Friday, January 21, 2005

Fishin' in a blizzard: 1st Trip 2005

Well some of the guys from the Fishers of Men got me to go out ice fishing today. We decided to head out on the big pond because we knew we could have plowed roads. Rumor had a good bite on 8 mile Flat. We met at the Onamia BP at about 10am and were fishing by by Noon. Mike Cummins, Pistol Pete, Goodrich, Vaughn, and 3 dogs were today's Posse. There was S and BS the whole time, close to white out conditions as we went back.

For our efforts a few bites and not much else. I landed 2 Perch, one of which was just shy of 13" and probably a bit over a pound. Got her on a pink Angel Eye spoon, at least I think that was what caught it. Nobody around us was getting much either. Had a few sniffers which may have been Eye's but who knows.

Ohh well, the road pass was only $7.50, kind of sucks when I need another ice reel and could get one right now for that price.

The BP is just not enthusiastic about icing Mille Lacs unless someone else is paying for that road pass or I am in a ice tournament where I can win something. Unless you know of a specific bite or have lots of experience on the lake, getting into em is such a crap shoot. I've never done super well there in the winter, I did however take 2nd Place and $100 in Gander Mountain Staff tournament a couple of years ago.

Sorry No pics, which bites cause that was a totally nice perch and Vaughn's dog is such a cutie.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The BP Fishing Log Blog is now Open!

This blog is part of the Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire which are offshoots of the Blog Bass Pundit.

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of the BP's personal fishing experiences, and photographs in detail. The goal is to document everytime I go fishing and create what is commonly known as a fishing log.