Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shore Today

No pictures because I forgot the camera.

I arrived at the GOMH around 6:20PM and talked a little with Grumpy Old Man Lee Ander, he didn't have any luck. There were people fishing the SE and NE sides so I took the SW. On my first cast I had a toothy bullhead hit the gold DM Custom Baits Piranha a couple of times but it didn't hook up. I know it was a toother because the 2nd time it hit it was right by shore and I saw it. I ended up getting 2 jumping bullheads and a toothy bullhead on a brown/purple Monsoor Swim Jig and missed a few hits. Around 7PM I switched to the NE side and caught 2 more jumpin bullheads on the Monsoor jig. One of the bullheads was pushing 17 inches and preggo. By 7:15 I was off to make other stops.

At Bulldog I cast the Monsoor Swim Jig right on top of a very good fish. It hit immediately and pulled extremely hard for the 5 seconds I had it on. The way it ran I'm guessing it was a pike. That was all for Bulldog and I gave it a good work out staying much longer than I normally do.

Next stop as usual was the Rock Dock. The wind laid down and the mosquito's came out. I missed a couple of bites on the swim jig and eventually caught a small largie on the gold DM Custom Baits Piranha. I left Rock a little after 8PM.

Next stop was Jenny's. I had something tug on the Monsoor Swim Jig Zoom Speed Craw trailer but it felt small. A couple of casts later the Swim Jig was annihilated by a 27 inch pike; After a brief but hard fight I was able to land it. I did a round of casting with the gold Piranha because I can chuck that thing 20 feet past what I can do with the Swim Jig but came up empty.

I decided to hit up our dock on Platte. I made a cast across to the neighbors dock and was bringing the swim jig across some old weed growth when a fish nailed the jig. I thought it was a good bass but it buried me in the weeds and then cut my 30lb Power Pro, so 99% chance it was a pike. I made a round of throws with the gold Piranha and missed one bite.

It was pushing 9PM and I had calls to make, but I decided to hit the GOMH up one more time. I put on a brown/blue Monsoor Swim Jig with Green Pumpkin Zoom Speed Craw trailer and went to the NE side. I got 2 jumpin bullheads and a small toothy bullhead. I called it quits at about 9:20PM.

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