Sunday, February 18, 2018

Skunked On Bulldog

I debated back and forth. Should I go or shouldn't I go.  I decided to go just before 5PM right before it started to snow.  I was hoping maybe the front would turn then on.  It didn't.  I missed a couple of bites and didn't get a hit on the minnow.  I set up closer to Holy Family, kind of in line where others were fishing.  It was snowing pretty good and I wasn't hardly marking anything, so I was out of there by 6:15PM.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ice Fishing with Dev

10.5" VMC Fly/maggots
4:00-6:15PM Platte Lake Out Front
Conditions: 30-24℉, Mostly Sunny, W Windy
Depth 7' or so
Devin's first ever ice fish
I finally got my act together and took Devin ice fishing for the 1st time.  I searched for fish using the GPS and Aqua -Vu Micro 5c. I started drilling to shallow.  By the time Devin got out there I had spied some fish.  I had Devin help me drill the second hole, which we put the old Aqua-Vu in.  While I was getting that setup Devin was outside with Storm.  Unfortunately, there was a weed partially blocking the screen.   Sure enough, the perch were still down there.  I caught one perch then took Storm from Devin and told her what to do.  She quickly located the lure on the Aqua -Vu and caught her first fish lickety-split.  We caught a bunch and avoided a bunch.  Didn't see any sunfish.

    We tried to avoid the little ones, but Dev managed to catch a couple of really small ones. 

Steve felled the tree, while we were out fishing. Steve came out and Devin showed him how she was catching them while I held storm.  They went back up to the cabin.  I had a pike bite off a Rippin' Rap.  I elected not to move and packed up around 6PM.  Steve helped me pull my stuff up the hill.  Shortly after arriving at home I got a call from Steve.  Kim hit a deer on 27 just before the turn on 8.  So I drove down to where she was at.  There was significant front-end damage to the Expedition and the airbag went off.  Kim was shook up, but able to drive it to J & D's service station.  Sherman drove Steve down and picked Kim up.  I don't know if the truck is fixable r not.  Thankfully it looks like the snow storm we were supposed to get tomorrow has veered to the North.  Hopefully, the storm on Monday/Tuesday misses us as well. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Checked By Lady C.O.Tonight

5:20-6:40PM Bulldog Lake
Conditions: 27-22℉, Cloudy, NW Windy
Depth: 27'
9" VMC Tubb/maggots
Crappies weren't interested in minnows again tonight. I got my first couple of crappies on the Glow Demon Spoon. Then a long lull.  I switched to the VMC Tubby.  The lady C.O. checked my license.  I got one fish on the Tubby.  That's it 3 crappies.
8.75" Demon Spoon/Mayfly/maggot
 3 Crappies

277 Crappies for the Winter

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Beardless at Bulldog

8.75" VMC Fly/maggot
5:40-7:00PM Bulldog
Conditions: 40-30℉, Partly Cloudy, SW Wind turning calm
Depth 27'
9" VMC Fly/maggots
I started out the night dropping valentines and birthday gifts off for Steve and Devin.

I watched the dogs wrestle around some.  I left the cabin at about a quarter after 5.  I was set up to fish around 5:40.  The ice is getting thick, but not quite enough that I need an extension.  Minnows didn't get me a bite.  Had fish down there off and on.  After pulling two up and losing them in the hole I broke off the VMC Fly as I was bringing another one up.  I managed to get the two I got pictures of.  It was slow so I gave up at 7PM.

5 Crappies 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blue Blood Moon Eclipse Fishing

9" VMC Fly/maggot
5:50-7:10AM Bulldog
Conditions: 23-15℉, Partly Cloudy, Windy WSW
Depth: 27'
I was the only one on the lake this morning.  When I arrived the lunar eclipse was just beginning.  I didn't think to take a picture of it.  My moon pictures generally aren't any good anyway.  The fish were down there and fairly cooperative for about 45 minutes.
Then I caught a surprise sunfish and they were done.  Temps were now down to 15℉ and I didn't feel like trying anywhere else.

4 Glow Demon/minnows
14 VMC Fly/maggots
1 Sunfish VMC Fly/maggots

18 Crappies

269 Crappies for the winter so far.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Long Shot, Not Much Happening

10" VMC Fly/maggot
5:30-6:40 Long Lake
Conditions: 15-10℉, Partly Cloudy, Light NW Wind
Depth: 32' fish marked about 1/2 way up.

