Sunday, August 19, 2018

No Skunk And A Biggun Tonight

4.98lbs/20" Bobby's Perfect (Sparrow)
6:45-8:40PM Melon Patch, Big Rice Point
74℉, Cloudy/Haze with thunder to the East, 3-5mph NW N
16.25" BPS 
I thought the fish would really be going tonight, but that wasn't the case.  I started off in the Melon Patch and had a pike miss the green Terminator Frog right away.  I had something in an end rice patch lightly strike at my frog and not get it.  Couldn't get it to hit again with the frog or on a jig.  I worked my way all the way across the MP.  I was back by the dog/bass pads.  I wasn't paying attention looking for my next cast When I had something absolutely slam the Sparrow.  I looked and the frog was gone and my line was moving off, so I set the hook hard, but I didn't hook the fish.  That was my last bite at the Melon Patch.  At 8PM I pulled the plug and went to the 17" Hole.  Nothing going on there, so I figured maybe the falling water is getting to the fish so maybe the tip of Big Rice would be where I could get a bite.  As I made my way there I had something suck in the Sparrow. I got a good hookset but came up empty again.  Something got busted on the tip of BRP, so I beelined to it as it was getting dark.  I threw the Sparrow into the rice and the 16.25" jacked it.  No skunk, whew.  A few casts later I got my heaviest bass of the year so far at 4.98lbs.  I tried several times, but couldn't get the scale to put it at 5lbs.  I had one other smaller bass on. I pulled stakes at 8:40PM.  Skeeters weren't too bad as I put my stuff away.
8.13lbs for 2 Bass

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