuck's Point.
17.25" Spro Shad Sprinker KO
   I think I missed a couple of strikes there as well.  Next I headed across from the public access.  I missed a few hits there but did catch two bass (14, 16.25) on a Terminator Frog.
16.25" Terminator Frog (yellow)

Where I caught it.
This was the only area I got any bass across from the public access.  The 14 incher came along the bulrush wall off to the left of the picture.

I made one last move to Double Cane Point.  I got one last 15.3" bass on the Terminator Frog up by the point after I took these pictures.
13.84lbs Best 6 for the Day
1 Jump
10 Toothy
10 Bass
7 Pike