Thursday, October 04, 2018

OK Night at Eddy's Jetty

4.60lbs/24" KVD Jerkbait 300 (Sexy Ghost Minnow) 

No wind to start the night
7:00-10:00PM Eddy's Jetty North
44-40℉, Cloudy some light rain and snow, 0-10MPH SE

26" Rippin' Rap (Chrome/Blue)
I fished the first 10 minutes or so with the Speed Shad.  Didn't get a bite, so I switched to the Rippin Rap and worked my way down the Jetty starting at the Harbor Mouth.  I got the first bite at around 7:20PM at the same spot I got my first bite a couple of nights ago.  It was the 26-incher.  I went back to that same standing rock and got another bite fairly quickly.  It was another good fish.  It came off as I was trying to get it over the rocks.  Shortly after that, the wind came up and then got stronger.  The Rippin Rap kept getting fouled with weeds, so I had to put it down.  I tried working the Speed Shad for a good half an hour not getting anything working my way from the Harbor Mouth to the North Corner.  I was briefly hooked up on the North Corner.  The wind was whipping pretty good.  I went back to the Harbor Mouth and put on a heavier jig with a Grass Pig on it.  I caught two 22-inch walleye's on consecutive casts.  I also got a 19" and 20.5" at the Harbor Mouth in short order.  Then the action died. I fished my way down the Jetty again.
22" Grass Pig (Swamp Gas)
24" Grass Pig (Swamp Gas)
I got the 24-incher off the standing rock.  I then missed several bites.  I got a 20.5" at the Harbor Mouth.  It started sleeting and the wind died back a bit.  I missed some more bites, especially at the North corner.  With 20 minutes left I switched to the KVD Jerkbait.  I got a 19" off of the North Corner.  At about 10 to 10PM I got my last bite of the night, the 24-incher on the KVD Jerkbait at the Harbor Mouth.

10 Eye's (Missed 6 or 7 more)

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Bigger Fish Little Slower Bite at Eddy's Jetty

27" Speed Shad (Bluegill Flash) North Harbor Mouth
7:00-10:00PM North Corner and Harbor Mouth
49℉, Cloudy, 4-8mph SSE
24.5" Speed Shad (Bluegill Flash)
At about 7:20PM I got this 24.5" and a 22" on consecutive casts casting out in the North middle of the Jetty.  I caught 6 fish in the next 20 minutes or so with the most fish coming from the North Corner.  It then slowed down.  I went to the North Harbor Mouth and caught a 21-incher.  Then I got my only Rippin' Rap fish.
19" Rippin' Rap (Firetiger)
I lost a hit on the Rippin Rap.  I went back to throwing the Speed Shad.  I had a fish nail it on the drop, but not hook up.  Next fish was the 27-incher;  The batteries died when I went to take a second picture.  I went back to fishing the North corner and got a 23-incher and then a thick 26-incher that weighed 5.68lbs.  I then caught a fish 20-inch fish that smacked it on the fall.  I also got another 20" and a 22" and had several fish that bit and didn't hook up.  I got one last 20-incher at the harbor mouth.  I got a 19-incher as my watch alarm went off at 10PM. I landed 16 eye's total.

16 Eye's

Monday, October 01, 2018

Smackdown at Eddy's Jetty

(My camera is currently MIA.  Hopefully, I will get it back, but I am not optimistic about that happening.)

7:00-7:30PM GOMH
8:00-10:00PM Eddy's Jetty North Harbor Mouth and North Corner
48-47℉, Cloudy, 2-8mph ESE,
the Water level is getting close to being low at the GOMH

Had one hit on the SW side on the Shower Blows, probably a pike.  That was it.

