Thursday, April 06, 2006

Goings on at GOMH

For those of you who don't know, GOMH, is short for the "Grumpy Old Man Hole" which is the bridge and channel area where Platte and Sullivan lake connect.

4/4- The Second GOM sighting, GOM#3

I went to the GOMH and darn it if I didn't get a hit on my second cast or at least what I thought was a bite on the White panther. After a few more casts I decided to try and see what a jig and a minnow would do.

About that time a van pulled up with "Lewis" aka GOM#3. He got out and caught me up on some GOM things. Lee Ander aka GOM#2 got gangreene from stepping on a nail last July and had to have his right leg cut off just below the knee. That kept him couped up for all of the summer but he made it out ice fishing almost every day. Willard aka GOM#1 did lots of the ice fishing with GOM#2. Lewis informed me that he and Willard are brothers, which I did not know. I didn't see much of Lewis at the GOMH last year. Also Willard just had foot surgery himself and against doctors orders had gone into town shopping because he wasn't feeling any pain in his foot. Lewis was glad to hear that I haven't been having any heart trouble recently.

Sometime during our conversation the guy on the NW corner of the GOMH started a grass fire. It started getting smokey so Lewis and I left.

4/5 The First Bullheads of the season
I arrived at the GOMH at about 6:15PM and started fishing with a green flu flu and a minnow. Lo and behold I hooked into one of those famous GOMH "jumpin bullheads" that I would say went 15". Nice pretty looking fish. A few casts later and I had me another bullhead coming in.

Round about this time a Pick Up truck pulled up and started watching me. Not knowing who it was I didn't bait up and hoped they would leave. Someone lady was walking along the road and started talking to the guy in the truck who's voice I thought I recognized as Lee Ander's; Sure enough that's who it was. Soon after Lee Ander stopped, a younger guy in a car also stopped. I had to get going to Bible Study so I got my stuff picked up and headed to the truck. I asked Lee Ander how he was doing and he gave me the whole story about his leg. He also told me all about his fishing success this winter on Platte and Sullivan. Just as I was telling Lee Ander I was heading to Bible Study up drives Willard with an offer to give me a shoe. He was talking about the shoe brace they gave him after his surgery. Naturally Willard had to tell me all about that ordeal and how much pain he had been in. The surgery was a big success and his recovery has been extremely fast. Willard said he hasn't even needed to take one of the pain pills his Dr. prescribed. After about another 15 minute delay I was off to Garrison Alliance.

Looks like I'll be hearing a lot from the GOM this spring. One can only hope they will be as entertaining as ever. Actually it's really only Willard who is entertaining, he almost never stops talking.

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