Saturday, March 04, 2017

No Tullibee This Morning

10.75" VMC Fly w/Jamei and spike
6:00-10:00AM Sullivan Lake the Tullibee Hole
Conditions: 24-34℉, Mostly Sunny, Windy SE, 25'-26' of water most fish came 15' down

I was hoping to luck into some tullibee this morning.  I was up at 4:30AM and off to the lake by 5:30.  I was fishing by 6:00AM.  I caught a small crappie right away on the Demon/minnow combo.  I then missed a fish that took the bobber down.  About 20 minutes later I got a 9.5" crappie on the VMC Fly w/Jamei.  I got a nice crappie on the minnow, then one on the Fly.  I put a wax worm on the Demon for about 20 minutes. And jigged a rattle spoon with a wax worm dropper hoping to get a tullibee.  Didn't really seem like anything showed interest in that.  I got a 7" sunfish.  A little after sunrise I went to holes that were a little deeper.  I got a little more action there and some possible tullibee looks.  I put down the Aqua-Vu, but visibility wasn't any good so I brought it right back up.  I got a few more crappies and a good bluegill.

8.9" VMC Fly
Things slowed down by 9:30.  I switched holes a little shallower and didn't get anything there.  I packed up at 10AM

12 Crappies
3 Sunfish

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