Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Willard Was At The GOMH Tonight, Got Skunked Again

Willard is in the truck
5:30-8:15PM Bulldog, Rock, and GOMH
Conditions: 51-47℉, Mostly Cloudy, Very Light E wind.

I was amazed, GOM Willard has come back to the GOMH.  Highlight of the evening was catching up with him.  His older brother GOM Lewis has cancer pretty bad.  Willard was also at the GOMH this morning and somebody was fishing that didn't catch anything.
Tonight's Money Shot

Bulldog from Holy Family
Bulldog Lake was about 1/3 of the way open tonight.  Long looked to be 40% open.
Rock Lake looking North
Rock Lake was maybe 20% open and I would say the same for Platte.
Platte is open along the south shore of the Big Island
Three C-130's tonight flying low to Fort Ripley
I didn't get a bite tonight, but I did get a Piranha stuck in the ice at Rock Lake the about 4 feet in from the water line.  It just wouldn't come loose and I wasn't going to break the line and lose it.  I tried snagging it with both of my heavier set ups.  That was unsuccessful.  Eventually I used a piece of two by four drift wood to accelerate the melting process along the ice line.  After about an hour it finally came loose when the water line reached it.  Apparently it was hung up on the Trailer Hitch by the way that thing was bent out of shape.

My guess ice off Long Lake tomorrow and on the 31st for Bulldog, Rock, and Platte.

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