Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tough Morning With Todd And That's All

Todd's Not Impressed
6:00-9:30AM Reeds Across, Green Cabin, Chuck's Point, Todd's Hole
63-73℉, Haze Mostly Sunny, 2-5mph SSE
15" Bobby's Perfect (Sparrow)
I didn't fish with Todd yesterday morning due to being too tired and I didn't fish with Todd last night due to going out swimming with the Todd and the girls on the pontoon and the Vikings game starting at 8PM.  The fish bit really well for Todd on both trips yesterday in the haze.
This is his FB message to me from yesterday morning.  In the evening he went to the reeds across the way and lost a bunch of bites in the pads in the Southern end and caught a 16-incher.  We started in the reeds across the way this morning. We didn't get anything in the pads.  I got the first bass in the boat just a 12.5" dink on the Bobby's Perfect Sparrow.  I think Todd caught the 11.75" fish from the first picture just as I was releasing my fish.  I got a 13.75" on the Sparrow.  We got to the "South Reeds Juice" and I caught the 15" there and Todd got 14.75".  Then I lost a 16/17 right at the boat.  When the lure popped out of the mouth my braid got tangled on itself, which I didn't notice and so I backlashed my next cast.  In a bit of frustration, I pulled out the backlashed line before getting to the line that was stuck further up on the rod.  The line I pulled out got caught on a reed tassel making a big mess.  I had to anchor the boat. Meanwhile, Todd missed a couple of blowups. Once, I got my line situation straightened out about 5 minutes later I think I missed a couple bites on a Jig.  I tried to teach Todd how to pitch, but he wasn't really picking it up and went back to the frog pretty quickly. I think we both missed a few bites in the North Reeds.  It was now after 8, so I took us to Green Cabin.  I missed a good bite in the rice in the pads/reeds.  I think we might have missed a couple more weak bites as well.  We got over to Chucks Point, nothing going there and Todd's back was giving him trouble, so he stopped fishing for a while.  Todd took me to the spot he got some fish yesterday morning, which I will now call Todd's Hole.  Basically, it's the spot just inside of the cane on Big Bass Point with thick rice on its western boundary. It's very bassy looking water.  Todd missed a couple of bites right away against the cane and I missed a good one out more towards the middle in the pads/reeds.  We didn't get any more bites.  You can bet I'll be back though.

I ended up not getting the Expedition to Todd before Dad got home, much to Todd's frustration.  I took Mallory out tubing.  When we came in they had all gone to Rock Lake to try out the runabout.  Mal and I went to check things out, but they passed us on the way there.  The motor worked great, but the cables broke and the boat was taking on water from somewhere.  Todd was mucho disappointed.  I went out in the Pontoon with Steve, Devin, Todd & the girls. All that time in the sun meant I didn't have any interest in going fishing this evening like I planned or on Monday for that matter. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

With Todd Morning, With Both Bro's In The Evening

15.75" Ish's Phat Frog (Ballin)

6:00-9:00AM Chuck's Point, Big Rice Point, Reeds Outside of Chuck's
Conditions: 59-72℉, Haze Mostly Sunny, Calm
Water Temp: 76℉
15.25" Bobby's Perfect (Sparrow)
I took us to the juice in Green Cabin first.  After 20 minutes and no strikes, I hightailed it on the troller over to Chuck's Point. I caught that 15.25" pretty quickly then added a 13.25", and 12.75" in short order.  I may have caught a 15.25" as well. (Can't remember if I got that second 15.25" here or at Big Rice).  I got on the big motor and was slowly moving us down the reed line on our way out, when Todd got a bass.

13" Ish's Phat Frog (Ballin)
I turned the motor off and Todd took the fish off.  Todd threw back a couple of times and missed a much bigger fish.  That prompted me to grab a rod and fish off the battery compartment.  I quickly missed two good fish that I had no business missing.  That was it.  Next, we went to Cane Across and I got 2 or 3, depending on where that second 15.25" came from there.  I think Todd missed one opportunity.  Next, we went to the Reeds outside of Chuck's.  I had a good fish hang me on a reed and get off.  Todd got two there (13, 12.5).  We made a quick stop at the Reeds Across the Way where Todd missed one good blowup.  I was going to drop Todd off and hit some docks, but I didn't have the dock rod in the boat, so I beached and then decided against it.  I went home and caught a nap.
  I took the girls out on the new tube in the afternoon for a couple hours.  I then came in had lunch, beat the girls in a game of UNO, then learned the card game Trash.  I started getting tired, so I didn't go out with the crew on the pontoon.
16.75" Terminator Frog (Green)
11.75" Terminator Frog (Hot Mud Camo)
14" Ish's Phat Frog (Ballin)
7:30-9:10PM Reeds Across the Way North
78-72℉, Hazy Sun, Very Light S wind

