Monday, April 19, 2010

A Guide to Bullheads for Tami Curtis

Now a bullhead at the Grumpy Old Man Hole can look like a lot of different fish, that is why they get adjectives much of the time.

Jumpin Bullhead- Looks like a largemouth bass or maybe a smallmouth bass (but personally I have never actually witnessed a smallmouth jumpin bullhead.)

Toothy Bullhead- Looks like a Northern Pike

Silver Bullhead- Looks a lot like a crappie.

(Sorry no pictures of Orange Bullheads)
Orange Bullhead- Looks like some kind of sunfish, bluegill, bream, green sunfish, pumpkinseed, red ear, etc.

Golden Bullhead- Looks like the Minnesota State Fish the walleye.

a yellow striped bullhead or tiger bullhead that looks like a yellow perch.

Then sometimes there really are bullhead bullheads that look kinda like little catfish.

Bowfin can be called a bowfin or dogfish.

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Anonymous said...


Come to think of it...I think I have some bullhead pictures...some that you are missing. LOL.

You are so funny. I've taken today and yesterday off from fishing to rest up and I have been laughing so hard reading your blogs this morning that my stomach hurts! ...especially when I followed the link in this post to read about how you hold that law in contempt...

BTW...I was almost banned from a forum too! I broke a rule and didn't realize it. (unintentionally)