I slept way in today.  I didn't get headed out until right around 5PM.  Word on Long is that the fishing hasn't been any good.  There was only 1 house on the lake.  I went to the area where houses had been.  I drilled single holes.  I spotted fish in a couple of them, but they quickly swam off.  Eventually I did a few more holes.  Nothing.  I spotted a fish in one of my first four holes, so I put in a second hole and did one more set.  I caught the fish in the first of those two sets.  I also missed one other fish that came through.  I don't know if I will go back or not.

1 Crappie

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Slow Night on Bulldog

10" Glow Demon/minnow
4:45-7:00PM Bulldog
Conditions: 23-20℉, Cloudy, Flurries, Windy West
Depth. 28'
8" VMC Fly/maggot
I got more minnows at Bear Trax. I set up to the North of where I have been fishing.  I didn't catch anything for the first 45 minutes.  Fish were down there, but extremely skittish.  All the traffic on the lake has them shut down.  I missed the first 4 bites or so.  I caught 6 crappies and also got my Rippin Rap all tangled up to the point I had to cut my line.  I think I'm going to give Long Lake a try tomorrow.

6 Crappies

250 Crappies for the Ice Season

Friday, January 26, 2018

Morning & Evening Trip To Bulldog

6:45-7:15AM Bulldog
7:45-8:15AM Sullivan
Conditions: 23-26℉, Partly Cloudy, Windy ESE
Depth: 27'
10.33" Glow Demon/minnow
I decided to see if there might be a morning bite.  There was a group of people already over the hole when I got there.  I set up to the North of where I had been fishing.  There were fish down there in my first set of holes.  It was a good bite, but didn't last long.  As soon as it started getting light out the fish disappeared.  I packed up and headed to Sullivan, but I didn't bring the GPS so I was flying blind.  The wind was nasty so I didn't stay long.

10 VMC Fly/maggots
4 Glow Demon/minnow
9" VMC Fly/maggot
4:45-7:15PM Bulldog
Conditions: 40-30℉, Partly Cloudy, Windy W
Depth: 26'

There were a number of people out fishing when I arrived. I didn't get more minnows.  I set up in the area I had been fishing, but a little farther to the East.  Turns out it was about a foot shallower.  The wind made me not want to roam around.  I missed the first 5 bites on a minnow.  I ended up getting 6 crappies on the VMC Fly and 4 on the Glow Demon and minnow.  Just not a lot of fish around tonight.  I think all the activity got to them.

16 VMC Fly/maggot
8 Glow Demon/minnow

24 Crappies for the day

244 Crappies for the Winter so far.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Same Lake Slower Bite

9.5" Glow Demon Spoon/Mayfly/maggots
5:15-7:15PM Bulldog
Condtions: 23℉, Cloudy, Wind ESE
Depth: 26Ft fish about 1/2 way down
A couple more little guys tonight
I was feeling kind of sluggish tonight.  The wind didn't help. I set up about 15 feet from where I was last night.  There were a few guys out fishing when I got there, but were all gone after 45 minutes. There was noticeably less fish going through tonight. I almost moved a couple of times, but fish pulled me back in.  The fish were sluggish as well.  A number of nippers.  I also had probably too much stuff on the VMC Fly/not enough hook.  It could be that it was those mini-crappies as well.

10 VMC Fly/Maki Jamei/maggots
6 Glow Demon/minnow
1 Glow Demon Spoon/Impulse Mayfly, maggots

17 Crappies

220 Crappies for the Winter

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Same As It Ever Was On Bulldog

10.5" VMC Fly/maggots
5:00-7:30PM Bulldog
Conditions: 23 degrees, Cloudy, Light S wind
Depth: 27'
I finally felt good enough to go out and do some fishing. There are fewer houses on Bulldog now.  I was able to keep my bearings.  There were two other guys out fishing.  I drilled three sets of holes and never left the first set.  I was in a little shallower water than I had been fishing. I was really on my game and didn't miss a whole lot of bites.  They mostly wanted the VMC Fly/maggots.  Action finally slowed down around 7:10PM.  I brought home 9 fish to give to Jan.

