Thursday, April 29, 2021

Morning GOMH/ Rock, Bulldog, GOMH in the Evening

18" THE Jig/Minnow (Glow/Pink)

23.5" Storm Swim Shad (Purple)

 5:45-7:15AM GOMH NE SW 
48℉, PC, Calm

Warm and calm morning. Thought I might get some silver. Nope just a few jumpers and a toothy. Beautiful moon when I arrived. Don't remember much about the trip as I am writing this almost a week later.
6" THE Jig/wax (Ch/Org)

Went fishing between 3:00 and 4:00 presumably at Rock Dock. Think I caught a pike, but didn't record it. Fished Rock, Bulldog, and GOMH in the evening. Got a couple sunfish at Bulldog and lost two or three fish while bringing them in. Didn't record a fish elsewhere so that is what I am going with. Think Lanter Man was at the GOMH, but not positive about that.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Rock Dock/Productive Trophy Trip In the PM

7.5" THE Jig/wax worm
Storm Swim Shad
Calm night on the lake
3:30-4:00PM Rock Dock, Bulldog,GOMH
62℉, PC, Calm

On my way back to feed Kaylee, I hit Rock Dock and GOMH. I got a bite on my second cast with the 2" Storm Swim Shad, the 17" pike in the picture. That little pike also took swings at two different size 6 X-Raps at the ramp. I also had a bigger pike swipe at the pearl X-Rap about 7-feet out from the dock. I didn't get any hits at the GOMH or Bulldog and only threw a few casts on each side.
6.5" THE Jig/waxie

6:00-10:00PM GOMH to River Mouth
55-64℉, PC, 0-3mph NE

I started mapping at the North GOMH Bay Point. There were people fishing off the bridge and the SE side. I didn't get any bites until I got to the Sunfish Area of the Intersection. It was slow to start. Lots of fish activity all around me. It picked up towards dark.  All I caught tonight were sunfish. No true bulls tonight, but I did get a few 8" fish. I then did some mapping and shining when it got dark enough. I saw one bass at the River Mouth and it was the only one I saw. A lot of shiners in the river mouth area though. The SPRO was mostly empty except for shiners. Once I got to the sunfish area I saw a bunch of them, but not the size of the first night. In one 30-foot stretch, I saw 6 pike. There was basically nothing from the second buoy to the GOMH except for a few shiners. I talked to Lantern Man who wasn't getting anything. I saw one good size crappie up towards the first dock North and also marked a boulder that I didn't know was there.

37 Sunfish

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Not Much Fishing On A Cool Late April Day

15" THE Jig/minnow

17.5" Storm Swim Shad

An Accidental Shot @ Rock Lake
I stopped at Rock Dock, Bulldog, and GOMH on my way to feed Kaylee this morning. It was cloudy and cool all day. I got the one pike off of the Rock Dock on the 2" Storm Swim Shad. Nothing at Bulldog or the GOMH.

In the afternoon, I elected to do some mapping in our bay with the Garmin Striker 7sv. I made the mistake of putting the transducer at the back of the boat. If it was on the front of the boat, I wouldn't have run at full speed with the transducer arm down in the water. I broke a rivet, but it could have been much worse. The arm is still useable, provided I don't go above 3.5mph. I also botched the turning the Traxxis Trolling Motor head in the morning, so I'm going to have to take it to Prince's to get that trainwreck figured out. I should have just asked them to do it for me when I bought it, doh.

I went out on the Trophy again in the evening and did some mapping at Reeds Across and F Flat. It was calm on F Flat, so I did some fishing there and caught the one bass. The only bite I got. There were some shiners around.


