Friday, November 30, 2018

Foggy Morning On Rock

7.5" Tubby Jig/Wax Worm

8.5" Tubby Jig/Maggies
8:30-11:00PM Rock Lake
28℉, Cloudy/Fog, 0-3 South

So I got the camera all set up and nothing.  After about 15 minutes of that, I was thinking about moving but then two sunfish and a bass came through. Shortly after that, I caught my first sunny.  It was all sunfish for about an hour and half.  I caught most of the ones I saw. Then a perch swam into view.  I caught it.  While I was taken its picture I didn't notice that my bobber had gone down.  I threw the perch back and yanked.  Nothing,  I reeled up and the minnow was still there.  I sent it back down and a pike was on screen immediately eyeing the minnow which was swimming furiously.  Unfortunately, the pike didn't hit again.  A few more sunfish moved through but were skittish about biting.  I hung it up at 11AM

9 Sunfish
1 Perch

1 Bass
1 Pike
10 Sunfish

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Rock Lake Sunfish & A Couple Crip's As Well

Forgot the Camera, so no pictures.

4:00-7:30PM Rock Lake
27℉, Cloudy light snow, 0-3 MPH S

Kaylee snuck out while I was putting stuff in the car, Doh.  So I went down to fill the front tire and the parents came home.  Kaylee went in with them.  I talked with mom for a couple of minutes got dressed and headed out. A young guy was just getting off the Rock Lake when I pulled up to the access.  He said he only got a few perch.  Said he got some nice Crappies off the Rock Dock this summer.  I headed North past my spot to a weed point I marked fishing out of the Trophy a few years ago.  I drilled about 10 holes, then went looking with the Aqua-Vu.  There were sunfish in the second hole I checked. I quickly got the the Tubby Rod rigged up with some maggots.  Missed the first bite, but got the 2nd.  It was a 8-inch gill. Next fish was 9.5" pumpkinseed.  I then missed a couple of bites.  Got three 7-inchers and one more 8-inchers before they shut off.  I got two 7-inch crappies as I worked my way back to my spot.  Had one solid red mark about 6 feet of the bottom in 16 feet of water.  Couldn't get it to bite.  Bullhead maybe???

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Missing Bites On Long

7" Tubby Jig/Maggie (Glow)
4:30-6:30PM Long Lake
25℉, Cloudy light snow, 3-8mph SE

I got a later start than I wanted to and then there was a permanent sitting on the spot I fished yesterday.  I eenie meenie minny mo'ed to the area where the house village has been set up in years past rather than going backto Pete's spot.  I didn't mark anything in the four sets of holes I drilled.  I set down the Glow Demon/minnow first.  And fished a pink/white crappie jig with maggie.  Nothing showed up, so I sent down the pink uv Rippin Rap.  That called something in. It bit and I missed it.  Wasted way to much time in this initial set. I think I missed one more bit.  I went through at least 4 more sets of holes working my way West.  I missed at least one bite in all but one set of holes. Didn't get a bite on the minnow/Demon. I came to realize that the pink/white crappie jig didn't glow, so I took that off replacing it with the glow VMC Tubby Jig/maggots.  I missed my first couple of bites before finally connecting with a fish.  I missed two more bites and caught one more around the same size. The interference wasn't as bad and fish were occasionally coming in but I was bored and getting cold so I gave up.   Think I'm going to give Rock Lake a shot tomorrow to see if I can find something there.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Two Crappie On Long Tonight

10" Glow Demon/minnow
4:45-6:00PM Long Lake
20℉, Partly Cloudy, 0-4 NW

When I arrived at the access there was nobody on the lake.  I went to a spot about 100 yards North of where I fished with Pete.  There were numerous holes drilled in this area.  I drilled 3 sets of holes.  On my way back to the original set I noticed that an old hole looked freshly frozen over.  I stuck the Ion on it and immediately broke through.  I went on to find at least 10 such holes.  They must have left shortly before I arrived.  Suspended fish showed up in multiple holes including the first set I drilled, so that is where I put my minnow down.  Wouldn't you know it the fish disappeared when I put my VMC Fly/Jamei/Maggie down.  I was just about to move when the 10" came and took the Demon/minnow.  I had a few fish pick at the minnow and sniff at the Fly.  It got dark and stuff started coming up off the bottom. I switched to a different set of holes.  I caught 1 small 5.5" crappie on the Demon Minnow.  Had a few other sniffers.  The interference got thick and I was bored, so I packed up at 6PM.  Maybe it's a day bite? the water was 36'-38'.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Long Lake With Pete