There was less wave action than I expected at the Jetty.  I got a 18" walleye on my very first cast fishing off the dock at the North Harbor Mouth with Bass Pro Speed Shad.  After not getting anything on several more casts I went and stood on my normal casting rock. On about the 3rd cast it was fish on.  I made my way back to the dock to land the fish.
The dock was wet and slippery and when I stepped on it down I went, somehow smashing my right shin pretty hard.  Fortunately, I held onto the rod and the 18.5" walleye stayed on.  I went back to the casting rock and got another 18" and then a 24" eye.  I didn't get a bite for 10 minutes, so I worked my way down to the North Corner.  It was AWWWWWWWWWN there.  I caught three 19-inchers, two 20-inchers, a 22-inch, and 23-inch walleye as well as losing a couple of bites before the Speed Shad was done for.  I tried a Rippin Rap, but every cast came back with grass on it.  I tried a few casts with the Jackhammer and didn't get any bites.  I put a Swamp Gas Grass Pig on and resumed whacking 'em.  I got five 19-inchers, a 20", 21.5", 22", 24" before the clock struck 10PM.  My tackle bag was still at the Harbor Mouth so I went and got it.  I then went back and picked up my rods and ruler.  I must have forgotten to pick up the camera which was left in the same area as the rods and ruler.  I discovered I was without the camera when I got home.  I drove back to the Jetty, but the camera wasn't there.  What happened to it is a mystery.  I am hoping the Casino's Security picked it up but just hasn't turned it in yet.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Slow Cool Trip Nice Pike & A Couple of Bass

30.5" (Didn't Think to Weigh It)

Fleet Farm Spinnerbait (Black)
3:15-6:40PM Access Across to 17" Hole Flat, Chuck's Point/Green Cabin
53-50℉, Cloudy, 3-9mph WNW
2.75lbs/16.75" Crawtube (B/B)
Water levels and temps have been falling like a rock the last few days.  I think the bass are still adjusting to the cooling water.  It probably didn't help that I stuck with trying to get something out of the hay for so long.
15.9" Strike King T.G. Night Spin (Blue/Pink)
I finally got hit by this bass off the end of Big Rice Point on a spinnerbait.  Unfortunately, I had the spinnerbait get bit off a few casts later by a pike.  The pike hit right by the boat.  I watched it shake it's head and bam, spinnerbait gone.
Sufferin' Suckatash that was my only one of that color
 I worked my way out onto the flat and got a dink and the big pike on the black Fleet Farm Spinnerbait.  JUst couldn't make a topwater bite happen with the Phantom.  Finally, I said no mas and headed to Chuck's Point to try the reeds.  I was just about to give up there when I caught the 2.75lb bass along the reed/pad edge.  That was all I got in the reeds.  I went out and worked the flat getting one pike and losing one bite.  I was cold and not having that much fun, so I called it a night early.
3 Bass
3 Pike

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mini-Bucks at Mission Lakes

4.03lbs Hack Jig/Chigger Craw (Sunfish/Breen)
9:00-3:00PM Mission Lakes
42-36℉, Cloudy some snow and light rain, 3-9mph SSW
Not sure what the water temps were.  Maybe low 60's or high 50's

The "Mini-Bucks" is an annual tournament fished by the guys in my club, The Baxter Bass Snatchers.  This is the third year I've fished it as Chuck Steinbauer's part.  There were 5 boats fishing it.  The lake/lakes are divided into 5 sections or "hole's" as we call them.  4 holes were in the Upper Lake and all of Lower was a single hole.  The holes were numbered 1 through 5 and each boat starts in a different one.  We started in the SW corner of Upper Mission.  We should have checked where the Eastern boundary of the hole was actually at.  Water that we wanted to fish was in this hole, but Chuck thought it wasn't, so we didn't.  We discovered that mistake in the 4th hole change.

The Fishing:  We started out on the weedline on the point in this hole.  After about 15 minutes Chuck got our first bass in the boat on a jig.  Just a 2lber, nothing special.  Eventually, we worked our way along the reed edge.  I lost what felt like a good fish and then quickly caught a 2.51lb both on a Jackhammer/RaZor Shad Chatterjig.  We didn't get any more hits, so we went back out on the point and Chuck lost a fish, don't know if it was a bass or not.  Time was up.