Monday, April 26, 2021

2 Trips, 2 Small Pike

17.5" THE JIg/Wax

The bridge S to North
It was in the mid to high 30's with rain for a good part of the morning and afternoon. Water temps dropped into to low 40's. The rain finally quit at 4PM. I hit the GOMH and Rock on my way back up to feed Mac. Nothing at the GOMH. I did get a small pike at Rock. I headed to the lake place at about 5:15PM.  I got Mac all taken care of by 6:20PM, so I headed down to take the Trophy out. I should have just went out and played with the Striker 7SV to get myself dialed in on how it works. Instead, I fished and couldn't figure out out to make the waypoint stick for the big deadhead in the SPRO. I did get a pike at the River Mouth. I think it's the same 17.5" I caught the last time I was there.  On my way back, I took the pic on my way back under the bridge. From what I can tell, it reads about 6 feet ahead of the boat at that depth. The first time through the tunnel, I was shocked that the images appeared before entering the tunnel. Just wish I would have thought to narrow the range to 25 feet when I went back through and took the picture. I did so a little scanning around the deep hole as well. I might have been marking some fish on the side scan out there, but I'm not totally positive. I checked at the GOMH on my way to check on Kaylee. Nobody there.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Skunk Morning/A Couple of Bass @ Rock & Jumpers & Pike @ GOMH

16.75" Storm Swim shad

It was my first overnight with Mack. He was up at 6AM.  I got him taken care of then went down front to take pictures. I think it was under 30-degree at that point. I fished at the GOMH in the morning missing the only bite I got on the SW side. They put the channel markers in yesterday on Sullivan. I forgot to mention that yesterday.

When I came back in the late afternoon I made a quick stop at the GOMH and didn't get bit. I did get the nice bass at the Rock Dock on the 2" Storm Swim Shad. It started to snow after 5PM, so I headed in to get Mack taken care of. At about 7PM I headed back to Rock and got a 13-inch bass on the Swim Shad. I stopped at Bulldog and busted off the Swim Shad on a weed, oops. I was surprised no one was at the GOMH. I didn't get a bite on the Sw side, so I tried the NE side. I got two jumpers and a toothy and missed a couple of other bites. I went back to the South side and didn't get anything. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Slow Saturday Trophy Trip

 7:00-9:00PM Intersection, River Mouth, GOMH, F Flat 
40-46℉, Sunny, 3-10mph WNW

I watched the Lake Fork weigh-in while I was getting my Garmin 7sv put together. Had a little complication with the mounting bracket and had to hunt down the right size bolt and nut because the one that came with the unit was too short. I then headed over to Steve's and got Mac taken care of. I got headed down to the lake around 6:20PM. I was surprised to learn the Brocraft and Scotty Mounts are compatible. Had I known that I would have had the Garmin 7 on the boat much sooner, Captain Procrastination was in no hurry to switch out the mounting brackets. I went over to F-Flat and took a couple passes, looking at things with side-imaging. I was able to make out very little of what I was looking at. I did a little fishing at the juice and didn't mark anything, so I bounced fast.  I then went to the Intersection, hoping to connect with more gills. All I got was the one perch. At sunset, I went to the River Mouth and caught a pike. I was headed in by 8:40, but no one was at the GOMH, so I stopped and fished. Didn't get a bite. Shined a bass on each side of the bridge (SW, NE), and there were shiners all over, but not a ton of them.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Rain In Morning/Mist in the Evening

9.5" THE Jig/maggie (Ch/Org)

15.75" Swim Shad

6:15-7:30AM GOMH NE, SW
40℉, Cloudy light rain, 3-6mph SSW

I thought there was a shot at some silver this morning in the rain. I was wrong, just two jumpers; One on the NE side and one on the SW side. I elected not to give Bulldog and Rock a shot.
9.5" THE Jig

9.5" THE Jig

5:30-8:45PM GOMH & Intersection in the Trophy
40-44℉, Cloudy with light rain and mist, 0-6mph SSW WNW

Got in the Trophy right away, not hitting Rock or Bulldog. Went to the GOMH first. Got a bass to the SW along Eagle Tree Point. Continued into the Intersection, eventually connecting with the gills. It was slow, and they were finicky, but nice one's for the most part. I caught 14. A front came through around 8PM, bringing a wind change and mist. I was bib in a bib, but my hands got cold. Talked to a guy at the GOMH on the way in who had lost one jumper; I stopped there again on my way home to see if Lantern Man was getting any. He had lost a dog or jumper, and the other guy had one silver. I didn't stay to fish.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Rock Dock and Out In the Trophy Tonight

11" THE Jig (No minnow) (CH/OR)

18" THE Jig/minnow (Chart/Org)
5:00-5:40PM Rock Dock
6:20-10:00PM Channel Inn Bay, GOMH, River Mouth, Intersection
50-60℉, Sunny, 0-7mph SSW
Water level normal falling with temps 46-48℉

