Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Bullhead

I headed out of the house a bit after 7PM tonight. I started out the night playing with the new Think Tank Triggerfish topwater I got in the mail today from Tackle Warehouse. I was getting it to perform all it's little tricks, then I promptly lost it to the lake on a bad cast. Bummer Man!!!

So then I started fishing and got this 17" jumpin bullhead:
A little bit after that I got a 14.5 jumpin bullhead. I got both on a red/black Havoc Pit Boss. I threw the beetle spin with the Storm Wildeye Swim Shad for a while and didn't get anything. As it was starting to get dark I switched to the pink Mini-Mite Cubby below a bobber. I could just barely see the bobber about 12feet out when it tipped over on it's side and stayed there. I set the hook and got this 11" silver bullhead.

That was the last fish of the night. I stayed until 9:15PM.

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