Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Best Day Of The Year For LMB???

4.73lbs/19.5" Bobby's Perfect (White/Green)

3.??/18.25" Ish's (Blue)

3.??/18" Ish's

3.??/17.75" Bobby's Perfect (White/Green)

6:15-9:30AM Cookie Jar to South Inlet (Basically I reversed last night's Trip)
75-73℉,  MC, 0-5mph SSW

Warm overnight. The first stop was at North Point Big Island, nothing. Then it was on to the Rice Island where I got a pike. I started off the morning with 15.5" at the Cookie Jar. I think I might have dropped a good fish there as well. I got the 17.75" along the Starting Spot Rice Wall. Todd got his first 3lber of the morning in the rice/pads at the corner. I don't recall any fish off of Center R/R/P, but we must have got some. I got the big fish of the day in the South R/R/P and Todd got his second 3lber there. We missed quite a few bites this morning. Todd had a blue Ish's stolen so I'm down to my last one.

5 Bass
10 Pike

7 Bass
7 Pike
3.96lbs/18.33" Ish's (Blue)
2.93lbs/16.9" Sparrow

6:30-8:30PM Green Cabin, Chuck's, NW Rice Island, Big Bass Point
70-78℉, PC,

I elected to go to Green Cabin Bay first instead of Access Across. Todd got a couple of 14-inchers in Green Cabin and then he got the 18.33-incher. We went to Chuck's and got a couple of small fish. I got one Platte Lake Special on the shoreline edge of the NW Rice Island and Todd got one out towards the tip. Last stop was Big Bass Point.I got the 2.93lber there that bumped us over 23lbs for the day

5 Bass
4 Pike

6 Bass
4 Pike

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