I started tonight at the Rock Dock. I got the pike on my first cast. After that, it wasn't happening and the wind was under 10mph so I headed for the Trophy. Stopped in Channel Inn Bay, nothing going on. I then went to the GOMH, nothing. Then I went to the River Mouth. I pooched a couple of hooksets and caught a pike. It got calm after sunset. I went to the Intersection and sat down on a spot that baitfish got active. I caught the crappie. When it got dark enough I shined from the Intersection to Channel Inn Bay. The Intersection had some sunfish, shiners, and one big walleye. Over toward the GOMH, I finally started spotting some bass and pike. Nothing but baitfish in Channel Inn Bay. More fish should be moving up tomorrow.

2 Pike 
1 Crappie

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Calm Night with A Rock Lake Slime Rocket, Nothing at the GOMH

18" THE Jig/minnow (G/Pink

 I went over and got the rundown on the Pellet Heater at Steve's. I then went to Rock and got the pike and missed a bite. It was cool and calm tonight. I had an eagle fly over me as I was contemplating justice and judgment as it relates to myself and others. I stayed until dark hoping some crappies might show up. I then headed to the GOMH. There was the guy who knows Dad fishing the SE side. I briefly tried the NE side. He had gotten one jumper. We didn't get a bite. Lantern Man showed up around 9:30 as I was packing up. It was a beautiful night out with the growing moon and stars, just need to be 10 degrees warmer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Rock Dock In, I got Skunked


Rock Dock In
Tonight a little after 6:30PM I headed to the GOMH stopping to see if the dock was in at the Platte Lake Access, something I was going to do but forgot about last night. The Rowdy Bullhead fisherman was fishing on the North Side. I didn't get a bite in 20-minutes and headed to Rock where the Rock Dock was in. I got two bites there but didn't have either fish on for very long. I fished until it got dark and I was convinced I wasn't going to get a crappie. I then headed back to the bridge. There were a couple more guys fishing bullhead, no sign of Lantern Man. I fished briefly on the SW and SE side. Saw a little crappie and some little sunfish in the rocks, but not nearly as many as a couple nights ago. They were really tucked into the rocks tonight. The Bullhead fishermen left when I did. I had ice forming in my guides at Rock and the GOMH so it was just below freezing.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Morning and Evening Quick Trips to the GOMH

14" Craw Tube (Huckleberry)

18" Storm Swim Shad (Purple)
6:30-7:30AM GOMH NE SW
32℉, Cloudy some snow, 5-12mph WNW

I got the jumper pretty quickly on the NE side. Then it started snowing pretty well, and I couldn't deal with it because it was blowing right in my face. I got the pike on my first cast with the 2" Storm Swim Shad. After that, it was dead.

7:00-8:00PM GOMH SW
32℉, PC, 6mph WNW

Just a quick trip tonight. Nothing on the NE side. I got the one jumper on the SW side on THE Jig with a minnow. The way it fought I thought it was a big silver. I forgot to check and see if they put the docks in. My mind was in other places. Mom and Dad leave for Florida tomorrow.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Some Jumpers Tonight


14" Panfish Chatterbait

6:30-7:00PM Rock Lake
7:45-8:45PM GOMH NE
40℉, PC, 3-12mph WNW

I went over to talk with Todd and see how the dock project was coming. They didn't need my help. I went over to Rock and didn't get a bite. I then went back to the cabin, and they had decided to finish for the day, and Todd was headed out. I went to the GOMH. The SW and SE sides were taken, so I went down on the NE side. Missed a bite on my first cast. Caught the fish in the picture on my second one. I caught jumpers tonight on THE Jig with a minnow, the Panfish Chatterbait, 2" Swim Shad, and the Huckleberry craw tube. Missed several bites as well. One of the guys on the south side had two silvers when I left. I didn't get a single hit once the lighted bobber had to come out.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Two Trips, Got A Slabber Bully

1.49lbs/13.5" THE Jig/minnow

Loon during the late afternoon trip

Loon evening trip

4:30-6:00PM GOMH, Rock, Bulldog
I started at the GOMH. Nothing going on either side. Then I went to Rock, where I might have missed a bite. Rock Dock not in. Then to Bulldog, nothing.

