Sunday, March 05, 2017

No Tullibee This Morning Either

8.9" VMC Fly w/Mak Jamei and spike
6:30AM-12:00PM Sullivan Lake (Tullibee Area)
Conditions: 32-48℉, Windy SSE, Cloudy to Sunny, 26' fish were 10' of the bottom
The rod bag fell of the Fish Trap when I first started walking out and I didn't realize it until after I was all the way out.  That wasted a good 15 minutes.  There was snow on the ice when I went out, by the time I left not so much.
About an hour before I left, a wet mess.
 There was pretty much almost nothing going on where I fished yesterday.  I caught maybe 2 sunny's and this one little crappie.

All fish were caught on the Fly/Jamei Combo
I decided to move farther to the South and I got into a school of active sunfish and picked up 9 nice sized ones.
8" VMC Fly
3.5" VMC Fly
I got into a school of little perch that just lit up the Vex.  I put the AquaVu Micro 5c camera down and they were all over the place.

1 Crappie
11 Sunfish
3 Perch

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