8" VMC Fly/Jamei/Wax
4:00-6:00PM Long Lake P30'
20-18℉, Partly Cloudy, 2-6mph NW

Headed to Long Lake with Pete on Don's recommendation.  There were two port's along the western edge of the hole.  Pete took us just little ways south of the southernmost house.  We talked to that guy and he said he got one small pike.  He drilled about 10 holes in a circle 4-5" of ice.  He lost a good fish right away.  Pete caught the first crappie at about 4:45PM.  I had my line get tangled up on my spring bobber.  Had to break it off. Lost the No-Knot Snap on the ice.  The other guy left and the farther North guy came to see if we had a phone.  I forgot mine and Pete didn't have service.  I had a good mark move in while we were talking with the guy.  He left.  I got a couple 8-inchers on the VMC Fly/Jamei/Wax Worm.  Pete ended up keeping 5 and releasing 1.

2 Crip
6 Crip Pete

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Skunked on Platte With Pete

El Skunko
5:00-7:00PM Platte Lake Out from Access
30-27℉, Cloudy, 10-13mpn NW

While Pete's car is in the shop he insisted on coming up here to do some ice fishing.  We tried Platte tonight.  He had one bite.  I didn't mark anything.  He brought no bait, no spikes for his boots, and no slush scoop.  It's to bad it was so windy tonight.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Bulldog Slick and Wet

8" Glow Demon/minnow
5:30-9:00PM Bulldog Lake
40-36℉, Cloudy some mist, 5mph E

I decided to hit Bulldog tonight.  There were two trucks parked at the access with a guy and his dog coming in.  He was fishing pike.  Don't remember if he said he got any or not.  As I started out the other two anglers who were fishing started heading in.  They were along the North East shoreline I think.  When we passed each other I was surprised that it was two women.  They said they didn't have any luck.  I got out to the hole and started walking around with the Vex.  I took longer than expected but I marked a fish, so I drilled a pair of holes.  When I got my lines down the fish were gone.  I went out and walked around with the Vex again.  There were a few frozen up holes in the area I was searching.  Eventually, I marked another fish so I got the Ion and drilled a couple more holes.  I lost the first couple of crappies at the hole.  They bit on the VMC Fly with Maki Jamei.  I got the one I took a picture of on the Glow Demon and minnow.  There were a few other fish that picked at the minnow but never pulled the bobber down.  I went out and walked around with the Vex again and marked a pair of fish, so I drilled holes.  This is where I spent the rest of the night.  The fish were amazingly skittish for first ice.  A lot of lookers. I ended up with 6 crappies on the VMC Fly with Wax Worm.  I lost about 5 fish that hit as well.

9 Crappies

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Looking Not Finding Much On Rock, I Was A Cold Mess

Same size as last night's crappie
Broke the tripod for the second time
10:30AM-1:30PM Rock Lake
16-18℉, Cloudy, Sunny, Cloudy, 4-8mph East

So I took another trip out to Rock Lake to see what I could spy with the Aqua-Vu.  I had it on the tripod in the 5-gallon bucket.  It was stuck and like a fool, I forced it loose breaking the tripod again.  Nothing a little super glue won't fix, but it was a boneheaded move.  I redrilled holes from last night and worked my way North.  I spotted a pike in the first hole.  I swear it took me 5 minutes to get a line down. The pike was gone, but I got a couple of perch.  A couple of perch in the next hole.  The third hole down I hooked into a 20-inch pike on the Glow Demon Spoon.  The hook was in its lip and I fought it well.  I had it in the hole several times. Finally, I went to grab it missed and my line broke.  Was not a happy camper.  Spotted a few more perch.  Didn't see any bass, gills, bowfin, bullheads, or crappie.  Should have stayed in the 10 foot and under range. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