Our next hole was the Northwest Corner of the Upper Lake.  This section is where we got a good portion of our bites last year in the Ironman I fished with Chuck;  We didn't end up even getting to any of that water, because we were catching fish in the reeds.  Chuck wanted to start by going in to try some docks where he has caught some big bass in the past.  Chuck caught a non-keeper.  In between docks, I made a cast to some pads in the reeds and a good one picked up my jig.   I was able to fight her back through the reeds and land the tournaments big bass (4.03lbs).  Chuck then caught a small keeper, a two pounder, and one that was just shy of two pounds, culling out the little one.  I'm pretty sure all of Chuck's fish were caught on the Blue Bruiser Craw Tube.  After that 15 minute flurry, we didn't get another bit.

In our third hole, Chuck got our only bite.  A small bass off a dock that he didn't land.

In our 4th hole, Chuck landed a couple of bass that didn't help that bit the Blue Bruiser in the reeds.

In our 5th and final hole, Lower Mission Lake, Chuck lost a fish and I had a couple of fish swipe at the Sprinker Frog and not get it, probably pike.

Guy and Hammer won.  Tuma/Swannie came in 2nd.  We came in 4th Place.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

With Steve at the GOMH

6;00-6:30PM Windy Windy Windy W
Steve is back in town before he gets out of dodge.  I took him on a quick trip to the GOMH.  He caught that first toothy on the chatterjig, then it got bit off.  I didn't put the box with chatterjigs in the tackle bag, DOH.  We then went to the NE side and he got another toothy and the dink on a Jerk Shad.  He also had a fish swirl and miss and another bite. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Short Trip While My Mind Was On Kavanaugh

18" Jackhammer

I am so totally drunk on thinking about this Kavanaugh confirmation that I forgot to put the trolling motor in the boat when I first took off.  I went to 3 Loon flat where the calm water was.  I did manage to catch an 18-inch, which I will get a picture of tomorrow, in between docks on the Jackhammer.  I lost two dinks on docks on the Terminator Jig and Craw Fatty.  I also lost something that felt really good.  Had a few hits on the Jackhammer that didn't hook up.  And I lost the Jackhammer when the wire leader broke.  Not sure if it was pike that did it or not.  I felt a hit and boom it was gone.  C'mon Man!  I fished for a little over an hour I think.  No hits on the Phantom, but there was some surface activity which is a good sign.  I forgot to bring the camera and notepad.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Docks Across and East

16" Stanley Phantom (Wh/BLK/ORG)
5:30-7:30PM Docks Across and East
Was a cool windy night out of the ENE.  Lots of docks out of the water now.  Caught little bass and few pike on the Jackhammer/Razor Shad, Hack Jig, and Terminator Jig/Fatty of and in between the docks that were still in.  I talked for a little bit the friendly guy with two cabins.  I caught on bass just off of the point dock on the Jackhammer.  I then went to East Docks.   Didn't get a bite on them, but I did get a topwater hit on like my second cast with the Phantom.  That was it for bites.
6 Bass
3 Pike

Saturday, September 22, 2018

GOMH & Access Shore Docks & Wood

7:00-7:30AM GOMH
8:30AM-12:00PM West Point, Access Point Docks & Wood, NSI
44-66℉, Partly Cloudy, 8-18mph S
16" Jackhammer/RaZor Shad (GP/CH/WH)
A lot of shooting this morning on duck opener. Got two jumpers on the NE side on the Jackhammer.  Got a jumper and a toothy on the SW side on the Poison/Craw Fatty. Took a quick stop at Rock Lake and got nothing.  I then headed out in Trophy getting one small bass at West Point.  I then went to the docks off the end of Access Point working my way towards the access than all the past it to the slop.
A bass tipped me off to shallow wood, but I didn't catch it.  I came across some over hanging trees and caught two good one's.
17.25" Terminator Jig/Craw Fatty
A little way down there was a bunch of bass on this one dock.  It was slim pickings after that.  A few small bass and pike.  I went back to the dock and got one more small and nothing on the overhanging trees.  I then went to the N. Side of the small island and caught a bass and pike there.  It worked out to be a productive trip.
13.99lbs for my Best 6 Bass
16 Bass
8 Pike

