Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day Bassaction. Nov.4,2008

The weather was once again unseasonably warm and so I wanted to get out and do some fishing. I had to go to Onamia to pick up pills so I was going to try Mille Lacs, but there was stuff parked where I wanted to park at Eddy's and there was a guy blocking the road in the Cemetary Jetti. This worked out for me just as well.

Bulldog- A small pike followed the spinnerbait in on my first cast but I couldn't get it to hit and so it was on to Rock.

Rock 1- As I pulled up at the ramp a boat was coming in. They were running around in my casting area so I nixed Rock until later.

Jenny's- I had a fish swirl at my bait and miss. I couldn't get it to hit again.

Lake Place- It was thundering and threatening rain when I arrived at our lake place on Platte. I was working the "lost jig" through the weeds and had a miss, I worked the area hard but couldn't get a follow up. As I worked a little more West I got a strike from a 14.5" bass right next to shore. I cast over the same water and had a miss. I kept working the spot and was rewarded with a 13" bass. It started to rain hard and I went up to the car to wait it out. After the rain I brought down a white Outkast swim jig, a pumpkin Terminator JigNpig, and the "lost jig."

I started off throwing the white swim jig and was rewarded with a 14" bass. On the very next cast over the exact same spot I had another bass annihilate the swim jig. This bass put up quite a fight and measured in at 19." All of these bass came within 10 feet of shore. I worked the white swim jig with no more luck, so I switched up to the jig and pig and had a fish bite off one of the legs in the area the last two bass came from. I started working the white swim jig again and got the attention of a small pike. After repeated casts I caught it. The pike bit off the tip of the grub tail, but there was still plenty of tail and it had good action.

I started working my way towards Jim's and was rewarded with another 14" bass on the white swim jig. Then I caught a pike. I started throwing the "lost jig" and got a 15" bass quite a ways farther out than any I had caught yet. I switched back to the white swim jig and got another northern.

I moved over to Jim's dock and got a 12" bass out from under it on the white swim jig. I then got the biggest northern of the day to the West of Jim's dock. I threw a bunch of casts from Jim's dock and did miss a bite casting towards our place. That was it, 7 bass and 4 pike.

Rock- I got a small pike on a black spinnerbait.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trophy Away and Bonus Bass

Today we moved the Trophy up to the lake place where it will be stored for the winter. Before I use it next spring we are gonna check the lower unit seals and will need to put in lower unit gear lube.

Anyway after we got the boat in the garage I headed down to the lake front with the "lost jig". Today was absolutely gorgeous weather about 70 and dead calm. As I was casting my way across the shore line I came through a pocket in the weeds and seemed to spook something. I threw back and it struck and missed. I figured it had to be a pike. I let the pocket settle and kept working my way west. After about 4 minutes I tried the pocket again and had a wake follow then hit the jig. Much to my surprize it was not a pike but a 17" bass, kind of skinny though for this time of year. As I worked my way to Jim's dock I got a hammer handle. And fishing off Jim's dock casting West parallel to shore.  About half way out on the dock I got another Pike. I thought for sure this fish was going to be a bass.

I did also fish at Jenny's but didn't get any hits.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Shore Fishing

The weather has been nice for the past few days and Pete finally left, so I did some shore fishing today in the late afternoon.


Rock- Small Pike and 14" bass on the "lost jig." I might have had a hit on the black spinnerbait too.

Jenny's- 15"bass on the "lost jig"

GOMH- Nothing. The barrier was no longer in place at the new bridge. I was able to get out on some rip rap on the SE side. You have to watch your backcast, but it's a great spot to fish from. If they add a bunch of rip rap, it will make the GOMH much more fishable; If this will happen I don't know. I do think it will be hard for Lee Ander to fish because I don't really think there is a good place to sit down at the moment.