26 VMC Fly/maggots
8 Glow Demon/minnow
34 Crappies

203 Crappies For the Winter (Goal of 200 Achieved) 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Whack And Stack on Bulldog Lake

10" VMC Fly/maggot
4:45-7:50PM Bulldog Lake
Conditions: 35℉, Foggy, No wind
Depth: 28ft

I got minnows at Bear Trax.  Drilled two sets of holes and never left the ones I started at.  I forgot my iPod again, Doh!  The foot warmers I got on eBay worked well;  How long will they last?  Started kind of slow.  As it got dark the bite got going.  Missed a bunch of bites on the Glow Demon/minnow.  Pulled up more fish with the VMC Fly.  First and last fish came on the Demon Spoon.  Was warm enough that I didn't need the heater.  I kept 10 to give to Jan.  Got stuck for a little bit on my way off.

21 VMC Fly/maggots
14 Bear Trax Glow Demon/minnow
2 Demon Spoon/Impulse Mayfly/maggots

37 Crappies

169 Crappies for the winter so far.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

1st Trip of 2018

4:30-6:30PM Bulldog
Conditions: 39-36℉, Partly Cloudy, SE Wind
Depth: 29ft
8.75" Vmc Fly/maggot
Seeing that Bear Trax is closed on Tuesday I didn't have any minnows.  To bad because I think I would have slain them on minnows tonight.  There were about 8-10 houses over the hole and maybe 5 houses on the eastern shore.  There were maybe 5 groups fishing the hole tonight. I put the small Rippin Rap down and had lookers, but I didn't feel any bites.  Then I put the Demon Spoon down and had more lookers.  The fish didn't really start getting active until 5:30PM.   The wind got to be annoying with the way I had the Fish Trap sitting. The fish ran smaller than before for the most part.  My feet were getting cold, so I gave up.

22 Crappies

Friday, December 22, 2017

Slow Night On Bulldog

Forgot the camera, so a Google Images stock photo
4:45-8:30PM Bulldog
Conditions: 18℉, Cloudy some flurries, Light W wind
Depth: 30'

The guy who plowed the Holy Family lot didn't do us ice fishermen any favors by plowing to the East rather than North/South.  Plowing East means the snow is piled up in front of the access.  Hopefully, someone who wants to drive on the lake will change that situation.  I arrived just before a Dad and his kid.  I went to my holes from last night then did two more set to the South.  The Dad set up to the North East of there.  There was nothing going on in those holes, so I ended up in the farthest South holes.  Fish didn't bother with the minnow but occasionally would take the VMC Fly/maggots.  About 5:30 some guys came out and set up just to the North of my farthest North set of holes.  The action was slow so I went out and drilled some holes.  I didn't find anything.  I ended back at the holes I caught fish out of.  Because I didn't whack the ice off the bottom of my heater and ended up tipping it into the bobber hole, which broke my line above the bobber stop.  While reaching over to pull out the heater I also managed to break the line on the VMC Fly/maggots rod.  Then there was the smell of the burning mono.  What a cluster.  At least I didn't lose any lures.  I put the bobber in the minnow bucket and went about getting the VMC Fly re-rigged.  I was interrupted by the bobber hitting the minnow bucket signaling a fish had taken my minnow.   I missed the fish, so I let the minnow go back down.  About a minute later another crappie took the minnow.  I caught it this time.  That was the 3rd minnow fish at that point.  I was unable to thread the line through the Wing-It bobber, so went to a foam bobber.  I would occasionally get a fish, but it was slow.  I gave up at 8:30PM.

11 VMC Fly/maggots
9 Glow Demon/minnow

20 Crappies
110 Crappies caught so far this ice season

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bulldog Again

10" VMC Fly Jig/Maggot
5:00-7:30PM Bulldog
Conditions: 18℉, Cloudy, Light NE Wind
Depth: 30Ft

I found some clips to put on the new power cord for the Vex.  The one that came with the unit when I bought it gave up the ghost.
Then I had to go and get propane for my tank.  I didn't get loaded up until after 4:30PM.  The was a guy out fishing the hole when I got there.  I drilled three sets of holes to his North.  I got one crappie on a minnow in the first set of holes, but it was pretty dead.  Matt Will. came out on his motorbike and set up just to the NE of me.  I started fishing the second set of holes.  A couple of guys came out to the other guys portable.  I was getting a few on a minnow.  The fish didn't want to go for the Glow Demon Spoon tonight as I only caught 2 on it.  Maybe the Impulse Mayfly was more than they wanted.  The other guys packed up and gave me their minnows.  They had gotten 5.   I would occasionally catch one on the minnow or the VMC Fly.  I heard Matt packing up so I went and talked to him.  He had his limit.  I got back in the house and my bobber was down.  It was AWWWWWWWWWN for the next 20 minutes or so.  I doubled my catch for the night and missed about 7 bites as well.  My lantern and headlamp were starting to dim so I called it quits at around 7:30PM.  Fished ranged from 8.5-10.5". 

