Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I have decided...

I have decided that the 06/07 Ice Fishing season will be a sabbitacal for me and my equipment. With about a month left before open water it isn't a very hard decision to make.

The 06/07 Ice Fishing season started out without safe Ice into the new year, thus delaying me getting my gear rounded up. I was given a permanent fish shack by my friend Dave Pranke of the Fishers of Men Fishing Club (Twin Cities). Interested in possibly using the new fish house, I tried to round up my gear in January. With the move to the new house my gear was scattered out, hard to find, and some of it was still at the lake in the boat house. All that rigmarole got me frustrated as I could not locate things I would need. After a couple of searches I gave up. The bug just never hit me to restart the search as the weather went into the deep freeze in late January through into February. It's now March and I still don't have my gear together, thus I have decided no Ice Fishing until next winter. Maybe I'll have a handle on all my gear by then.