Friday, March 31, 2017

That Was Quick! Silver Has Arrived.

9" Cubby & Minnow
4:30-7:15PM Rock Lake
7:30-9:30PM GOMH SE
Conditions: 55-40℉, Mostly Sunny, Wind out of the North turning calm around 7PM, Low water

I started my fishing trip tonight with a brief stop at Bulldog.  A bunch of torn up reeds got blown into the access outlet area.  If nobody removes them it will make for great cover.  There was still ice on 15% of the lake.

I then drove around on North Platte Lake Drive.  The north bay was still iced up, but other than that it looked open.

Rock Lake was open and that is where I fished until 7:15PM

17.75" Cubby & Minnow
I just had one bite and landed it.  It got calm and I was getting chilled so I made the call to go to the GOMH.
Color me surprised that there was still ice at the access.  There were a couple of guys at the GOMH.  They hadn't gotten anything.  I ended up setting up on the NE side.  Those guys left.  I was just about to go up and get my dogfish rods when I got a bite on the Cubby.
14.5" Cubby & Minnow
Jumpin' Bullhead.

I decided to break out the lighted bobber.  I had a bite, but I missed it.  It felt very silverish.  I quickly put another minnow on and threw back to the same area.  A fish picked it up almost immediately and I got the silver bullhead at the top of this blog.  I had one other hit that I missed.

Can't say I'm shocked the silver bullheads showed up tonight.  It was sunny all day.  Now the question is will the bullheads move in thick starting tomorrow.  Bummer it had to happen on the weekend.

The long range forecast says we are in a run of above average temps, fishing should get good fast.

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