7:40-9:45PM GOMH NW SW
36-38℉, Cloudy some sleet and light snow, 5-15mph W

I was not enthusiastic about my chances tonight, but ya never know. I started on the SW side and didn't get any bites. I took a few rods over to the NW side. I had a hit on the first cast with the rocket bobber. I ended up having a 15-inch jumper on a few casts later. It got off at the base of the rocks, which was good with me. I think I got a hit on the craw tube as well along the West side of the channel. It was starting to get dark, so I went back to the SW side. I had fished about half an hour and was about to hang it up for the night when I brought my bait in by the rocks, and sure enough, the bobber started moving off. I set the hook, and a long skinny ran me right into the cattails, and then my line broke, darn toothies. About ten minutes later, I was contemplating leaving again when the slabber bullhead hit. Then nothing for 15-minutes. I missed a bite. Cast back to the same spot and missed another bite. Cast back to the same spot, and I got an 11.75" silver.  I fished for another half hour or so and didn't get anything. I didn't see any fish with the spotlight.

I got my new Okeechobee Fats Tackle Bag Today. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Morning Bust/Slow Evening In the Trophy and GOMH

Loon In the Morning

17" THE Jig/minnow

6:00-8:00AM GOMH
Didn't get a single bite, which was amazing to me seeing as how it only got down to 40-degrees. The loon paid a visit as did some mergansers, seagulls, eagles, fatso in the tree. I also saw some sandhill cranes on my way home. 

6:00-8:00PM Platte/Sullivan GOMH, Intersection, River Mouth
8:45-10:00PM GOMH
44℉, Cloudy some drizzle, 3-6mph NNE, NNW

I stopped up at Bear Trax to get some more minnows, Kit Kat's, and a lighted bobber because I couldn't find where I put mine. Steve was working on the dock when I arrived. I got distracted and forgot to put my rods in the boat. I discovered my oversight when I was almost to the small island, doh. I went back and got the rods. I stated at the Channel Inn/GOMH Point and worked my way to the GOMH. I might have had a hit as I came through on the Sullivan side. No follow-up hits. I worked my way to the Intersection. A couple of guys showed up at the bridge. I had the 17" bass take THE Jig/minnow along the hay line. When I went to weigh the fish I discovered my scale was back to kilograms. Frustrated I forgot to lock in the weight and released the fish.  I tried for about 10-minutes to get the scale back to pounds. I finally got the right combination of button pushes. I didn't get any more bites, so I headed to the River Mouth where I got an 18-inch pike on the Swim Shad. On the way back the guy who was at the bridge last night said he got a couple of bass. I used the Energizer Spotlight at the bridge North. Saw a few shiners and that was it. On the way home I stopped at the GOMH arriving at the same time as Lantern Man. He had a small one-bite right away. I didn't get anything so I switched to the NE side. LM got a silver when I was getting organized. I didn't get any bites. Saw some small sunfish in the rocks. That was it.


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Some Bullheads Night with LM and Son

11.75" Glow Demon/Minnow

7" THE Jig/Minnow
6:00-11:00PM GOMH NE, SE
43℉, Cloudy, 2-7mph NNW

When I arrived at the GOMH, there was a guy down on the SE side that hadn't caught anything. I had been there about 10-minutes when Lantern Man's son and granddaughter arrived. He came down by me. A little before 7PM, I went over to the NE side and immediately got a small toothy on the Rocket Shad. I also missed a bite on the rocket Shad and white craw tube. At 7:20, I split for Bulldog and Rock, which were dead. In the time I had been gone, the other guy had gotten a jumper, a couple of toothies, and a couple of tiger bullheads. LM Son had one silver in the bucket. I went down on the NE side and didn't get a bite. I went and fished with Brett. I think he landed his second keeper. LM showed up. The other guy left, and I went to the SE side. I quickly picked up two dinks and solid 11-inch silver bullhead. They engulfed the minnow each time so I thought I was on to something, but then it went dead. LM caught a couple. I lost a fish when I went to turn on my headlamp and my anti-reverse stopped working, which resulted in a cluster. I got one more solid silver after a light boat came through. A second light boat came through. Nothing was going on so LM and son left a little before 11PM. I left shortly after when I quickly lost my decider minnow. If I caught a fish on the minnow I would stay. The minnow came off, not sure why, so I packed up and left.