Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fishing Report 4/29/07

Got to the GOMH a little before 8 PM and was pleasantly surprized to find only Willard and one other guy fishing the SW side. Willard had one nice silver bullhead in the pail. I had a grand total of 2 live minnows and a bunch of dead ones to fish with my glow Cubby. I immediately caught fish on the two live minnows. I then started using the dead minnows and got fish on those too. Someone left and gave their minnows to me, so I had live minnows again. I missed a couple before finally notching a couple of more. All in all I caught 7 keepers and 1 dink; I gave the keepers to Willard. As it got darker the bite died off. I couldn't get my head lamp to light up and so I called it a night.

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