Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Morning Gold and Cane Fish/Fishing with the Brothers Evening

16" Bobby's Perfect (Sparrow)
GOMH 5:00-6:30AM (Pictures got corrupted beyond repair)
Conditions: Mid 50's, Mostly Sunny, ENE Wind

I got an 18" golden bullhead on a Sexy Shad Rippin Rap and 22" toothy on the NE side.  Got one hammer handle on the SW side on the Jerk Shad and that was it.
3.50lb/17.75" Poison/Swim Fluke Jr.
7:00-11:00AM Dennis Flat, Double Cane, Big Bass Point
Conditions: 60-65℉, Mostly Sunny, ENE ESE Wind
Water Temp: 62-65℉

So I went into where we got them last night up by shore along the Starting Spot and the fish weren't there. Next, I headed out onto Dennis Flat and all I found out there was a few pike.  I ended up drifting through the reeds.  I got a few along the cane and on the back side where there was reeds and cabbage.  I had a loon come in close to check out what was up.  I then drifted over to big bass point and got a couple there as well.  On one of my casts, the loon followed my Poison back to the boat.  I quit at 11AM.

9 Bass
8 Pike
3.83lbs/19.25" Terminator Frog
7:30-9:30PM Loons Sex, Starting Spot
Conditions: 70-68℉, Partly Cloudy, Light ENE Wind
Water Temp 68℉
Steve and I almost got a double
We got out a little later than I wanted, but what am I gonna do.  Steve got permission from the wife to come along.  We headed to Loon Sex Bay first.  Steve missed a really good blow up in the first 5 minutes.  A couple of minutes later Todd was casting to the same area general area of Steve's miss when the big one of the night lit up Todd's Terminator Frog.  We missed a few hits and I got a 15 incher on the Bobby's Perfect.  For the most part, it was slow in Loon Sex.  At 8:45PM I made the move North.  The fish were on there.
13" Steve not impressed with his first catch 

Feeling much better about his second.
Steve got 3, I got 2, and Todd got 1 on the Starting Spot.  We all missed some as well. Todd got the two biggest of the night.
16.5" Terminator Frog (Yellow)
6 Biggest Bass of the Day

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