Wednesday, July 12, 2017

North Long Pre-Fish

No Pictures, forgot camera and scale.

I arrived just before 7AM and Bob ,aka Checkbook, already had the boat in the water.  It was cloudy with a SE wind.  We started out by going to 371 Bay just inside the narrows on the North side.  I got a small bass on the Pure Poison/Super Fluke Jr. and a small pike.  Bob got bit off.

From there we went and checked some reeds on the West shoreline.  I missed a hit in some thick reeds on a frog, but that was it.  We then tried a stretch of rice and pads that Bob fished with Chuck Steinbauer in the Fall.  I missed one hit, probably a pike, on the Frog.

We then went to an area with good cabbage and caught 4 bass and a few pike before we got out of there.

Then we messed around on the main body for a few hours and couldn't find anything.

We spent the last couple of hours in Merrifield Bay.  The wind had switched up out of the NW and really started blowing.  We couldn't get anything on the Boy Scout humps.  We then went into some reeds on the North side.  Bob lost a good one and caught a pike.  I managed to catch 4 or 5 keepers in the reeds, nothing special, and a rock bass.  We quit at 3PM.  All but 1 bass was caught on a Huckleberry Craw Tube.

Feeling OK about tournament day.  We don't have much, but I think I'll be able to get a limit.  Hopefully we will have cloud cover and  the fish will get active and I can get some good one's to go on topwater.  Topwater flat didn't work on this day.

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