One Small Crappie at Rock

5:30-8:30PM Rock Lake
27℉, Cloudy, 0-4mph NW

Forgot to bring the camera tonight. Was bummed to discover they have closed the Holy Family Access on Bulldog Lake. I went to Rock Lake and ice was safe out to my spot, but all I got was one 4" crappie. Had a fish take my minnow when I was away in the first pair of holes. I put another minnow down and 5 minutes later the crappie came through. That was the only fished I marked as well. Drilled probably 25 holes or so. Just couldn't find any fish. It was warm enough out with all the moving around I didn't need to use the heater. I fished my way back to the landing.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Skunked In the 1st Ice Trip

A tracked vehicle skirted the shore and pulled out a dark house
Amazingly enough, I got my crap together and headed out to ice fish today. I went to Bear Trax and picked up minnows and waxies. So I went to Bulldog first.  About 30 feet beyond the reeds I broke through on the second poke.  So I headed to Platte Lake Public Access where I knew the ice was safe.  There were a couple of portables out about 150 yards or so to the North West.  I went about 150 yards out to the NE into about 14' of water.  I drilled three sets of holes.  Realized I forgot my lantern at home.  Didn't mark anything in them.   Fished two sets of holes.  Talked to a guy who was walking back from way up the lake that got into crappies and gills.  He said he wasn't sure going that far was worth it.  The other houses left before that happened.  I went over to the holes to the North West.  Didn't mark anything there and called it a night.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

2 Bites And A Bump (Slow Final Night at the Jetty)

4.67lbs/24.5" Jerk Shad (Crackle)

4.78lbs/24.5" Jerk Shad (Chart Shad)

5:30-9:00PM North Corner
35℉, Cloudy some sleet, 0-7mph WNW NW

I thought with the front coming in the fish might be on the bite, so I got there before dark tonight.  It was dead calm at that point and the fish weren't going.  I think it was about 7 or so when the wind came up and I caught the first fish of the night on the Crackle Jerk Shad.  About 15 minutes later I had one bump it pretty good on the pause, but not hook up.  The wind picked up and started coming in more out of the North.  I went and tried at the South Jetty Harbor Mouth and didn't get a hit.  I went back to the North Corner and got that last fish on the Chartreuse Shad Jerk Shad.  My headlamp batteries were pretty weak and made landing the fish a challenge because I couldn't see it to play it in correctly.  I decided to call it a night at that point.  Better safe than sorry.  This will probably be my last open water trip of the year.
 2 Eyes

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Got Out to the Jetty Tonight

5.40lbs (Tomato)

5.40lbs Jerk Shad (Tomato)

3.02lbs (Chart Shad)

3.02lbs Jerk Shad (Chart Shad)

5.11lbs (Crackle)

5.11lbs Jerk Shad (Crackle)
Harbor Mouth

The Face of the Jetty at Center Standing Rock
6:05-7:05PM North Corner
7:05-7:40PM Went to Subway
7:45-8:20PM South Jetty Harbor Mouth
8:45-10:00PM North Corner
38-36℉, Clear half moon, 12mph SSW

I was happy to see open water at Eddy's Jetty.  The rocks being covered with snow covered ice not so much.  The docks were ice-free, but I didn't catch a thing at the North Harbor Mouth.   Probably a good thing as I don't know how I would have landed a 5lber.  On the first cast at the North Corner I wasn't paying attention and snagged the Tomato Jerk Shad in the rocks.  I tried and tried to get it unsnagged and eventually the line broke.  Was not happy! Went and tied on my last Tomato Jerk Shad; I discovered it in the tackle box I gave to Steve last Spring.  I promptly caught the biggest fish of the night.  After not getting any more bites I switched out the Tomato for a Crackle.  I got two eyes (4.54,2.60lbs) on the Crackle in the North Corner.  I got cold, so I went and ate a meatball sub at Subway.  I came back and fished at the South Harbor Mouth.  Caught one walleye on my second cast on the Chartreuse Shad Jerk Shad.  That was it for bites at the Harbor Mouth.  I ended the night fishing the North Corner getting two nice ones (5.11,5.09lbs) on the Crackle.  For both of those fish, I had to sprawl out over the ice to land the fish.  The final fish was hooked in the gill and bled all over.  It did swim away when I released it at the harbor mouth.  I doubt the fish will make it, but you never know.
25.77lbs for 6 Eyes
6 Eyes   