At 6:00 when I ate dinner I wasn't feeling up to fishing, but getting some food in me did the trick and I was out the door by 6:35PM. Much to Belle and Mallory's disappointment, Steve decided to come along with us.  The boat wasn't gaining any speed so I aborted my planned run to Green Cabin and went to the reeds across the way.  The fish were active in there, fortunately.  I caught 3 bass (15.25, 13.75, 13.5) pretty quick on the Terminator Frog.  I switched Todd to a Terminator and gave Steve the Ish's that Todd had been using.  Todd caught the dink and Steve got a 12.5" so the skunk was totally out of the boat.  I lost a couple of good one's in the reeds.  Then I got the 16.75" in the boat.  Steve got the 14-incher.  Steve had one at least that big get off as he was lifting it into the boat.  All three of us caught a small pike.  Steve the last bass of the trip (The one at the top of this post).
Todd's pike taken with the flash on
13.29lbs for the Best 6 of the Day
11 Bass for me for the day.
Todd 4 Bass
Steve 4 Bass

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Short Trip With Steve Tonight

2.22lbs/15.5" Ish's Phat (Silver)
7:30-9:10PM Melon Patch, 17" Hole
Conditions: 80-73℉, Partly Cloudy, Calm-5mph West
Water Temp: 80℉
2.66lbs/16" Terminator Frog
I didn't get out of the house until after 7PM.  Steve decided to come with and set a goal of getting 3 bass.  First stop was the Melon Patch.  I had a pike sky when it missed my Terminator Frog.  I don't remember which one of us missed the first bite, probably me.  I think I missed 3 or 4 hits at the Melon Patch.  Steve landed the one in the picture there along with missing a couple.  It wasn't happening at the Melon Patch, so I headed for the 17" Hole at 8:35.  Fortunately, it's a short ride.  I got a pike right away on the Terminator Frog.  We started heading East.  Steve missed a really good blowup.  I think I missed one.  Then Steve missed one.  Then the 16-incher left no doubt he was a feeding fish.  I then quickly caught a 13.5". Steve caught a 13.75, but I think that was at the Melon Patch.  I missed a couple more blowups;  One was a fish that had given its position away and I rushed it thereby losing the fish when it hit.  Steve had one blowup as he pulled the frog out of the water.  I was putting my rain pants on when Steve set the hook on a fish that missed the frog.  He cast right back and it hit again.  He set the hook and immediately thought he had a pike break him off, except the Power Clip was still attached to his line.  That's the 3rd time I've had a lure come off on one, each time was a freak deal.  With that, we called it a night.
7.89lbs  for the Bass tonight

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Slow Good Long Morning, Evening with Steve

16.25" Ish's Phat Frog (Silver)
5:50-6:25AM GOMH NE
7:00AM-1:00PM Melon Patch, 17" Hole
Conditions: 59-77℉, Cloudy to Mostly Sunny, Calm to 3mph S
Water Temp: 69-75℉
15.25" Shower Blows (Blue Sexy)
I got the 15-incher on the first cast.  I also caught a 12-incher in the tube on the Shower Blows. Nothing on the SW side.  Spent far to much time here.
In the Trophy I headed straight to the back of the Melon Patch.  I had two pike miss the Bobby's Perfect Frog right away.  I got into the rice and just sat there.  A fish gave its position away on the Horny Toad, a couple of casts later I had the 17.75-inch bass in the boat.  He got hung up in a rice stalk and was hooked in the tongue.  I was in such a hurry to get it back in the water I forgot to take it's picture after weighing it, oops.  I then had a doggy "dog me" on the Horny Toad. It then it "dogged me" on a Grass Pig.  The third time was the charm and the big girl tail walked after I hooked her.  I was like this is a big one.

8.35lbs Grass Pig (Grn Pmkn)
 I should have put her in the livewell and taken her home so I could get a better picture.  Next time I guess.  A fish gave its position away and I caught her on Big Sexy.
17.25" Mad Maxx (Big Sexy)
I got one dink bass and a couple of pike on the Horny Toad before finally abandoning the Melon Patch at 11AM.  The bite was definitely off.  On my way out I stopped where the deep water abuts the pads and there are cabbage weeds mixed with the pads.  I got a pike there on the Terminator Frog.  I also checked the spot where I got a bite coming out the other day where the cabbage runs into the flat on the North side, nothing.  I then headed to the 17" Hole at Noon.  I got 16-incher right away on the lime Sprinker.  I then had a fish "dog me".  I let the Sprinker sit and it grabbed it, but quickly came off. I then missed a bite in a rice patch then had another fish "dog me" and not commit. The a light wind started was blowing out of the SE so I went to the top of the Big Rice Point and drifted back.  I got two bass (12", 16.25") along with a couple of misses out of the rice patches.  At 1PM I had enough and went in.
Same bass as the top of the blog taken with flash
7:30-9:00PM Green Cabin Bay, Access Across Cane to 17" Hole
Conditions: 78-72℉, Partly Cloudy, 2-5mph SSE
Water Temp: 76℉
16.75" Terminator frog (Green Frog)
With the way the wind was blowing, I decided to give Green Cabin Bay a shot because the water would be calm in there.  Steve noticed a fish move in the rice.  He got it to blow up but set the hook to fast and it got off.  I had a fish blow up and miss.  I let the frog sit and it hit again, but didn't hook up.  I then got the 16.75-incher.  I got a 14.25" andmissed a couple and Steve missed a couple.  We left Green Cabin Bay at 8:35PM.  I took us to the Cane.  I got a 13-incher there and one in the pads as I was making my way to the 17" Hole.  Steve finally got a bass in the boat and I got one last good bass (16.5) for the day.
6 Best Bass Plus Dogfish

