Saturday, September 05, 2020

Fishing with Jaimen Morning/Duck Hunter Shuts The Bite Down Evening

5.20lbs/20.25" Bobby's Perfect (Sparrow)

Jaimen 1st Fish of the Morning

2.09/15.66" (Sparrow)

6:50-11:00AM Intersection, NW Reeds Sul, S. Inlet Bay to Cookie Jar
70-50℉, PC, 0-4mph SSW
59-62℉ Low

I picked up Jaimen and we headed to the Intersection. Jaimen got a bite where I missed the fish last night. After the fish didn't hook up at least 3 different times Jaimen finally brought in the pike. We then went to a spot Jaimen is really high on in the NW reeds. Jaimen had one or two fish bury him in the reeds. I put the first bass in the boat with a fish that was hooked under the chin. Something got blown up in the reeds. As we were on our way there I got a 14-incher that I finessed through the reeds. Good thing I did that because it was barely hooked. Jaimen lost a fish on a swim jig right after that.  We were going to head back to Platte Lake when Jaimen got word his buddy had arrived. I dropped Jaimen off and headed for South Inlet Bay. Heard activity and got some pike. Finally got a bass blow up at Center R/R/P. I set the hook and only my empty Power Clip came back at me. Easy come easy go. I worked my way all the way to the Cookie Jar getting a couple more pike

1 Pike

2 Bass
12 Pike
Sparrow 5lber from above

4.67lbs/19" Sparrow

4lber Choked It

3.61lbs/18" Sparrow

6:20-8:10PM Double Cane and Big Bass Point
69-72℉, MC, 0-4mph SSE

I wanted to be out fishing by 5PM.  That didn't work out for me because I didn't know what the issue was with the Expedition, so I had to wait for the Kia. I got to the Lake at 6PM, quickly loaded the boat and headed to Double Cane. Conditions were ideal. I missed the first fish to swirl on me due to the reeds. I then put a cast to the Cane/Reed edge and the 5lber crushed it. Sucky Ducky, what a great start!  I then had a good fish bury me in a patch of thicker reeds/pads. I got a pike out of the reeds. I got the 3lber as I came around the NE edge of the Cane. I then headed to the rice to the North. In an open spot I got a 15-incher and then had the 4lber choke the frog. The 4lber put on an aerial show and I thought it was going to be another 5lber. While I was landing the fish a duck hunter with the loudest motor I've ever heard and felt, came cruising past me headed East through the slop. I didn't get another blow up the rest of the night. I did have a fish dog me on the Northside of the cane. Jaimen and his buddy came by and they got one small bass. I switched to Big Bass Point hoping fish might be going there, but I got nothing. It's a bummer I didn't get out earlier and a bummer the duck hunter had to come by. I am pretty sure I would have landed a couple more pigs had that not happened.

4 Bass
4 Pike

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