Saturday, July 08, 2017

Topwater With Todd/Slow Evening With the Crew

Early Start This Morning

18.75" Hexa Chinooki (Cotton Candy)

Another Shower Blows Knock Off the Hexa Chinooki

18" SBKO (Black Herring Bone)

16.75" Chinooki

10.5" SBKO 
Todd and I took off just before sunrise and the fish were on the South Point of the Small Island.  The 18.75" was the first fish landed.  I saw it was barely hooked so I boat flipped it, rather than wait for the net. Todd and I then doubled up.  Me with a 16.5" and Todd with a 13.75". Todd then got the 18".  Then I got the 16.75" and we were lucky Todd didn't get a face full of hooks as the Chinooki came unhooked in the net and flew up at him. Todd got 1 last 14.25" on the SP.  He also lost one or two good one's.

We then headed to the South Point of the Big Island.  I caught 15" bass there and Todd missed one that boiled on the Terminator Frog.  Then we went to F Flat and I got a couple of small pike on the Chinooki.  Todd got a small pike on the Shower Blows knock off.  We went to North end of the reeds across the way and Todd got the crappie there on the SBKO.  We fished the reeds a little bit.  I left the Shower Blows box open and it dumped over completely.  Our fishing time was up, so we headed in.  I got the lures untangled and back in the box as Todd got the girls ready to go to the pancake breakfast at mom and Dad's church.

I got home from the pancake breakfast and took a short nap.  Todd called letting me know they got out the big inflatable island, so i could rest a couple of hours longer, which I foolishly didn't do.  Isabelle called for me to come up at about 12:15PM.  I took the girls tubing for a couple of hours.  Then they went and played on the inflatable island and I took a nap on the Trophy.  Mom brought dinner and I took Kaylee back in her car and got gas.  We had brats and hamburgers.  I then took out Belle and Mallory on the inflatable that Dad bought.  Belle didn't care for it.  Mallory liked it. And Sophia didn't try it.
7.5" Puddle Jumper

7" Panfish Tube
17" Terminator Frog
Fishing was slower tonight and we were all pretty exhausted.  Mallory and Belle were bickering with one another.  The hook on the panfish tube broke on a good fish.  Belle didn't catch anything tonight.
Best 6 Bass for Todd and I for the Day, 18.87lbs Stout

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