Wednesday, July 05, 2017

More Fishing With Todd & The Girls

10.75" SBKO
A thunderstorm prevented Todd and I from getting out at first light.  I went to the GOMH about a half hour after the rain stopped.
12" Armor Worm on Ike's Wacky Head
I caught a bunch of dinks there.  I then went and woke Todd up and we went out for about an hour and a half; That is when the first picture was taken.
19" Pure Poison/Swim Fluke Jr.

14.9" Terminator Frog

16" Mad Maxx
I took Todd out to South Point Small Island for some topwater fishing.  A few small fish lightly hit at the Pompadour.  I then gave Todd a lesson on walking the dog with the Shower Blows knock off.  He had one good blow up miss it, one good one get off and he caught the dink in the very first picture.  We then headed to Loon Sex where we both got a bass on frogs.  The sun came out and we had to head in.

It was a hot day with temps in the upper 80's.  I took the girls tubing for a good portion of the afternoon.  We went to the Mann Cave for pizza.  I took the girls out for another short trip on the tube and then we all headed out fishing.
Mallory 1st on the board
A second after the pike flopped off the spinnerbait
It landed in the boat
Mallory's Sunfish for her dad
Belle's 1st landed fish of the trip
Belle settled down and got in a rhythm getting two pike 
Todd had plenty of blow ups, but didn't land a fish.  Mallory had pity on him and landed a fish just for her Dad.  Isabelle had a good size pike hit on the buzzbait she was fishing subsurface.  I didn't see how big it was.
I caught a total of 4 Pike, Mal got 4 Sunfish, Belle got the Sunfish and was credited with 3 pike.

It really turned into an ideal night for fishing.
The pathetic weight of bass for the day

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