Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mini-Bucks at Mission Lakes

4.03lbs Hack Jig/Chigger Craw (Sunfish/Breen)
9:00-3:00PM Mission Lakes
42-36℉, Cloudy some snow and light rain, 3-9mph SSW
Not sure what the water temps were.  Maybe low 60's or high 50's

The "Mini-Bucks" is an annual tournament fished by the guys in my club, The Baxter Bass Snatchers.  This is the third year I've fished it as Chuck Steinbauer's part.  There were 5 boats fishing it.  The lake/lakes are divided into 5 sections or "hole's" as we call them.  4 holes were in the Upper Lake and all of Lower was a single hole.  The holes were numbered 1 through 5 and each boat starts in a different one.  We started in the SW corner of Upper Mission.  We should have checked where the Eastern boundary of the hole was actually at.  Water that we wanted to fish was in this hole, but Chuck thought it wasn't, so we didn't.  We discovered that mistake in the 4th hole change.

The Fishing:  We started out on the weedline on the point in this hole.  After about 15 minutes Chuck got our first bass in the boat on a jig.  Just a 2lber, nothing special.  Eventually, we worked our way along the reed edge.  I lost what felt like a good fish and then quickly caught a 2.51lb both on a Jackhammer/RaZor Shad Chatterjig.  We didn't get any more hits, so we went back out on the point and Chuck lost a fish, don't know if it was a bass or not.  Time was up.

Our next hole was the Northwest Corner of the Upper Lake.  This section is where we got a good portion of our bites last year in the Ironman I fished with Chuck;  We didn't end up even getting to any of that water, because we were catching fish in the reeds.  Chuck wanted to start by going in to try some docks where he has caught some big bass in the past.  Chuck caught a non-keeper.  In between docks, I made a cast to some pads in the reeds and a good one picked up my jig.   I was able to fight her back through the reeds and land the tournaments big bass (4.03lbs).  Chuck then caught a small keeper, a two pounder, and one that was just shy of two pounds, culling out the little one.  I'm pretty sure all of Chuck's fish were caught on the Blue Bruiser Craw Tube.  After that 15 minute flurry, we didn't get another bit.

In our third hole, Chuck got our only bite.  A small bass off a dock that he didn't land.

In our 4th hole, Chuck landed a couple of bass that didn't help that bit the Blue Bruiser in the reeds.

In our 5th and final hole, Lower Mission Lake, Chuck lost a fish and I had a couple of fish swipe at the Sprinker Frog and not get it, probably pike.

Guy and Hammer won.  Tuma/Swannie came in 2nd.  We came in 4th Place.


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