Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At the GOMH

I arrived at the GOMH around 7PM and the temp was 53 degrees and the wind was whipping just like last night out of the NW. I thought it was going to be a repeat of last nights cold. After about 15 minutes it started to rain and I went up to sit in the car. The rain stopped after about 10 minutes and the wind died way down. The sun came out, then it got overcast again and it sprinkled or rained a couple more times before dark but thankfully the winds never came back. After the first rain the water started getting sucked back into Platte big time. Usually water flowing into Platte this early in the year is a sign of doom. Amazingly enough I found a pod of jumpin bullheads in the current and caught 4 of them. I worked the SE side hard and the current died down quite a bit but still kept flowing into Platte. As it got dark I went over to the SW side and much to my surprise got a bite, but I missed it. I cast back and the bobber went down and I landed the 9.25" silver bullhead in the picture. I had to run back to the SE side of the bridge to get my backpack and minnows. I took the pic, released the fish, and got a minnow on the pink Flu Flu. Immediately my bobber went down but I missed it and that was it. I stayed for a while with the lighted bobber but I didn't even get a nibble. It was kind of a strange night at the GOMH.

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