16.99lbs 6 Best Bass for the Day

Monday, August 06, 2018

Fish Were AWWN, Me Not So Much

17" Terminator Frog (Hot Mud Camo)
6:30-9:10PM Access Across Point to Big Rice Point
Conditions: 77-70℉, Partly Cloudy, Calm to 5 MPH NW
Water Temp: 76℉
16" Terminator Frog (Hot Mud Camo)
I started off in the reeds off the point.  I missed the first blowup about 10 minutes in.  Soon after I caught a dink on the green Terminator Frog.  I then missed another good blow up close to shore.  I caught a 13.75-incher out of the spot on a 6" Yum Dinger.  I then missed the next two blow ups when the fish buried me in the reeds.  At this point, it was apparent to me the fish were AWWWWWWWN.  And I told myself I should go to the Melon Patch, but I didn't.  I caught two 14.25-inchers on the green Terminator along with missing a couple more fish.  I also missed a fish on the Grassmaster Jig.  I then had the green Terminator stolen by a fish.  I didn't have any more green Terminator Frogs with me so I put on the Hot Mud Camo color.  I quickly caught a dink on it.  Then I missed two quality fish in a row. Major frustration at that point.  I was almost set to move then I caught the 16-incher.  I think I missed the next bite, then caught the 17-incher.  I caught two more 15-inchers on the Terminator to end the night.  Not a bad trip, but it could have been so much better if I was on my game.  Debating whether to move or not took me off of my game. 

I'm hitting the Melon Patch first tomorrow.
13.05lbs for my Best 6 tonight
9 Bass
1 Pike

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Slow Morning, Smackdown On the Sprinker in the Evening

5:45-6:15AM GOMH SW
7:00-Noon Jenny's Reeds, Green Cabin, Chuck's Point, Melon Patch
Water Temp: 72℉ Water High and rising

15.25" Shower Blows 105 (Bone)
Nothing on the NE side.  The jumper was all over the Shower Blows on the SW side.  I heard something get hit under the bridge while I was taking the fish off, but I didn't get any more bites.
While I was putting my gear in the boat there was pretty good visibility to start, but then the fog got thicker.
I decided to try Jenny's reeds hoping the fog would dissipate.  I didn't get a bite and the fog wasn't going away, so I headed to Green Cabin in the fog 25 minutes wasted.  On the way there I had a little issue with the fuel line.  I got it figured out pretty quickly and was on my way.
There was no fog in Green Cabin Bay and it burned off the rest of the lake quickly after I arrived.  I didn't get a hit in Green Cabin Bay. Eventually, I hightailed over to Chuck's Point. When I was fishing down the reed line into the slop a fish finally gave it's position away in the thick reeds by the shore on the point.
13.5" Grass Pig
I caught my first bass of the trip there on a Grass Pig and quickly lost two more bites.  I was working my way out of the reeds and on my last cast, I caught a good one.
17.5" Grass Pig (GP)
I threw a few more casts and was off to the Melon Patch.  I caught two nice bass quickly.
17" Bobby's Perfect
The first fish, the 17-incher, didn't get the Bobby's perfect the first time.  I threw back to the spot and it inhaled it.  The second fish, a dark 16.25" chunk of a bass, came all the way out of the water missing the Bobby's Perfect.  I threw back to the area about 10 times and had one hit from a pike.  I then threw the lime Sprinker Frog and it hit it on about the 7th cast.  That was my last bass of the morning, but I did miss a couple of bites.
17.25" Sprinker (Lime)
6:45-9:10PM Channel Inn Bay,  West of the 17" Hole to Big Rice Point
Conditions: 80-72℉, Mostly Cloudy, 2-5mph SW Wind
Water Temp: 75℉
17.25" Sprinker (Lime)
I started in Channel Inn Bay.  Stuff was getting smoked to my North way up in the junk when I arrived.  Not much was going on.  I caught one 15.5" bass.  I pulled the plug at 7:45 and headed to the 17" Hole.  I had a couple of pike hit the Sprinker right away.  I moved to the west and got 15.25" bass. When I didn't get anything at the inside pad patch I headed back East getting a couple more pike in the 17" Hole.  I then got a 17.25", first one above, from that point it was game on with the Sprinker Frog.  I had two fish "dog me".  I had the first one on for a few seconds and the second one never committed.  Over that final half hour, I caught 12 bass and missed 3 or 4 more.  The final fish of the night was the second 17.25".  It buried me good in a rice stalk.  No giants, but a fun night.
17.79lbs for my Best 6 for the Day
20 Bass
9 Pike