Monday, July 10, 2017

Slow Morning/Slow Evening

5:45-8:45AM SPSI & Across from the Public Access
Conditions: 60-70℉, Mostly Sunny, Light NE Wind
Water Temp: 72℉
14.5" Ish's Phat Frog
I gave the SPSI a try this morning first thing. I got a 15" and 11.5" there on the Shower Blows knock off.  I then went to the maidencaine across from the public access and had a 16.5 chunker light up the Ish's frog on my first cast. I forgot to take a picture of it, just like I forgot to take a picture of the 15".  My head wasn't 100% in the game this morning.  I missed several good fish.  There was a lot of activity in the maidencaine area.  It was getting warm and I didn't want to put on sunscreen so I bailed.
16.5" Ish's My Last Fish of the morning
16" Big Sexy
7:00-9:30PM NW Corner & Across from the Public Access Platte Lake.
Conditions: 80-70℉, Mostly Sunny, NW Wind turning calm
Water Temp: 77℉

I started out on the juice and nothing was going on, but there was some baitfish activity.  I just think were turned off tonight.  I had a couple pike swipes as I worked my way South.  I had a dink get off at the boat then landed the 16 on the Big Sexy Mad Maxx .  I caught a dink and worked my way to the outside reed edge.  I caught a 14.5" there.

I made a move to the maidencaine, then quickly decided to try the slop point instead.  I had a good size fish wake at Big Sexy, but I was unfortunately moving towards the lure at the time an spooked whatever it was.  As it was getting dark I nabbed two quick bass (16.25,14) back in the rice and slop. I marked a waypoint and headed out of there.
12.74lbs for my 6 Best Today
A pretty mediocre day.  Hopefully the fish will be more active tomorrow.

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