Sunday, May 27, 2018

Devin Gets a Big'n Off the Dock! And More

3.24Lbs 4" Yum Dinger
5:30-8:00AM Starting Spot, Reeds Across the Way
Conditions: 58-70℉, Partly Cloudy turning overcast, Light North Wind turning calm
17" Terminator Frog
So I slept through my alarm for 35 minutes.  Then I didn't take any 5-hour Energy.  I think I arrived at the Lake Place about 15 after 5AM.  It didn't take long and we were off to the starting spot.  Todd got the biggest fish of the trip right away.  Naturally, I went toward where we got them last night (East), except the fish weren't there or they weren't biting.  The sun might have had something to do with it, who knows.  I got us headed back to the West where the shoreline is more shaded and I got 3x16ers on a Horny Toad. 
16.5" Horny Toad

Todd missed a couple of hits and cut the trip short to go running with Kristen.  I headed to the reeds across the way and found a bunch of small pikes, not a single bass.  Not having taken the 5-Hour Energy just killed me because conditions were perfect, but I was running on fumes and had to go home and go to sleep.

I got up around 3PM when the girls called to have me come and take them tubing.  Isabelle caught her a bass off the dock while I was asleep.  After taking the girls out tubing while we were waiting for dinner Devin was fishing off the dock and caught herself a toad
15" Terminator Frog
8:45-9:30PM Starting Spot
Conditions: 79℉, Partly Cloudy, ENE Light Wind

So Todd Belle and I went to the starting spot.  I was to busy trying to find the fish to take a picture of the sunset, which was gorgeous.  I had some pike swirl and missed one that sucked the toad runner in.  Todd kept us from getting skunked.  Belle might have had a fish on for a few seconds as well.
  I think I didn't get 17" bass Todd caught in the morning recorded.  A pretty solid day for how little time was put in and the fish not being very active.

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