Friday, September 21, 2018

Docks and the Terminator Jig/Craw Fatty

3.68lb/18.5" Terminator Jig/Craw Fatty (Blk/CH|Blk/Red)

5:30-7:30PM Docks Across
57-55℉, Mostly Sunny, Calm-9mph
So I started at "the dock" and worked my west.  I got two dinks off "the dock" and also missed a fish.  I got a 15.5" off of the next dock.  I got a 14" and 13.6" off of the Big Dock that I broke my jig off on the other night.  I had a pike break me off.  I got the 17.25 off of a boat lift and the 18.5 on the willow tree dock; I almost skipped the WTD.  I got a my last bass of the evening, a 13.75", off of the last dock before the point.  I missed a couple more bites on docks and one in the reed edge on the Sprinker. 
12.87lbs for my Best 6 Bass Tonight
8 Bass
1 Pike 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Windy Wet Morning at the GOMH

16.5" Jackhammer/RaZor Shad (Bhite Delight)
7:00-8:00AM GOMH NE, SW
54℉, Cloudy drizzle, 10mph NE

I started off with the Shallow Shad.  I had a good jumper get off in the weeds right at my feet.   I caught a 12-incher.  Lost a good one that was on briefly in the NE corner of the tube.   Then I got a 15-incher and that was the last Shad Shallow fish.  I had a good jumper break off my Tomato colored Jerk Shad right at my feet.  Wasn't very happy about that.  I caught a 25.5-inch toothy on the Bhite Jackhammer casting out and a 15.5-inch jumper in the tube on it.  I switched to the SW side and got the jumper in the picture and a 21-inch toothy.  I went back to the NE side and didn't get a bite.  I then went to the lake place, but the wind was such I decided to call it a day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mostly Docks On a Dreary September Night

16.5" Terminator Jig/Craw Fatty (Blk/Ch/B/R)
3:30-7:30PM F Flat, Reeds Across, Access Across, Docks Across
59℉, Cloudy some sprinkles, 4-10mph NNE ENE

First order was to try topwater on F Flat.  Didn't even get one hit.  I caught bass on some of the docks with the bites petering out the farther west I got.  Biggest was 16.5".  Briefly tried topwater on the Flat again with the same result.  I then went over to the reeds.  Had one pike strike and that was it.  I then headed to where Pete and I got fish yesterday.  I got a couple of pike and a dink in the reeds On the yellow Terminator Frog.  It just wasn't happening.  The sky's got darker so I bolted.  I hit some docks on North Platte Lake Drive point.  Got one dink bass.  I then headed to the Docks Across starting at "the dock".  I pulled 15.5" and 12" off "the dock".  It started to sprinkle.  I got a 23.5-inch pike on the Horny Toad on the next dock down.  I got one last bass (14.5) and missed a couple of bites.  I got the jig stuck under the big dock.  I passed the rod under the dock corner and was able to get the jig free only to rehook the dock again.  The jig was stuck about 3 feet under dock about 6 inches under the water.  I took off all my top layers and leaned under the dock.  I was able to get hold of the jig but unable to get it to unhook so I had to break it off.  It was quite dark so I was done fishing for the night.
9.92lbs for my Best 6 Bass tonight
9 Bass
4 Pike 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Fishing With Pete Again, Morning and Evening

19? Spro Poppin' Frog

7:20-11:40AM Out from 17" Hole, Access Across to Big Rice Point
56-60℉, Coudy, 4-9mph NE
16.25" Spro Poppin Frog

