Thursday, August 02, 2018

Steve and I Missing Fish at the Melon Patch

3.21lb/17.25" Ish's Phat Frog
7:00-9:10PM Melon Patch
Conditions: Upper 60's, Partly Cloudy, 2-8MPH SSE
Water Temp: 75-72℉

Steve and I headed to the Melon Patch to do a little Snatching.   Steve missed the first couple of hits he got but didn't miss the one in the pic which annihilated him way back in the stuff.  He lost a really big bass when he set the hook a little too quick and had a big dogfish get off as he was playing it boat side.  I missed my first couple of bites.  Then I had a pike go after my Bobby's Perfect, Terminator Frog, and Toad Runner.  I also lost what must have been a big dogfish. I set the hook hard and was bowed up really good and it just came off.  The wind was annoying.

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