Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rock Lake Sunfish Fest

17" Pike on T.H.E. Jig w/waxie
34 degrees, light wind out of the NW, mostly cloudy

I wanted to get some sunfish and possibly a bass so I headed to Rock Lake today.

I fished over by where I fished the last time I was on the lake.  Just North of the reed bank.  I drilled 5 holes in about 15 feet of water.  I didn't mark anything in the 1st hole.  I then put a tip up in it and moved on to the next hole.  I started marking stuff right away at the next hole  The 1st fish was the pike.  I put the camera down the hole looking down, but not straight down.  I saw something, but couldn't tell what it was.  Next I got a sunfish.

7.5" T.H.E. Jig w/waxie
So I went and drilled a 2nd hole in 4 of the holes.  The one hole i didn't double up had a tip up.  I positioned the camera where I could see my bait.  I caught several sunnies.  The action died, so I went hole hopping.  I started getting sunfish in the 4th set of holes.  I went and got the house but left the camera.  I got several more sunnies in this hole.  Then they got finicky.  I didn't get the camera because the sunnies were biting all over in the water column.  I went to the last set of holes and got a perch.
Perch on the Glow Demon
I managed to get a couple of sunnies out of this whole as well.  I went back to the holes with the camera and I had a pike hit my glow Demon but it didn't hook up.  I got one last sunfish.  I tried going to the holes with the Grass Pig and came up empty.  I eventually packed up to go see the football game.  Three of the sunfish I got were 7.5", the rest of them were from 4" to 6".

17 Sunfish
1 Pike
1 Perch

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