Saturday, April 01, 2017

Bulldog Prevented the Skunk

7.25" Cubby w/maggot
4:30-5:15PM GOMH SW SE
5:30-6:30 Rock Lake Access
6:45-7:50PM Bulldog
8:00-9:00PM GOMH SE SW
Conditions: 58-50℉, Partly Cloudy, Light West wind turning calm, Low water
I could launch a boat through that, I'm calling Platte Lake Open.  This was my first stop today, then I went to the GOMH.  There was a boat fishing the SW point.  I didn't see the guy catch anything.  I didn't get a bite and bailed in time to get minnows at Bear Trax.  I then went to Rock Lake.
I broke out the long rod.  Didn't get a bite at Rock.  I then headed to Bulldog hoping to get the skunk out of my night there.
Bulldog is open
At Bulldog I started seeing some fish activity to the North, but out of casting range.  The activity started getting closer.  I put what was left of a wax worm on the Cubby and missed a bite. I put another wax worm that was in the process of turning on the Cubby.  I got a bite and it was no panfish.
14.5 Cubby w/Wax Worm
 That was pretty much my last wax worm, so I dug into what is left of my maggots.  I got a couple sunfish on that and missed several hits as well.
5" Cubby w/spike
At 8PM I headed to the GOMH.  Nobody was there and I didn't get a bite.  Guess the fish didn't move in today lie I thought they would.

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