Monday, May 11, 2009

Rock, Jenny's, GOMH

At 7PM I headed out, Bulldog was covered up so my first stop was Rock. I started with the white/red Strike Kind Pure Poison and missed a bite and that was it. Next I started throwing X-Raps but casting was a bit difficult thanks to a slight SE breeze. Eventually I caught a small pike on the orange/chart X-Rap. I cycled through several different colored X-Raps. The last thing I through was a black bladed black/chart DM Custom Lures Pirhana chatterjig and I got a 15+ larry on that.

Next I went to Jenny's. I started with the watermelon Monsoor swim jig and hauled water. Next I went to the black/chart Pirhana and I nailed a 16 bass right on the edge of a point of emergent weeds. A couple of casts later and I got a 22+" pike on the Pirhana.

It was after 8 when I hit the GOMH and only the NE side was open which was fine with me. I saw a guy on the NW side catch a 20+ inch toothy bullhead which he unfortunately threw back. I got one small jumpin bullhead on the Monsoor Swim Jig while working the NE side. Eventually I made my way to the SE side where I had a follow on the Pirhana. The water with current was covered up by people so I was done by 9PM.

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