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Spent Election Night Rolling Eyeballs

5.59lbs/24.9" Jerk Shad (Tomato)

Same as above

4.89lbs/24.5 Jerk Shad (Tomato) Last fish of the night

21" (Tomato) 1st Fish of the Night

14" (Chart Shad) Smallest Eye of the Night
5:30-10:00PM NCSR, Harbor Mouth North and South Jetty
31-29℉, Cloudy with snow, 10mph WNW

I arrived at Eddy's a few minutes after the guy that beat me to the Jetty last week.  He was headed to the Harbor Mouth while I was putting my Ice Armor Stuff on.  Next thing I know he's reeling in a fish.  He caught fish on two out of his first 3 casts.  I got out and started fishing.  That wind was COLD.  It was out of the WNW not producing much in the way of wave action, but it made fishing the North Corner a pain because I couldn't use my body to shield my hands from the wind.  I caught my first fish (21") off the North Corner Standing Rock on the Tomato Jerk Shad. The NCSR sits on the lakeward/southern part of the corner so I was able to shield my hands there. I had a fish hook up then quickly get off on the Center Standing Rock. With the way the wind was, I thought maybe the South Jetty might be a better place to fish from.  I went to tell the guy what I caught and tell him where I was going.  He told me he was going to leave and showed me what he was fishing with, a deep diving Shadow Rap, which he reeled in very slowly.  Interesting,  I would never think to throw a bigger lipped bait for fear of losing it to the rocks.  Anyway, I got up on the Harbor Mouth Standing Rock and proceeded to immediately break off my Chartreuse Shad Jerk Shad when my cast suddenly stopped.  My line broke about 5 feet up from the lure.  Freezing guides or line was the most likely reason why my line stopped  Dang it, that was a fish catcher.  I went back and tied my back up Chartreuse Shad on.  I carry a back up of that color because I have lost quite a few of them to pike at the Grumpy Old Man Hole.  Anyway, I caught that little fish then headed to the car and drove over to the South Jetty.  I warmed up in the car for a while listening to election results on the Fox News Channel.

At the South Jetty, nothing was going off the South Corner, but there were fish at the South Harbor Mouth.  I caught 3 fish (19,?,19) on the Tomato and 4 fish (22.5,20,24.9,21) on the Chartreuse Shad.  I also had one fish hook up and get off fairly quickly.  The ? fish was at least 24-inches long that got off as I was pulling it up on the rocks.  I was able to touch the fish, but not grab it before it swam off;  I used the 22.5-inch fish twice on the scale to account for that caught but unweighed fish.  I did have to go back to the car once to war up.  I went back to the North Jetty to end the night.  I lost a big one at the CSR and caught that last big fish (24.5) at the Harbor Mouth on the Tomato.  This may be my last trip to Jetty as we are going into a deep freeze for at least a week.
    10 Eyes

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Skunked Tonight

The wind was coming almost straight into the Jetty at about 10 MPH with big rollers coming in.  The North Coner was unfishable.  Didn't get anything at the Harbor Mouth. Temp was 35 degrees.  I went and sat in the car for about 40 minutes.  The wind didn't let up any. I went back out.  Thought this is crazy packed up and left.  Turns out I just should have waited to go until about 7:30PM.  Oh well, I got to watch the Packers get beat instead.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Small Fish In the Morning, Bigger In the Evening

18" Jerk Shad (Tomato)

18.5" Jerk Shad (Chart Shad)
6:00-8:00AM North Corner
32℉, Partly Cloudy, 7mph SE