18 Glow Demon w/minnow
10 VMC Fly w/maggots
2 Glow Demon Spoon w/maggots & Mayfly

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More Crappies at Bulldog

4:30-7:30PM Bulldog
Conditions: Mid 20's, Partly Cloudy, NW Windy dying down after dark
Depth: 30 FT
9" Glow Demon/Minnow
What is there to say?  I was the only one out on Bulldog tonight.  I drilled three sets of holes.  I marked fish in the 2nd set and never left. Pulled 20 crappies up on a small Glow Demon spoon with maggots and 14 on the Glow Demon with a minnow.  Did miss nearly as many fish as last night.  Fish ranged from 8" to 10.25".  I ran out of propane for the heater early on.  Fortunately, the wind died down and icing up wasn't too big of a problem.
10"  Demon Spoon/Maggots
34 Crappies

Monday, December 18, 2017

Bulldog Bite

10" VMC Fly/Maggot
4:45-7:15PM Bulldog
Conditions: 35℉, Cloudy, West Wind,
Depth: 29 Ft

With the warm weather, I thought I better get out before the snow and cold later this week.  I decided to hit up Bulldog.  As I was pulling out another car pulled into to the Holy Family lot.  It was two guys that weren't satisfied with the ice thickness on Rock.  They drilled holes farther out than me.  I didn't mark anything in the first three holes I drilled.  The 4th hole was the charm.  I caught about 13 and heard the other guys packing up.   They reported better size than what I was getting and they were using minnows.  He offered me some minnows.  I nearly forgot I had the minnow bucket in the Aerostar.   Fortunately,   I was able to get some before they left.  I got 3 crappies on minnows and missed a couple of bites as well.  I got 17 crappies on the VMC Fly with quite a few misses as well.  I would say about 3 of the fish were keeper size.

20 Crappies

Monday, December 04, 2017

Forgot the Camera (Bulldog)

1:45-2:45PM Bulldog
Conditions: 42℉, Cloudy, Light Rain

I checked out Platte Lake.  A couple of cracks had me concerned, so I decided not to fish there.  I decided not to get minnows and almost didn't go out on Bulldog because the ice was only 3".  I wore my life jacket and trolled on the ice and stopped when I saw some activity in about 22 feet.  I got 3 perch in the first spot.  I got small sunfish and perch in about 30.  The wind came up and it started sprinkling, so I left.

4 Perch
1 Sunfish

Thursday, November 30, 2017

First Ice Trip Of the Winter

4:00-5:45PM Bulldog
Conditions: 40-36℉, Mostly Sunny, West Wind turning calm, 30 feet of water
8.5" VMC Fly/Jamei/Wax (Glow)
So the Bugaboots arrived in the mail today.  Think I should have gone with a size 10, oh well.  Trying them out on the ice gave me the motivation to finally get my act together.  I went to Bulldog because I figured the ice would probably be safe there.  There was a guy out fishing when I arrived.  I elected not to go and get minnows by eeny, meany, miny, moe the decision in the Holy Family parking lot.  I checked with the spud bar on my way out.  A couple of times I was able to put it through with two shots, but most of the time I couldn't get through with 3 shots. Shortly after I started fishing the other guy left.  Somebody left a container of waxies out on the ice.  I missed the first fish that bit.  Then nothing.  I hole hopped a few times before finding something.  I landed a couple of Bulldog Lake Specials.   I found a few more fish back towards the North.  I forgot to put the heater in the car, so when I got cold I left.

Maybe I will go after some sunny's out there.

6 Crappie

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Skunked On Halloween

I did a little fishing today.  At the GOMH, nothing. Rock Lake, nothing and Rock Dock out.  Lake Place Dock, nothing. Water Temp 38℉.  I ran the motor for a while to get Sea Foam in the system.  Taking the boat and dock out tomorrow in the snow.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Calm Cold Evening (Last Bass of 2017)

18.75" Hack Attack Jig/Craw Fatty
5:30-6:30PM Platte Late F Flat in the Trophy
Conditions: 36-34℉, Partly Cloudy, Light SW Wind
Water Temp: 40℉

This was my last successful tirp in the Trophy for 2017.  If youcan call 1 fish a success.  At least it was a good one.  Dang Winter arrived early this year.