Was hooked by the speed clip when the frog came off
Pete was screwing around on my Chromebook, so we got started out about a half hour later than I wanted to.  I skipped the GOMH.  We started out on the flat in Big West throwing buzzbaits and getting pike for about an hour or so.  I then took us the bulrshes inside of the cane.  Pete was cold and tired so he took a nap for 45 minutes or so.  I worked the area very methodically getting a couple small bass and several pike.  Pete eventually woke up and started getting bass right away casting out.  He got the 16-incher first that was hooked by the Norman Speed Clip.  He threw the bass back before I had a chance to weigh it.  We recovered his frog.  He then got this 17.5-incher.
17.5" Spro Poppin Frog
He then got a dink and then the 19-incher.  Not sure it was a 19-inch fish.  It only weighed 3.6 something and it seemed to be a well-built fish.  My guess is it was 18.5 or so and Pete measured it with an open mouth.  Pete also missed a couple of bites.  We went out to the end of the cane.  I missed a good bite there.  I then took us back toward the pads.  We got a few pike.
16.75" Terminator Poppin' Frog
I finally got a good bass to stick on the front side of Big Rice Point.  I then took us back to the bulrushes and re-fished through the area.  I missed a couple good bites.  I gave up at 11:40AM.
3.68lbs/19.25" Sprinker (Bone)
6:00-7:30PM Melon Patch, Access Shore West, Double Cane Point
59℉, Cloudy, 2-7mph NE

I should have woken up Pete the second I got up at 4:30.  Not doing that cost us a good half hour of fishing time.  I started us on the Melon Patch where Pete and I both had a case of the drops on our better bites.  We were getting a few small pike.  The action wasn't fast enough for Pete.  There was a boat fishing where we were this morning so I took us to where Pete pointed. Pete lost what was probably a good bass out from the first dock on a buzzbait.  We got a few pike as I worked to the East.  Eventually, I had enough of it and moved us to Double Cane Point.  I had the big girl smoke the Sprinker.  She was hooked under the gills in the tongue and got hung up on the reeds.  When I got the hook out she was bleeding like crazy as the picture shows.  Pete missed one bite and that was pretty much it for the night.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Fishing With Pete Today

As the storm closed in
1:00-1:45PM F Flat, West Point
66℉, Cloudy some light rain, 6-15mph NE WSW
Black Buzzbait
I took us to F Flat with a front fast approaching.  I got a couple of pike to hit the Herb's Dilly and Pete got the 1 dink.  Then the front hit and the wind switched hard out of the WSW.  I was taking us in when Pete directed me to hit the South reeds across because there was no lightning.  Pete had one pike swipe at his buzzbait.  We got out of the wind on West Point.  Pete got a pike on the rice.  I lost a 16/17 bass off of West Point dock when I didn't get a good hookset with the Jackhammer on the Mojo rod.  Pete had a pike hit at him several times.  We recovered a 3 gallon bucket from the reeds.  It started to rain, so we beached the boat and went to see if Don W. was home.  He was and we went in and had coffee and cookies for a couple of hours.
Green Buzzbait
5:00-8:00PM 3 Loon, Loon Sex, ? Reeds, LSX Point, Reeds Across
58-65-58℉, Cloudy to Partly Cloudy, 4-10mph ENE
15.5" Terminator Frog (Yellow)
So we got back out on the lake and I took us to 3 Loon Flat to start.  I got a couple of hammer handles there. Pete wanted to try LSB, so we went there.  The ENE wind was not ideal.  Pete had a "walleye" jump out of the water at his frog.  Then he got a pike on the Husky Jerk, which led to Pete getting dissatisfied with my boat control for a while.  The sun came out and I got in the lee off the point.  We weren't getting anything so Pete pointed me to the ? Reeds.  I missed a pike and Pete caught one there.  Then we went to LSP Point.  Pete missed a blowup on a frog a couple of times.  For the last hour, I took us to the reeds across.  Pete wanted to work the outside of the reeds while I threw a frog into them.  Pete picked off several pike and the one bass on his green buzzbait.  I only had one blow up and landed it.  The sunset was excellent.  I was just trying to enjoy the evening, but Pete was doing his usual no stop complaining about the people that he has had to deal with when I finally had enough of it and told him to shut up and enjoy the peace and quiet.  I also informed Pete, that I really don't like fishing with him all that much.  Shortly after that, we called it a night.