Sunday, July 29, 2018

Good Night Out In the Trophy And The Melon Patch

4.58lbs/19" Bobby's Perfect (Sparrow)
5:30-9:15PM Docks Across, Melon Patch
Conditions: 77-65℉, Partly Cloudy, Calm-4MPH SW NW
Water Temp: 77-72℉

As I shoved off Steve was fishing with Mac. Because the wind was out of the SW I went and started on Jenny's reeds.  Didn't get anything, so I headed across to the docks.  I think I got an 11.5" bass on the third one and then had an 11.5" throw the jig as I was boat flipping it.  I then had a pike steal the Terminator Jig I was using, so I put another one on.  I then missed what I think was a good bass.  I started throwing the Terminator Frog in the pads.
2.73lbs/16.5" Terminator Frog (Black/Red)
This fish was the result and the only bite I got in the pads.  I then pulled a 16,13.5, 12.5, and 11.5" off of "The Dock".  As I came around the front side I had a pike bite off my jig again.  I got a 15.5" on the Terminator Jig I tied on and that fish did in my last Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog. It was rumbling off to the NE, so I headed as far West as I could go in Platte.

There is a rainbow ray faintly visible in both pictures.
The West end of Big West Bay is water I haven't fished in years and I don't think I have ever fished it this late in the summer.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered.  I am calling the area the Melon Patch because it was full of bassmelons.
The Melon Patch
19" Melon

2.68lbs/17" Bobby's Perfect (Sparrow)

2.88lbs/17" Bobby's Perfect
A pike trying to get the Sparrow was the first sign of life.  I then had a hot fish miss a couple times before finally getting my frog right in front of me.  It was 16.25" bass.  I then got the big momma.  She buried me in the rice big time, but I was eventually able to get her to the boat.  I was able to dig through the junk verify it wasn't a dog and get her lipped. I then got the first 17-incher, then a 16.25", and the last 17-inch fish.  The last 17 hit in the really thick rice.  I wasn't sure if it got the frog or not.  After about a 4 second pause I set the hook and thankfully she was still on.
Sunset over the Melon Patch just before I got the last 17-incher
17.76lbs for my Best 6 Bass today

13 Bass

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