I was up and the wind was right so I headed out to the Jetty.  It was cold in that wind, but the fish were on the North Corner.  I caught the 1st one on the Tomato Jerk Shad and the final three (18.5,17,19.5) on the Chartreuse Shad Jerk Shad.  The fish were done by 6:45AM.
35.80lbs For my Best 8 Eye's today
6:45-10:00PM All Over the North Jetty
41℉, Cloudy, 2-4mph East

I forgot to bring the camera along, Doh!.  I just knew I was going to catch them when I realized I forgot the camera after catching the first fish.  Conditions were perfect and the fish cooperated.  First fish of the night was a 20-incher on the Rage Swimmer at the Harbor Mouth.  Next fish was the heaviest one of the night (5.70lb/25.5) caught on the stinger hook of the Rage Swimmer in the Harbor Mouth.  I then caught a couple of good ones (23.75,25.5) off of the Center Standing Rock on the Rage Swimmer.  I then moved to the North Corner Standing Rock and got bit right after the Swimmer Hit the water;  That fish got off after a few seconds.  I had a good fish follow my next cast in right below where I was standing.  I ended up hooking up with that fish, but it got off.  Bummer, it was a 24-inch plus fish.  A couple of casts later I was hooked up with a 26.5-inch fish.  I got one more 24.5-inch fish on the Swimmer and then the action on big fish and on the Swimmer stopped.  I got three fish (21,19.5,20.5) on the Ghost Shad KVD Jerkbait.  I ended the night with four fish on the Tomato Jerk Shad (20,17.75,18,23.5).  14 fish caught in the evening trip.

18 Eyes for the Day   

Friday, November 02, 2018

Rough Start, Took A Break, Wind Fish

22" Jerk Shad (Tomato)

(Not sure what all the blood is about on the first fish was hooked from the outside)
6:20-8:10PM Nothing!  Was calm and cold.  I was discouraged so I went and got a meatball sub.
9:00-10:00PM North Corner
32-31℉, Clear, 4-6mph SE

The wind must have started up right after I left for Subway.  As I sat in front of the South Jetty eating my sub I watched as the waves started to build.  The wind was a little lighter than last night and more out of the South.  Basically setting up perfect conditions for the North Corner to be hot and hot it was. I put on the Tomato and they were all over it.  I caught 3 fish (19.5,18,19.5) in about 15 minutes.  I then took off the Tomato and briefly tried the beat up Crackle Jerk Shad with a feathered treble.  Didn't get a bite.  I put the Tomato back on and they were even more all over it than before.  I caught 5 (20,19,18,22,17.5) fish and had 3 more pull off shortly after hooking up.  I forgot to weigh the 22-incher, doh!  I ended the night with an 18-incher on the Rage Shad.
9 Eyes (Not bad for a night I thought I might get skunked)

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Slow Bite

5.29lbs/25+" Rage Swimmer (GS)

Heavier than he/she looked, had stuff in the belly

18.5" Jerk Shad (Tomato)
6:40-10:00PM Center Standing Rock and Harbor Mouth North Jetty
40-35℉, Cloudy to Clear, Calm to 7mph East

I had been fishing for more than an hour before I got the first fish (18.5) on the Tomato Jerk Shad off of the Center Standing Rock.  A little before 8:30PM the wind picked up to about 4-7mph coming straight at the Jetty. It took about 25 minutes for rollers to start coming in.  The casting was proving to be difficult, so I picked up the Rage Swimmer. I quickly caught an 18.5-incher and the big one at the Harbor Mouth.  Then nothing. At 9:50PM I picked up the 6'8" Avid Rod with the Crackle Jerk Shad on it.  For whatever reason, I haven't thrown the Crackle the past few nights.  I won't be throwing that particular Crackle lure anymore because on the first cast my line cut at the spool.  I was dumbfounded.  That was the lure that caught the most walleye's in October and it was gone, not to a pike, but to a backlash. COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!

I did catch a 16-incher on the Stinger Hook of the Rage Swimmer as the clock struck 10PM.
4 Eyes (Twas a tough night)